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  1. I've owned Markbass LM1 and LM2. Both are great amps but I'm going to speak up for the Peavey miniMax. These just sound excellent and are very well priced. As mentioned, the fan is a bit noisy at home but inaudible at rehearsal or on a gig. I bought mine as a backup to my Thunderfunk, but it often gets gigged because it just does the job so well. Frank.
  2. These are seriously good basses. I take mine away in my campervan and use it for pub gigs where space is tight. Highly recommended and I love that colour. It's much nicer than my black one. Frank.
  3. I love this, but it has made me realise that my recording technique isn't as bad as I thought it was. The noise and clicks in this recording are possibly even worse than mine.😲 Frank.
  4. Agreed! This is a very friendly and polite forum. I've been a member since the previous 2 versions, so almost 20 years? I've given stuff away for free and been touched by receiving a Stingray scratchplate free (MB1) and a set of strings free (Chiliwailer). It's a great place. I've made myself unpopular with my anti-lockdown views, but even then, the exchanges have been polite. Long live basschat. Frank.
  5. I'm not sure that I've that much to add, but I do have a BB2 and a SM. Most of my gigs need only the BB2. I never have any trouble hearing myself with the cab on the floor. The SM is easily loud enough too for most of my gigs and although I could easily live with only a SM, I prefer the sound of the BB2. (Not that the SM sounds bad - far from it!) I have combined the BB2 and SM on some gigs that were in larger spaces or outdoors. The sound is immense and very pleasing to the ear. I can't imagine how anyone could need more than this. I've never owned a SC so I can't offer any thoughts on that. I like having the option of three rigs according to stage space and room size but the BB2 alone gets gigged the most. Hopefully this adds to your decision process and good luck. Frank.
  6. I would only copy the original parts that are essential to the song and recognisably so. Otherwise, I do my own thing. Frank.
  7. These are great amps. Highly recommended. Frank.
  8. I agree. I've owned an AER amp one and an AER amp two. Both are amazing and although expensive, once the money is spent, you have a fantastic amp for many, many years. I haven't owned an AER amp three but I've heard one at an outdoor gig and it was loud and deep from 400 metres away. They are all stunningly brilliant amps. Frank.
  9. After having a Markbass head fail on me, luckily on the encore, I always take a spare amp. I've never needed it though. I take a spare for everything now. The spare bass is a Steinberger XT2 so very compact. Frank.
  10. Good for her. There must be quite a few musicians falling between the cracks of government support. I personally know at least ten in Belfast. Frank.
  11. If the sale falls through, I'll have it please. I gave my Fender MIJ 51 Precision to my son in New Zealand as a birthday present a few years back. Not because I didn't like it, but because he'd always admired it. This would make a beautiful replacement at about the same cost as the original Fender back in the day. Frank.
  12. TI flats are on my Precision, Jazz, US Jaguar (a PJ), and my Squier fretless. I love the tension and they work so well tonally on a gig. They're easy on the fingers too and that's good for longer gigs. Frank.
  13. It looks great. I love a downsized jazz body. It hasn't far to go now! Frank.
  14. I've owned an AER amp one and an amp two. They are totally astonishing combos. I've also heard an amp three at an outdoor gig and honestly, before I saw what it was, I thought it must be at least a 4x10, such was the volume and rich depth to the sound. I wish I could justify buying this but I have a pair of Barefaced one10s that I use with a Quilter BB800. Even so, I'm still sorely tempted. This is, in my opinion, the best combo available. Good luck with the sale. Frank.
  15. I'm not super careful, but I've still got one guitar that I got in the late 1960s and it's still in pretty good nick. Others from the 1970s onwards are equally well looked after. All my guitars are fairly good really and they're all gigged. (Or used to be. ) I'm absolutey amazed at the amount of wear on some guitars. I wonder how it's even possible during a normal gigging career. They look like they've never been cleaned and dragged on a rope behind a car. So, on the rare occasion that I sell a guitar, it's always checked over and cleaned before posting. Frank.
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