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  1. These are just superb amps and I wish I could justify buying this one. I've owned an amp one and an amp two. They are outstanding. My customer service experience is not so good, sadly. My AER amp two started farting. Their rep told me to post it and they would fix it without charge. They had it for about three months and said it was the speaker at fault and asked me to pay around £250. I had to pay this to get it back. I would have had it repaired locally if I'd thought they would have been so disengenuous. Don't let this put you of buying this though. They are truly fantastic combos. Frank.
  2. Mine is my favourite gigging Bass. It’s the equal of my two US Jazzes for feel and sounds. It’s liberating not having to worry about damaging it. Frank.
  3. I have a Korean Pro Series Streamer LX4 and I think it plays as well as, and sounds as good as my German Streamer LX4. Frank.
  4. Lovely bass. Do you have an exact, accurate weight please? What do you have in mind for trade? Whereabouts are you in Ireland? Frank.
  5. I agree Stew. I have a Talman TMB100M, the maple fretboard version. It's a superb bass in every way. The matt yellow body colour definately won't be to everyone's taste, but I love it for its retro look. It plays easily and sounds fantastic with a wide range of sounds from the active preamp. The neck is quite chunky but feels good to me. And surprisingly, it's lightweight, although at the price of a tiny bit of neck-dive. I just allow the bass to sit level and it works fine. It's by far the cheapest bass I own but I enjoy it as much as my more expensive ones. Frank.
  6. What's a "battery investor"? I might be able to help you but I'd need more information. This week I was installing a solar powered battery and inverter system to an off-grid holiday home. We just finished the job this afternoon in pissing rain. Frank.
  7. A little expensive but works really well for me too. Adding a second one10 gives you a rig capable of most, if not all, of my pub/club/hotel/festival gigs. (Sometimes with PA help.) Frank.
  8. I also have a small pension, but my only earned income comes from gigging, so this pandemic has been as disaster for me, and many like me. All pub/party/wedding gigs cancelled, just like everyone else. But being honest, I miss the playing and my band mates at least as much as the money. Frank.
  9. What a stunning bass Gareth. Is that the one you bought from N Ireland? If it is, I might have stolen your deal if I'd known. Frank.
  10. A 2x12 is a wonderful all-rounder but I find a pair of 1x12 more flexible for the type of gigs I play, where a 2 x 12 is usually overkill. (Pubs, parties and the occasional wedding and summer festival.) Frank.
  11. We've been back rehearsing at our drummers studio now for a few weeks. Sanctioned by Dominic Cummings. 😂 Frank.
  12. Is it a 502 or a 750? I sold my 750, it might be a couple of years ago now, for about £400 or slightly less. It was under a year old, in perfect condition in original box. Frank.
  13. I have the 4 string version. There is a tiny bit of neck dive but a suede strap deals with it very well. I agree on everything else too. Decent fret work, nice neck, great pickups, okay bridge, the nut was fine on mine, and yes, a very hot pre amp. I actually really rate these Talman basses very highly. They're fantastic value for money and I love how they look. You did a really excellent review. Frank.
  14. Gareth, I live in Belfast. If there's anything I can do to help, just ask. I might even know the seller. 😉 Frank.
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