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  1. I think Matt is right. The transformer in my Thunderfunk is custom made too and is probably the only component that isn't a standard piece. That transformer is made by Webb in Taiwan. There is an enquiry page. I'm not sure how successful an enquiry would be though. A separate 230/120 volt transformer might be the easiest way around this. Webb Ltd (globalsources.com) Frank.
  2. Oh dear... Didn't Lee Sklar do something similar with a Jazz bass? Or did I just make that up? Frank.
  3. Excellent stuff! I must get back to listening to some Prefab Sprout. Frank.
  4. A quick look inside at the power transformer will tell you if the tappings can be changed to suit a different voltage. It's pretty simple to understand. Check the primary side of the transformer (the input side) for tapping options. If you're not sure, post some pics and a description of what it says on the transformer and me or someone else will be able to advise. If the tappings can be changed, it's a simple job to carry out. And if the amp was designed for this, it will also be designed to work on both the USA supply frequency of 60Hz and 50HZ European supply frequency. In any case, using a device designed for 60Hz on a 50Hz supply is less problematic than using a 50Hz device on a 60Hz supply. (in the latter case you can reduce the supply voltage slightly to compensate for the frequency change.) Have a quick look and let us know. Frank.
  5. These are great amps and as good as amps costing many times the asking price for this. Mine gets (got ) many gigs in preference to my much more expensive amps. They are excellent and highly recommended. Frank.
  6. I started on 6 string guitar around 1967/8. I always loved Fender guitars but when I moved over to bass around 1985 I didn't take to Fender basses. I used an Aria SB900 for years, then Warwick and Spector. I started to notice about 15 years ago that every time I walked into a pub or bigger gig that when I loved the bass sound, it was mostly a Precision. I bought and sold a few jazz basses then a US Fender P in 2012. It's fitted with TI flats and sounds (to me) absolutely wonderful. They are simple but really effective. Frank.
  7. I would love to buy this for the nostalgia. I used one for many years. It performed perfectly well even in large venues like the Ulster Hall in Belfast. This is a bargain for someone. Frank.
  8. Bargain alert. If I didn't already have a pair of these I'd jump on this at the asking price. In fact, I'd buy the pair. They are amazing little cabs, far louder than you'd expect. A pair of one10s will cover almost any gig. As a pair they are loud enough for bar and club gigs. Any bigger gigs you'd be through the PA as well. A single cab will cover gigs in small bars and rehearsals. Frank.
  9. An excellent review. Thanks for taking the trouble. It sounds just like my kind of amp. Frank.
  10. That's a beautiful bass. I hope you get many years of enjoyment from it. During the first lockdown I bought a used Fender Flea Jazz bass. I've only rehearsed with it so far so I've a long way to go to get used to the stacked knob arrangement. So far, so good though. Frank.
  11. I have a BB2 and a SM. The BB2 is easily my favourite but the SM gets plenty of gigs on smaller pub stages. They are both great cabs, with the BB2 having a bigger and deeper sound. To the OP, if I was in your position I would buy the second SM. The BB2 and SM have the same speaker, just with different size enclosures. But I think a pair of SM would be everything you'd ever need. EDIT. I had a pair of Gen 2 Midgets and that was a superb lightweight and compact rig. A pair of SM would be even better. Frank.
  12. Please stop posting pics of this bass. My wallet is twitching. 😕 Stunning! Frank.
  13. That's a stunningly beautiful bass! Frank.
  14. I've owned Markbass LM1 and LM2. Both are great amps but I'm going to speak up for the Peavey miniMax. These just sound excellent and are very well priced. As mentioned, the fan is a bit noisy at home but inaudible at rehearsal or on a gig. I bought mine as a backup to my Thunderfunk, but it often gets gigged because it just does the job so well. Frank.
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