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  1. ? and the Mysterians
  2. @Double Thumper Thanks very much indeed Andy, this will come in very handy. Really appreciate it. I think I already subscribe to your channel (going by the name at the bottom of your tabs) and I've commented on a few of your vids - I'm James. Keep them coming - they're fantastic! Cheers again for the tab
  3. I saw that earlier. Absolutely bizarre
  4. I got mine about a year ago and it's spot-on. Bass is the best I've played. Feel, weight, sound. It has everything. It's not wildly spectacular in terms of looks etc but chambered medium scale precisions don't exist left handed
  5. Saw this on FB last week, a seemingly new colour "Vista Green" Got to be honest, I'd have preferred this over the Valley Green I have but hey ho
  6. I noticed that straight away. The price was a dead giveaway too. What a crock 💩
  7. Strange. He's normally very accommodating from what I've heard. Maybe the furore over the nitro finished bass which went around here some time back may have cooled his enthusiasm for going beyond his normal custom options.
  8. This. It's not very much of a difference in fairness. I balanced it out with a higher mass bridge and hipshot tuners
  9. Don't see why not. You'd have to ask Maruszczyk about it though as it's not a selectable option. In fact I didn't even realise it was a thing until they put up a picture of 3 Jakes together, 34", 32", and 30" and they were each smaller in turn
  10. The forearm contour isn't quite as pronounced as a fender on mine, but it is plenty comfortable. Also, as mine is a medium scale, the body size is slightly scaled down which is perfect for me being a bit on the smaller side. The 30" are smaller still.
  11. What is it you're not fond of, the EQ in this particular bass or active electronics in general? I've only ever owned one bass that wasn't passive so haven't much experience with them
  12. Looks great - always been tempted by one of these
  13. Not sure what to make of this... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/P-bass-left-handed-Perfect-Balance-Bass-by-PCsGC-/193840192221?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  14. I did this, removed the scratch plate and now it looks really nice. Mine's got a quite attractive burst on it, some I've seen look a bit pants. There are YouTube tutorials on how to paint the nut, reverse the pickup orientation and T-Cut out the truss rod logo but I think it's a waste of time myself. Each to their own I suppose
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