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  1. 😊 Strangely, the MM 3+1 annoys me a bit less than Fender 4+1. I'm not sure why though? Frank.
  2. I don't like 5 string basses with 4 over 1 tuners. It looks like what it actually is - a botched job. Frank.
  3. A player I know bought one of these a couple of months ago. I tried it and was amazed how easy the fanned frets are to play. As you say, great quality build too. I hope you get a lot of enjoyment from it PV. (Post-virus.) Frank.
  4. I have one of these. It's by far the cheapest bass I own, but to me, it holds it's own against my far more expensive USA Fenders. I'm not saying the Talman is as good as them in absolute terms, but it's still very good in it's own right. It's also the lightest bass I have, plays well, sounds great with the standard pickups and I think they look very cool. I used to gig it a lot, BV. (Before virus.) EDIT. Just realised you want only a Fender. Frank. https://www.andertons.co.uk/bass-dept/bass-guitars/modern-bass-guitars/ibanez-tmb100-mgr-electric-bass
  5. A great choice. I love mine and it's easily my cheapest amp. Frank.
  6. And to think I passed on a WAL Mk 1 fretless in around 1992 for £200, case included. Frank.
  7. The one10 can also be used on its side and I think Barefaced say that it puts out more bass this way. Sideways should be easier to tilt. For what it's worth - I have no trouble hearing a single one10 sitting flat on the floor in portrait orientation. A pair are just fantastic sounding. Frank.
  8. If they're as good as my miniMax 500 head, they will be very good indeed. They do look to be well thought out. Frank.
  9. I've just had a gig cancelled this morning. It was to be on 21st March and it was a gig I was very much looking forward to. Coronavirus was the reason given for cancelling the gig. To be honest, I don't blame the organisers, because they're damned if they do and damned if they don't. Frank.
  10. Most of the USA SUBs I've seen are in that blue colour. They're great basses in any colour! Mine's a 2003 in white, which I think is less common than the blue. Frank.
  11. The best value lightweight cab must be a G1 or G2 Barefaced Compact. They're selling now for around £300. They sound massive. If you don't fancy that, have a look at the Barefaced website. But then, you'll be spending quite a lot more money. Frank.
  12. I'd buy just one first - you might find it's enough. I often gig a single Super Midget and it can get really loud but the tone stays good at all volumes. Frank.
  13. I think I'd agree with your weight classifications too. Just last week my wife borrowed my daughter's baking scales and I took the opportunity to weigh all my basses. The results were broadly in line with how each bass felt on a strap but the actual figures were a smidgen higher than I expected. A few examples: Lightest was Steinberger XT2 at 3.4kg. Heaviest was Musicman USA SUB at 4.6kg. 2010 Fender USA jazz, which I gig most is 4.0kg. 2008 Fender USA Precision, 4.0kg. Ibanez Talman TMB100, 3.8kg Warwick Streamer LX4, 3.9kg. Fender USA Jaguar, 4.1kg. Surprisingly, I can comfortably gig the USA Sub and I think the good balance is the reason. Frank.
  14. Welcome to basschat. I'm sure you'll enjoy the wealth of bass goodness here. Frank.
  15. machinehead

    Travel Bass

    I have a Steinberger XT2 as a travel bass. I've gigged it quite a few times at home as well. For what it cost, (used) It's excellent. I wanted a 34" scale for travel so that it would be the same as my other basses. It's turned out to be perfect. Frank.
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