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  1. The for sale forum has definitely stagnated the last few months, which could be a curse or a blessing, depending on your perspective! I am trying to avoid any more incoming basses at the moment, which is a struggle!!
  2. I've got a chambered 32" Jake and the balance is spot on for me on a Mono strap
  3. Cheers for that, hardly anyone remembered it! 👍🏻
  4. @AndyTravis Bit off topic this, but do you have any memory of a music shop at the far end of deansgate, near 42s... not Forsyths, I think it might have been called Deansgate Music. This would have been mid-late 90s, but I'd just started playing so my knowledge was poor. Fairly sure there were lots of Spectors/Warwicks in the basement room
  5. Never seen anything decent in there lefty-wise. I made the mistake of trying to offload a few basses in there, was met by a disinterested low-ball offer each time so never bothered again
  6. So, if I were to order a LH JB75 @£122, and the £8 delivery quoted, then the £130 total would be all I had to pay, am I right?
  7. ? and the Mysterians
  8. @Double Thumper Thanks very much indeed Andy, this will come in very handy. Really appreciate it. I think I already subscribe to your channel (going by the name at the bottom of your tabs) and I've commented on a few of your vids - I'm James. Keep them coming - they're fantastic! Cheers again for the tab
  9. I saw that earlier. Absolutely bizarre
  10. I got mine about a year ago and it's spot-on. Bass is the best I've played. Feel, weight, sound. It has everything. It's not wildly spectacular in terms of looks etc but chambered medium scale precisions don't exist left handed
  11. Saw this on FB last week, a seemingly new colour "Vista Green" Got to be honest, I'd have preferred this over the Valley Green I have but hey ho
  12. I noticed that straight away. The price was a dead giveaway too. What a crock 💩
  13. Strange. He's normally very accommodating from what I've heard. Maybe the furore over the nitro finished bass which went around here some time back may have cooled his enthusiasm for going beyond his normal custom options.
  14. This. It's not very much of a difference in fairness. I balanced it out with a higher mass bridge and hipshot tuners
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