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    Thank you. It’s probably best to leave it as it is, it’s more honest. I think a lot of people have a very different idea of Barefaced to what it actually is. For better or worse, I’m not really financially driven, I just want to make the best possible products in the way that I believe is right. I want to make things that people use for years and years and years, I don’t want to make things that are at all disposable. From a business perceptive I am horribly cursed by a desire to not screw up this planet any more than possible - I know making speakers (the actual drivers, especially the magnets) is not environmentally friendly so I want those speakers to be really valued items that people cherish and thar even outlast me. And I also strongly believe in trying to manufacture here, creating jobs where you get to use your hands, not just poke at a computer. So because of those decisions, everything we make costs a hell of a lot to make. Everything we design takes a really long time to design (I can’t tell you how long we’ve spent on the amp so far...) We operate from an almost comically tiny factory and no-one here, me included, makes much money. Thankfully I’m not a big spender, my wife is very frugal and you can get an awful lot of things free (hurrah for sharing/freecycle groups) or cheap secondhand, and the children don’t seem to mind (yet). Last year I bought a new car because the front wheel snapped off the 15 year old one as the suspension had rusted through - and I really like cars. Well, I say new, it’s almost five years old but that’s new to me! I need to do an official announcement updating customers etc on what Barefaced is up to, but with the massive fall in orders due to the lack of live music, I now have half as many staff as in March, and the staff who are still here are only part-time and mostly furloughed. It’s really hard. I know it’s even worse for all the pro musicians who’ve lost their entire income, the events companies, the list goes on. And of course those who’ve been seriously ill, or had close friends or relatives suffer, or even die from this. I don’t know where I’m rambling with this but I guess I’m trying to say that I’m not sitting in some ivory tower making fancy products, I’m just trying to do something I believe in and earn enough to live. And because margins are fine and right now turnover is much lower than normal, I’m spread very thin trying to wear too many hats so that I can pay the rent and my mortgage and payroll and feed my family and not have to lay off more staff.
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    You're probably right, but reading the 'history' about this pedal was quite interesting and it makes sense to me how it came about. Barefaced + COG doing something together, made in the UK etc especially in these difficult times... is something to applaud, I feel. The product won't be for everyone (is anything ever?) but would it be better if they hadn't bothered at all? I don't think so.
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    So... this here pedal then...
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    Dunno why but I imagine you saying this whilst screwing a silencer onto an unmarked and untraceable pistol
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    I know most of it's rhetorical - but I'll have a stab - How many would have gone out and gotten it if it was an amp released and bitten the bullet? At the moment, not a lot. Unless it's was a cheap combo or practice amp for use at home. I'm sure there's a lot of people that are wondering whether they'll ever gig again. There's a lot of re-evaluation going on for a lot of people, especially if there's a lot of money tied up in gear that doesn't look like it will be used in the foreseeable. If it was an amp, it's impossible to say what would have happened - a lot of people would buy off the specs. There's no specs, there's no amp. It's a pointless question really - but I will nail my colours to the mast... given the pandemic, if there was an amp for sale, I would guess the sales figures would be impacted way, way more right now, than a pedal, which can be used at gigs, at home, rehearsals (if allowed) and recording sessions... oh and they are a lot cheaper than amp is likely to be. How many who would have bitten the bullet bought the pedal have changed their minds based on the graphics and lack of DI amongst the other things mentioned? ZVex made alterations to their SHO because they failed to take into account, theres a whole load of church players in the states that liked the pedal, but felt it was inappropriate to have Super Hard On written on it. I guess there will be all sort of people offended by that kinda thing. That promptly had a change of heart and relabelled it the SHO. Of course, you could have taped over it... but why would you want to do that when you've bought a pedal at a premium? Design is a very important - and often overlooked element of a product. There's always the camp that don't care, it's functional, it works, it does what they want it to... but they are also the people that don't care having their car doors dinged at the supermarket. If you are investing in a product, there's a certain element of visual appeal that in many cases, takes place. I hate the look of the Fiat Multipla. It could be the best car in the world... but I hate looking at it. Would I care if I hated looking at an FX pedal? Probably not... but if there were two otherwise identical sounding units, I'd take the one that visually appeals to me. The DI element - well, that's a fundamental requirement to some. If it doesn't offer it and you want it, look elsewhere, or go begging for a v2 and hope for the best. I am guessing that this product has been produced to be the minimum viable product that has enough appeal to sell over competitor products. Adding DI would be an added expense that the vast majority of people would not have used. Is this a preamp? Or a magical fuzz, grind, clean whatever box. If you want a pre, get a pre with a DI. If you want a whatever box, consider this. How many people will throw in thoughts on what they thought the pedal should do/look like and never had an intention of getting it or anything like it anyway and use that as an excuse for not getting it? If you are never ever going to own a Ferrari, does that mean you can't have an opinion on what you would have liked to see on it or comment on what you don't like about it? It all forms part of the market research and is a valid input. A Ferrari has to have curbside appeal so that those that don't own it, aspire to own it. How many people would change their view based on any clips coming out from BF/COG or based on a BCer who may get one and give their thoughts, and does it matter which member does that in weighting the review/opinion? Not me. No offense, most of you guys are deaf or are prone to honeymoon periods. I'd like to see reviews just to see if I agree or disagree with the points of views displayed in said videos... and get more informed about what's out there. If it suddenly appears on Tim C or Dusty Hills board, does that make a difference? Hell no, there's only two people in the bass playing world that prompt people to buy gear. That's Mark King and Marcus Miller. And the people buying that gear tend to be those in jobs outside of music. What people play and the whole endorsement thing is a complete nonsense. What’s the conclusion? We are on a forum where people share views and opinions. Sometimes in keeping with others views, sometimes not. What's the problem with that? Does it really matter if anybody buys this or not? Maybe to Alex. Not to the rest of us. But if we disclose information about what's good or what's bad, it will drive improvement... and when it comes to Barefaced, people seem to have issue whenever something is said that doesn't go with the grain, whatever that may or may not be. So I think we are on the same page. Maybe?
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    You doubt the data Dave? Go visit a COVID ward, speak to doctors and nurses who do the caring and put their lives at risk every day, and explain to them that it’s Ok, you’re in a band and you need to rehearse. And go to the gym for whatever reason. But the supermarkets are at mostly at fault, cos while you need to play and exercise, people don’t need food.
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    Maybe the pedal will have an information sheet/manual explaining the knobs/symbols and what they do so people have the option to not read it before coming online to whinge about it.
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    Lockdown has meant that I've brought loads of my gear home/out of storage. It's been great! But, I've have started to realise how much has amassed over the years. So, going to start putting some bits and bobs up for sale. These are great. Low action, big tone. It's in great condition and comes with the OHSC. Had a few questions about the weight. Its 3.55kg or 7.82lbs. It's at the lighter end of this particular range of basses for sure.
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    This thread went weird 🤣
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    I bought the book and had a great time reading it, very nice! I just posted my review on Amazon. Greetings from Italy! Augusto
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    The most pathetic comment I have EVER heard from a business. EVER. You just cost yourself Alex.
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    Surely it's better to have critical feedback than just having smoke blown up your a$$?
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    apparently the circiut is designed by Tom at cog FX
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    Here we have a bass that I picked up only 2 weeks ago! Unfortunately the misses losing her job and a house move imminant means this has to go as it was the last one in! Trust me, I don't want to but it has to go! Sorry Duncan! It's a KILLER bass!!!! Mint condition 32" scale Upgraded DeArmond USA pickups Output jack moved to the side so you can put it on a stand professionally. groundwound/halfwound strings Comes with a hard case which is functionable as well. I'd rather not ship it as it's a hollow body and we're using all the boxes and packaging for the move! Collection or meeting only!
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    Thought I'd share this experience in case someone else has the same problem - it might save you some hassle/cash. A while back my MXR M87 died. The level meter was still functioning but there was absolutely no sound coming from the pedal output. I did all the usual quick fixes (contact cleaner on jacks, replaced footswitch etc) but to no avail. After a bit of digging I discovered that the output op-amp in this pedal (TLC2262 in case you were wondering) has a maximum voltage of 16V. Obviously this would normally be OK in a pedal that runs at 9V, except that MXRs "Constant Headroom Technology" feature is essentially a charge pump circuit that doubles the pedal's internal voltage to 18V. It shouldn't take a genius to work out what therefore ensues if, like me, you're unlucky. I replaced the TLC2262 with an AD822 (which has a supply voltage of 18V) and my pedal now lives and breathes again. I believe MXR will fix pedals under warranty for a flat fee of £75, whereas replacing the blown chip cost me less than a tenner and a few minutes fiddling with a soldering iron (the TLC2262 and AD822 chips are both surface mount - soldering these can be tricky unless you're experienced in doing so). It appears that mine is not an isolated issue as a quick Google uncovers many such failures, so I figured I'd pass this info on in case any other BC members' M87s suffer the same fate. Please use or disregard this information as you see fit!
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    We'll have to agree to disagree I'm afraid Dave, it's the air that's the main issue, not touching equipment. Stay well
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    These Ibanez SR900's are well known great basses and get a lot of love......apart from those bleddy Bart Mk1's pickups in my opinion, i hate them! I wanted a better jazz sound and found a great creative solution - fitted Seymour Quarter Pounders (£100) and with wood pickup covers to look the part - a vast improvement in sound and looks IMO. The original Bart Mk1's will be added to the sale should you wish to burn them. This bass has been professionally stripped to the natural wood and I'm sure you'll agree it looks really great. Plays superb, sounds great and looks damn sexy! Neck through, string through, mother of pearl inlays, lightweight, comfortable, fast jazz like neck, very low action, Bartolini pre, curved body....the best bass you'd get for under £300 i'd say. Can add a decent hard case for £35. SOLD 😊
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    I bought a Fender PJ Mij to Lee and it was a pleasure to deal with. Very good communication, open to options, patient with my funny French English. Bass is as described. thank you
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    Beautiful Ibanez single cut bought from the Bass Gallery earlier this year (https://thebassgallery.com/collections/bass/products/ibanez-srsc-805). Bought for £829 plus I had to buy a hardcase (£50). So for £850 included P&P get yourself a bargain. It's a lovely bass, super low action (I"m a real stickler for this) and plays very evenly across the whole board. I just can't get away with the slightly narrower string spacing having been a Fender man all my life hence selling. Basically you're getting a lot of bass for the money and they're not that easy to come by having only been made for a short time. Only trade I'm interested in is a Fender Jazz lined fretless. Can't add any money to the trade though so have to be straight swap or plus cash. Any Q's drop me a PM.
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    On which basis I'm selling my Super Twin and buying a big, old and heavy Mesa Boogie cab with the cash
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    Over the years I have played in several bands with Grammy-nominated Scottish singer/songwriter/arranger Wily Bo Walker. He mixes up the genres but there is a blues theme at the heart of most. Here is a smoky blues song that will be released as a single early in 2021, featuring some great musicians (incl. New York based Danny Flam on brass; Troy Redfern on lead guitar) and me on bass. The bass line was recorded a few years back and was thanks to a lesson from BCer @Happy Jack (as I had no real idea of how to play straight blues at that time). https://wilybo.bandcamp.com/album/time-to-forget-you-bourbon-candlelight-mix
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    A most tricky threesome to comprehend let alone cope with.
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    For sale weathered light oak Stand Made three guitar case stand in fantastic condition from pet free, non smoking home. Very classy piece of music furniture keeps cases in one place. Will definitely meet with spousal approval, style and function. Also works as instrument stand and takes five guitar or basses. Looking for £175 no trades please
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    What a silly post, people were objecting to Alex coming on as he did, you go and slap your missus as you put it, I'll just object when a manufacturer is rude to his customers who were having a pretty normal discussion.
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    I agree with Jakester. G&L Tributes are exceptionally good for the money. I'd say the comparison between them and US built models is similar to that between Mexican and US built Fenders.
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    I've got the EVH phase 90 model! Fantastic phaser I use it on the Block mode for more resonance. Great buy this 😁
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    Old Growth Fuzz (by Spruce Effects) has controls named Ring (Vol), Bark (Fuzz) and Girth (Tone). I had to use a white paint marker to write those letters (V, F, T) to respective pot hats. I would not change the unit because it sounds so good, but without a little help from the paint marker, I would certainly do funny things on stage every now and then. The RMA Crustacean is far more complicated (7 pots, 4 switches, and the footswitch) - I have written some text under the unit to describe the settings. There could be some "standardized" markings in pedals, but it may be complicated. Potentiometers have letters that differ, as everybody knows: A = Audio or Linear depending on the manufacturer. My modest suggestion is pots with letters. There are also good graphics in many big desks, they could be the key to legible units.
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    Exactly - Punch, Buzz, Crunch on the PSA Creation Audio Labs Grizzly Bass - this has been given a thumbs up on here numerous times, pretty sure the lack of words on this pedal didn’t come up as a problem Just 2 examples....... Yep - it looks good and COG are also a very solid company
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    A Marathon was my first proper bass 🥰 ended up with two, fretted and fret less - fretted converted to 8 string. My first proper amp was a Selmer T&B and I used to use the stereo out to split between the two channels. Just used an ordinary lead for mono when the T&B went. So much vintage gear I let go (when it wasn’t vintage 🙂)
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    Happened to come across this today. Not bad for a 66 year old.
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    Ashdown Tonepocket is my current favourite.
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    I just watched Rammstein in Paris on Amazon Prime, hilarious and excellent, great show.
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    Lighting to aux cable 😂 OR a Bluetooth receiver to plug into your amp.
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    I came here for pop music secrets. Disappointed.
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    I’ve sourced everything for my builds on here and eBay; if you’re not in a hurry and keep a project on the back burner, then eventually something you want will turn up cheap. That said, often the specific parts I need are only available in (eg) the US, and not cheap. As I’ve said, I don’t think I’ve lost money on mine over the years, but best to build just for yourself and avoid thinking about resale value. One I forgot about (and still own) just to show bitsas don’t have to be Fenderesque - this was acquired as a nice bitsa P/J Fenderbird from a local BC-er, and gradually morphed into a “Mike Lull-type” custom Thunderbird with every component except body replaced: Warmoth one-piece mahogany body with book-matched cocobolo top. MIK Epiphone T’bird neck 1980’s Gibson logo Schaller M4S tuners (as on Victory bass) Dual Thunderbucker ‘66 pickups imported from US (cost probably over twice everything else put together, but fabulous pickups.....) Solid brass ‘60’s type bridge & tailpiece (also from US)
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    Depends what you mean, some players like a bass set up in a way that would not work for other players..... I guess that a criteria for a 'pro bass' is that it can be set up to suit the player. Budget basses in the 70's and 80's often couldn't, but even the cheapest basses today generally can. I'll go back to the violin bow I mentioned above; it was like having a wand in my hand, it almost had a life of its own, having played violin for almost 40 years, that was quite a shock. I've played basses that retail at several thousand pounds and have simply never experienced that degree of price/performance sympatico. I honestly believe - based on a LOT of experience - that much above £1000, and by comparison with other instruments, there are very few improvements that can be made to an electric bass that make it a better instrument, in most cases just a more expensive one. Certainly certain woods building processes (hand versus CNC might) warrant the price tag, but when I think of my Wals for example, whilst they were glorious pieces of design and technology, as instruments they simply were not significantly better than similar instruments using cheaper components and less traditional build techniques costing significantly less. Pros, and non-pros alike, play expensive basses for the same reason that people in all walks of life have a price point that seems appropriate to them for whatever it is they are buying. Stella Artois nailed it.....
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    Warwick Dolphin Pro 2 - £549 Shipped Mainland UK No Trades. Recently got this back.....but need to recoup funds and be sensible. Warwick Dolphin Pro 2. No serial number anywhere that I can see. There are varying accounts as to whether the were made in Germany or Japan - plenty of info online should you want to research more. Although , that said, I don't think you'll find a clear answer on it!! Fairly rare basses and even more so in the burst finish, I think I have only seen one other burst finish (in green) with the others being solid colours. Definitely a Pro 2, not a Pro 1 as stated on the truss rod cover!. 2 J type pickups, pull up on volume pot to bypass the active loom. Controls are Volume / Blend and a stacked bass/Treble EQ. In my time of ownership it has had a new truss rod as the previous one was ineffective - an easy slide in and out job on these pre volute necks. The ding on the underside was also touched up for cosmetic reasons and to prevent it getting any worse. As well as the normal dings and dents commensurate with age there is a hairline crack originating from a tuning peg screw and a lacquer split from a control cavity screw.These were checked over by the guitar tech (Manchester Guitar Tech - Steve Robinson) who fitted the new truss rod and I was told they are stable, they've also had some glue dropped in for added peace of mind. There has been no movement in these in the 7 years that I've owned the bass. Understandably, that is a comment you'll have to take on trust / at face value, but please see my feedback for assurance of an honest / open transaction. Weight is 3.8Kg
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    What the whole of October is 3 days from your birthday?
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    Sold Lee an amp. Great communication and fast payment. Great chap. Thanks again Lee. Cheers Dunc
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    There was a time when if you wanted mint sauce with your meat on a Sunday, you'd send a child out to the garden to pick a few mint leaves, you'd chop them up (the mint leaves, not the child), add them to a little vinegar et voila. Nowadays folks buy frozen pizza and ice cubes from the supermarket. I have no idea what I mean by that.
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    Top bully work there @Beedster and @fretmeister backed up nicely by a mod. Feels a bit like the “other” thread. Nice balanced view from @Lozz196 and @la bam
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    In 55 years of playing I've never used any effects. I get a variety of tones, but they're sourced in technique, not electronics. What I can't get with my fingers I don't care about. I play six string as well, and for that I have a rack full of effects, because you can't duplicate time based effects with technique. Different jobs, different tools.
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    Just ordered one of these Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray short scales this evening...They just released these recently in this Starry Night finish. I could not resist. The one I picked is pretty light at 3.22 kg 😎 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJ4oKMNee_0
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    Price reduced to £1275 Hi all Up for grabs is my 1974 V4 head and 1978 412 cab. I'm including the custom wheeled flight cases in the sale. Both items have been well gigged but have been regularly serviced and recently checked over. I have used this set up without PA support and it sounds huge, warm and always gets favourable comments. My only reason for sale is it's just a tad on the heavy side for me these days. A very very reluctant sale. Collection or meet up prefered, based in Preston Lancs.

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