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  1. That's odd, although there have been reports of the battery discharging due to contact with something inside the bass? I put a Duracell in mine when it arrived and it's fine almost 7 weeks later, which is as you'd expect I guess.
  2. Ahhh now that's interesting - assumed they would have been, I hold my hands up and admit I didn't look too closely. Worth a punt @oldslapper ?
  3. Harley Benton PB50. For under a ton it's prob a no brainer and I really want to try it but I know it would do my head in. - Slab body - Baseball bat neck - Weight
  4. Unfortunately, the 30" Talman isn't made for left handers, just the 34". I'm pretty sure @pineweasel has a lefty Harley Benton 30" P for sale, or at least he did. Might be worth considering for the OP perhaps? Might be an easy way into seeing whether SS basses are for you, and then pick up the Sire if it ticks your boxes?
  5. The long scale Sires are well regarded around here so it's likely that the short scale models would be decent too. I'd buy one without hesitation. You've also got the choice of Hofner, Schecter, the Sire, Harley Benton, There are others. As for the Ibanez, I'm not sure how much they're worth. Your 3rd question depends on who you ask and is dependent on your bass... if it was me I'd buy a short scale set but I'm lazy 😉 Oh and welcome to the lefty bit of the forum
  6. Really liked everything about mine apart from the weight. It's a decent price that. Just wish the default options for most lefty basses weren't burst/black/natural. Obvs Fender and Sire are pretty good with this but other manufacturers should diversify just a touch. Come on!
  7. Saw this on Eastwood's site... every time I look at it I love and hate it in equal measure🤔 https://eastwoodguitars.com/collections/bass/products/eastwood-newport-bass-lh
  8. Good luck with it! I always wanted one of these but as I'm strictly a home player these days I can't justify it. GAS is strong on this one though!
  9. I saw a long forgotten mid-table indie band called Rialto at a festival in the late 90s who had 2 drummers. It looked like they were playing exactly the same thing which I couldn't get my head around
  10. Its showing availability to order through GAK but I'm not sure that's confirmation of anything really 😁
  11. Any Irish members of the forum will surely be familiar with this..
  12. There was a rumour which turned out to be false (obviously)that Guy Pratt had played on it.
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