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  1. You're right there, they had guitar pickups in them as opposed to a single coil or mustang pickup. Sold as "student" models as well, so bottom of the range as you rightly said. I often wonder how much a mustang would go for in these circumstances? I dread to think!
  2. I had a feeling it might go for silly money. Certainly it's the first lefty I've ever seen
  3. I think Blur and Damon Albarn in particular were irritated by the constant Beatles comparisons made with Oasis, I think they might have set out to wilfully disprove the comparisons. Certainly he was quoted to have said of Beetlebum "I want Noel to acknowledge it is...closer". I think he's right. There's definitely a Macca vibe on the bass too. All in all one of their standout tracks for me and a deserved no.1
  4. Thanks to all the replies on this thread, I've just started to dip my toe into this music, but haven't a clue where to start- but I'm enjoying what I'm hearing 👍🏻
  5. Not sure I'd agree with this... The majority of the major players, especially in the britpop era, tended to gravitate towards P, J or MM. Oasis (original bassist) - Jazz/Tele Blur - P/MM Elastica - MM Pulp - P/J/MM Travis - P Radiohead - P/MM Shed 7 - P/MM Mansun - J The Verve - J etc
  6. 300 quid is pushing it for me. Not worth it in that condition
  7. Coming from a former Oasis super-fan, why would you set out your stage "persona" on latter day Oasis? The band might have been technically more adept, but for me the classic look is where it's at, the vast majority of your set is probably going to be the first few albums and their accompanying B sides? Go for the Guigs look... Jazz or 51 P. Job done. That's what I'd expect to see, not Andy Bell.
  8. @whynot had a lefty 5er for sale a while back
  9. I saw it... it went super fast! Enjoy
  10. I rue the day I sold mine. It went for a ridiculous price as well. I hated the antique burst but I should have kept it and refinished.
  11. @kevham Are they as good as they're implied to be? I've always been intrigued by these basses.
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