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  1. There are no words. Just.....grim
  2. This is a massive wrench but I've taken the tough decision to put my Maruszczyk Jake 4p up for sale. I've only had this since April direct from the factory. Obviously it's never been outside the house and is in 10/10 condition. Specs are as follows: 32" scale 9.5" radius 38mm at nut 19mm string spacing Chambered Alder body Flamed maple neck with some bird's eye figuring Rosewood fingerboard with white blocks/binding Maruszczyk P/humbucker pickups VVT config Standard bridge Hipshot Clover tuners Finished in metallic valley green with mint pickguard It comes with Maruszczyk semi-rigid case, certificate, leather strap etc. The spec of this instrument was well over £1600 from new. Collection only please, any trial welcome. Here's the "sofa shot", home photos plus weight to follow at the weekend when I get chance.
  3. Eastwood do a left handed Gretsch style bass... might be worth a look?
  4. @uk_lefty When I thought about it, quite a few of the "Britpop" bands I grew up with had a Stingray playing bassist and then later on as I broadened my interest through the bass guitar, Bernard Edwards and Louis Johnson too. It just looks so cool with a great sound to boot
  5. For me, it's not too dissimilar - in order of "want" 1. Stingray - most likely an SUB as there's no way I could spring for a US one any time soon 2. Sire V7 - I have to see what the fuss is all about! 3. An Ibanez - because I've never owned one so far 4. HB PB-50. Although the weight is a concern. 5. To echo LeftyJ, a reissued Mustang bass - Even a Squier CV or a HB job would do the trick for me... I won't hold my breath though! 6. If such a thing existed, a Precision Lyte a la Duff. White with black headstock!
  6. Or... you know.... Fender could stop messing about and make us a FSR or something 🙄
  7. I would love one of these!! If I knew they existed before I sprung for my Jake I'd have had one of these hands down
  8. You know what, I can't ignore these any more. Even though I'm concerned about the weight, I have to get involved.
  9. Wow!! Looks sweet 👌
  10. Is anyone else curious as to how @pepsi-abi's bass journey is getting along now she's a few months in? Hope you're still loving it!
  11. Not to the best of my knowledge - which is a shame!
  12. Thanks for all the suggestions. I've always wanted a MM type bass but I thought the double pickup configuration of the Ibanez would provide more tonal options. The only drawback I thought of was the tight string spacing might make things difficult for a slap novice.
  13. I've not heard anything bad about them at all but the weight would be a problem I reckon
  14. So I’ve got a dose of GAS at the moment, and I’m ready to take the plunge. I’d like an active 4 string (LEFTY!) with the intention of using it to learn to slap. Think 70s/80s soul/funk stuff like The Brothers Johnson, Jocelyn Brown, Luther Vandross etc etc. I’ve narrowed it down in my head to a Sterling SUB Ray4 and an Ibanez SR300. I also ummed and ahhed over the Cort B4, which has the advantage of active/passive switching. I know a Jazz is utilised a lot for this type of music but I’m not keen on the thin sound (much preferring a humbucker) and large, often heavy body. For this reason Sires are out of the question. I don’t want to throw tons of money at it so I’ve set a budget of ~£400. These are the two I’ve identified – any thoughts or suggestions welcome thanks! (Obviously being lefty there's not that many out there either used or in local shops, so I'll probably have to take the plunge from an online retailer and hope it's ok!)
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