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  1. I’d love to hear this combo. It should be amazing. Enjoy it. As a long time BB2 user, I’m very interested. Frank.
  2. I had an original Japanese 51RI that I gave to my son as a birthday present years ago. I always missed it and couldn’t believe it when I walked into a music shop in Belfast a month ago and there was one in stock. It was bought the next day. I’ve been on holiday since I bought it so not much playing time yet. After a change of strings to TI flats it’ll have its first gig in two weeks time. I’m thrilled to have a 51RI again. They’re just great basses. Frank.
  3. machinehead


    I’m a former US Fender snob. That was until I bought a Fender Flea jazz. What a truly superb bass. Easily the equal of my many US Fenders. Enjoy your new bass Dave. Frank.
  4. That’s a thing of beauty. I would be tempted if I hadn’t recently bought a MIJ 51 reissue. It’s one of the 2021 models and weighs only 3.75kg. I just need to change the strings to flatwounds and it’ll have its first gig next week. Frank.
  5. No, on a laptop. I'll have a go tomorrow. It's probably easier than I think. I can upload to facebook directly. Frank.
  6. I know, but I'm a luddite and don't know how to do this lark of linking to another website to upload pics to basschat. Frank.
  7. I'll get the Vernier callipers out tomorrow but according to the website the neck widthis 42mm or 1.650" and U shaped. It feels quite beefy, in a good way. Frank.
  8. The deed is done! I bought it today. I weakened due to an unexpected cash windfall because I have been underpaid for over 5 years. Yeh! It'll be getting new strings and a setup to my preference next week. Frank.
  9. I played one of these yesterday in my local music shop. I was highly impressed and sorely tempted to buy. I had a 2005 MIJ 51 reissue that I gave to my son 10 years ago as a 30th birthday present. I loved the bass and gave it to him because he loved it even more than me. I've missed it ever since I parted with it. Has anyone tried these new reissues? It seemed lighter in weight than my 2005 but maybe not as solid sounding. Has anyone bought or tried one and has an opinion? I'm sorely tempted. 😧 Frank.
  10. That's a very fair price for a brilliant cab. These are so useful for small pub gigs and surprisingly loud. I'm sure it'll sell very quickly. Frank.
  11. These seem to be excellent little cabs. I heard a funk band street busking and the bass player was using the 2x8 version with an Elf head. I was amazed at the volume and sheer welly from that little rig. Thanks for your review. Frank.
  12. There's been no talk around this subject in either of my two main bands and I won't be initiating it. We have our first gig tonight since March 2020. It's in a golf club and there will be speeches and prize giving. The only thing I've said is that nobody will be allowed to use my mike. I would probably have said the same pre-covid though. Frank.
  13. That looks great. I could be sorely tempted by one of those. Enjoy it. Frank.
  14. Free. Steely Dan. Van Morrison. These are the first that come to mind. Frank.
  15. There isn't such a huge profit from Ivermectin as there is from vaccines... Frank.
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