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  1. Belfast N. Ireland is a small place and word gets around pretty quickly here too. As a reliable bass player I've nothing to worry about. Frank.
  2. I see the PJB D400 head isn't listed any longer. It was a bargain at £350 and I was very tempted even though I don't need another amp. I just saved myself £350 by my dithering. Frank.
  3. Fair enough Stew. When I gigged my Markbass Traveller 15" cab it was about 2005/6 - maybe they improved them? I know for certain they changed the cabinet size and volume?) to better match the Traveller 210 physically around that time. All I can say is that when I got my Barefaced Compact 15" G1, the difference to me was amazing. Deeper, louder - all-round a very noticeable improvement. But, we all hear and like different things so it's all good. Frank.
  4. You're right there... I'll be hanging on to my American Standard Jaguar. (PJ and active or passive, and they work in passive mode with a flat battery.) I think they were only made for a year, maybe two years. Frank.
  5. G1 or G2 Barefaced Compact. Uses the best 15" speaker available at the time. (and perhaps still the best available?) Often sold for £300 or less, lightweight but heavy sounding. Beats the Markbass 15" by a country mile - I've owned both. Frank.
  6. There's a Barefaced Super Twin G3 for sale on here now. 😁 Frank.
  7. When my MB200 fried (it was used as a gig back up and home practice amp) I bought a Peavey miniMax for £282 brand-new delivered. To replace the MB200 would have been more expensive. The miniMax is bigger than the MB200 and twice the weight, but still only weighs 5lbs. On the plus side, apart from being amazing value for money, it's a truely brilliant little amp. It's very loud, very flexible tone-wise, built like a tank, looks cool and comes in a little gig bag. (The gig bag is very basic but OK.) I've gigged the miniMax a lot and it copes extremely well. It's as good, or maybe even better in some ways, as amp costing several hundred pounds more that I've owned. Frank.
  8. I agree with the others. I'm retired and book holidays to take account of gigs already committed to. In an extreme or unforeseen case, (they sometimes happen!) I'll organise a suitable dep and I see arranging a dep as MY responsibility not the rest of the band. Frank.
  9. You're so right stewblack. Even a new set of exactly the same strings can have a massive effect on a bass. It's a thing that's often overlooked by beginners and even by some more experienced players too. I discovered a while ago that my American Standard Jaguar (PJ) is a very different sounding instrument with Ti flats than round wounds. Perhaps that's not really surprising but what did surprise me was just how much richer and ballsier it became. A good post. Frank.
  10. I have a pair of Barefaced one10s, which must be similar to a single two10, and I've never wanted for volume or great tone on a gig. That's a great review @MrDaveTheBass. Thanks for taking the time. Frank.
  11. I know how you feel. I passed on a WAL Mk 1 for £200 in 1991. Not one of my better decisions. 😕 Frank.
  12. We had a great gig tonight but were subjected to repeated requests from drunk males and females alike. I don't know why tonight was worse than usual. I just say "yes, we'll do it later" knowing that they'll forget they even asked. Frank.
  13. I own, apparently, nine basses, 😕 and gig eight. The one I don't gig much, is a Steinberger XT-2 that I bought to take away in my wee campervan. I do gig even that one occasionally though. Frank.
  14. That is all so true - and brilliantly written. So many things I've experienced so many times over the last 30+ years of gigging. "Play the Gambler" Frank.
  15. Me too. I gave my one to my son for his 35th birthday. Not one of my better decisions although my son might disagree... Frank.
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