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  1. Isn't there a Precision with a narrowed neck for sale here at the moment? I'm sure I read it this week. Worth a look in the for sale forum and ask the seller? Frank.
  2. I've really fancied a Flea Jazz since they first came out. I tried one in a shop in Belfast a few years ago and, although I was impressed, for some reason, I didn't buy it. A few weeks ago I bought a used one locally. I like the fact that any new dings aren't going to be nearly as annoying as on a non roadworn bass. I love how the Flea feels and sounds and can't wait to gig it. That could be a long wait but band rehearsals are starting up again, so that's the next best thing. Frank.
  3. And if you do use a deep cycle or leisure battery, don't discharge it below 50%. Doing so will significantly shorten its life span. To check this you need a cheap multimeter (£10). As a rough guide, measure the voltage when fully charged (but wait for a day after charging before measuring, to allow the voltage to settle), then don't discharge more than 0.5 volt lower than the fully charged voltage. It's not as complicated as it sounds. Frank.
  4. Yes, and you won't need your 2 x 10 with it. Generation 1 or 2. Brilliant cabs. Frank.
  5. I wouldn't do it. Just find another buyer. I've trusted a seemingly honest buyer before and been screwed. Never again. For me it would be cash or no sale. The fact that you're asking here tells me that your instincts are telling you not to do this deal. Frank.
  6. About as sh!t as I do. It's one of my biggest regrets, brought on my lack of funds at the time. Bollox. Frank.
  7. Thank you to everyone who offered advice. I think this is the winner. The recipient is, in my opinion, tone deaf, and definately not into hifi. His partner is also musically illiterate so I think this will be fine. A decent sound and the satisfaction of spending a little cash. All help is much appreciated. Frank.
  8. I passed on a WAL fretless around 1992 for £200. I don't know how that makes you feel, but I know how it makes me feel 28 years later. Frank.
  9. I'm in a blues/rock band and a pub/party/wedding covers band plus other loose arrangements for dep gigs. Honestly, I think most popular bass guitars can play most styles of music. Yes, they are all a bit different but not by so much that would rule out using say, a jazz style bass, for everything. This is just my opinion based on many years of playing and owning (too) many basses. Frank.
  10. No. it's meant to be like a Dansette. One box does it all. Bottom of the range stuff. I think he's tone deaf to be honest, so not much should be expected. Frank.
  11. I was gigging regularly until this virus disaster. Most weekends in the pubs plus the odd private party and wedding and the occasional summer festival. EDIT I've also Fenders - P and J, US Jaguar, PJ Jazz, Musicman, Ibanez, Steinberger you'd be welcome to try while you're at it. Whereabouts are you in N Ireland? Frank.
  12. Hello wise audiophiles. Because I play guitar, I've been asked by a friend to give advice on what record player she should buy her partner. She thinks I'll know about this but I know nothing about record players. So I'm seeking your advice. He isn't into music especially, but has a big record collection from the 60s and 70s. It should be a single unit with a budget of £500 maximum, but less if something "decent" is available for less money. And she needs it for Saturday 4th July! Thanks for any advice offered. Frank.
  13. I've owned a few Warwicks over the years. My favourite is the Streamer stage 2 neck through. It was sold a while ago. (Regretted ever since.) Anyway, the reason for my post is that I live in Belfast and still have a Streamer LX4 MIK. Don't let the MIK put you off. It's as good in its own way as the German built Streamer LX4 I owned. If you want to try my Streamer, you'd be welcome to do so. Either at my home, or at a gig, if we ever get back to gigging. Let me know if you're interested. Frank.
  14. Deal with James in total confidence folks. We've had a couple of deals in the past four years. Just a couple of weeks ago I bought a Fender Flea Jazz bass from him. All our dealings have been pleasant and trouble free. I know it's more stressful to buy a bass from such as distance but in this case, you have no need to worry. Somebody buy this lovely Stingray quickly to remove the temptation from me. Frank.
  15. It would be interesting to hear a Super Midget in the video. Also, a demonstartion of how the SM and BB2 sound when the tweeter/horn is adjusted. I have a pair of one10s, a Super Midget and a BB2 and enjoy them all. However, if I could keep only one cab it would be the BB2. Frank.
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