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  1. I bought a Peavey MiniMax 500 as a backup amp a few months ago when my GK MB200 fried. It's so good that I gig it regularly now. It cost £282 delivered brand new. it's LOUD, flexible and lightweight and comes with a gig bag. I'll be using it tonight at a festival gig with my Quilter BB800 as backup. I've owned quite a few expensive amps but this cheap amp has really impressed me. Frank.
  2. Yes, the improvement (in what is already a good sound) is really noticeable at all volumes with a pair. Frank.
  3. I think a Barefaced 4x10 might be enough. My pair of 1x10s are definately enough for any of my pub/club gigs. Frank.
  4. If you like thick, warm, fairly traditional sounds, then the Quilter will do that in spades and at a bargain price. It seems to have unlimited power too. It's a quality piece of kit by any standards. I gig mine every week and it just gets better as I learn more about the tone shaping. Any time I'm through the PA the Di is supplied by the PA company. A DI box is cheap anyway. Anyway, can I suggest that you look at the EBS Reidmar 750. It's also reasonably priced, loads of tone control including drive, LOUD, well built and reliable and a good built-in DI. Just a thought as I regret ever parting with mine. (I only sold mine because it was too wide for my Barefaced one10 cabs - sad or what?) Frank.
  5. Welcome pintspiller. Great username. 😊 Frank.
  6. I use a gig bag (for the bass) on my back, cab and amp bag (always two amps) on a foldable sack truck. It works well on public transport. EDIT The cab and amp bag are secured on the truck with nylon straps - very safe. For the cab I take either a Barefaced one10 or Barefaced Super Midget if more volume is required. I can't imagine taking any 4 x 10 cab on public transport. 😕 Frank.
  7. I was the same for many, many years. Then I tried a few Fenders and became a convert. I still have a Warwick, a Musicman, and a Steinberger and I've owned many, many non-Fender basses, but on gigs, it's almost always a Fender. Not because they're the best, but because they are just solid and just get the job done. It's all I need anyway. Plus I can choose from a USA P, USA Jazz, USA PJ jazz and a USA Jaguar - enough for any greedy bas**2d. 😁 Frank.
  8. That's all the rig a man could ever need. Enjoy it. Frank.
  9. I don't like the 4 + 1 tuners either and much prefer the 5 in a row. I had one of the US deluxe 5 string jazz with the smaller body and 5 in a row tuners and really liked it. I can't remember why I sold it as it was the perfect 5 string jazz. Enjoy yours. Frank.
  10. These are certainly one of the best amps I've owned. Highly recommended. Frank.
  11. That sounds like a good option Danny. I'm making some enquiries anyway from a mate although he usually does all the big Belfast shows and tours with Van. He has done my band a few times but more as a favour. I'll know by tomorrow. Frank.
  12. Bairds have been in the hiring business as long as I can remember. They have always had a good reputation. There is another company in Belfast but they are mostly into big touring gigs not pubs or weddings. (I can enquire if you wish though?) Frank. EDIT: Bairds will deliver and collect their gear meaning you shouldn't need a van.
  13. If you can't get sorted in the south, then Tony is your man. https://www.amprepairsni.co.uk/services/amplifier-repairs/ Frank.
  14. Thanks for all the replies. I fly in the morning. Frank.
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