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  1. @wateroftyne this appeared on the Maruszczyk FB page this morning.
  2. I've read that the preamp can be a bit pants, if generally ok. That can easily be sorted though. Seems a lot of bass for the money
  3. There's a lefty deko for sale for 40 quid in the claasifieds... I've never played a 5 before but for that money it's got to be worth it. But my incoming Jake custom will be ready anytime and 'er indoors may well kill me if we're inundated with instruments. Someone please talk me out of it!!!!
  4. I've come across a transcription for this song but having never learned to read, I tried to work it out but can't. Would anyone be kind enough to help me tab it please? TIA I've Found Loving - Bass Guitar-1.pdf
  5. Bit late to the party but has anyone tabbed this please? I can't make sense of the dots (i really should have learned when I was younger 😤 )
  6. That's the white-bodied one with a slimmer neck than usual isn't it? I remember seeing them advertised on Guitar Emporium many years ago when I got my 62 reissue.
  7. I'd add that us left handers have probably never had it so good in terms of choice... if it's not doing it for you then get rid. I've got a CV P at home that really needs moving on but I've just not got around to it
  8. I agree. Much as I wanted the J to sound like a P, it just doesn't to my ears no matter what I do.
  9. That bass is seriously tempting me. Strange headstock and all
  10. Absolutely love mine. Made me realise short scale is more my thing. The sound from it once I put flats on it was immense.
  11. Adrian sent me a pic of a Jake Basement in CF when I was speccing mine but it's in my work email. I'll post it for you tomorrow
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