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  1. I can't resist asking - what is the tribute act? Frank.
  2. I'm not sure I could develop the skills to play this but I've fancied one for years. They sound absolutely wonderful. I'm thinking...🤔 I've admired your playing for many years James. Frank.
  3. That's an excellent review. Thanks for taking the trouble. I've a pair of one10s. The improvement in tone when using two is very noticable. But, a single one10 sounds far, far better than something that tiny should. I gig a single one10 in smaller pubs with a Quilter BB800 and it's glorious. Frank.
  4. Honestly, I think any decent amp will sound good through a two10. I have a pair of one10s and I've used a few amps with them. None sounded bad! Why not save a few quid and shed some weight and buy a Quilter BassBlock 800. It does everything I need anyway and I use it with a single one10 in small pubs with excellent results. Frank.
  5. Gawd! I think they need to do better than that - especially in the UK. (Tesco?) Maybe that's just a prototype? Frank.
  6. I have one of the older ones. I bought it about 10 years ago and used it for several years gigging. It's now used just to store a bass. The quality was okay at the price. (I think it was £30 - £35 at the time.) It did the job although the zip for the pocket broke early in its life. The padding was on the thinner side. I've since bought a Protection Racket gig bag which is better but more expensive. For the last 5 years or so I've used a Mono which is the very best in my experience although, at the price, it bloody well should be. Frank.
  7. That's absolutely stunning. It has inspired me to build a similar one. It might be my 2020 project. Frank.
  8. Just to clear this up - we never play The Gambler when its requested, and I've never heard any band play it either, or seen it on a set list. I play in a covers band, and a blues/classic rock band, and in every band I've played in, (and I've been playing for a long, long time) there's always some c%*t asks for The Gambler. 😆 Frank.
  9. This is the most requested song ever. God knows why? Frank.
  10. Welcome to the forum Marianne. I'm from Belfast but often have weekends in Donegal in my campervan. Frank.
  11. Sorry to hear that Tom. It must be very disappointing for you. I'm still tempted but trying to resist as I don't need any more bass guitars. 😉 Frank.
  12. A total of 51 gigs for me in 2019, mostly with my main covers band but several dep gigs, including the NYE gig this year. Being retired from full-time work, I'd be happy to do a few more in 2020. The revival of a dormant blues band with a few gigs already booked, might mean a few more gigs this year. Frank.
  13. Me too. A good gig tonight. Some cheese and crackers, sliced apple and chutney and red wine. Very nice as I was driving so no booze. Happy new year everyone. Frank.
  14. I gigged mine tonight too. Peavey miniMax into a pair of Barefaced one10s. It was a dep gig in a bar with a feckin DJ upstairs and we could hear the music through the floor during songs. I didn't know the band previously, but it went well. The Peavey was barely ticking over and still loud enough. They were quite a loud band too. You could do worse for well under £200... Frank.
  15. Stop that at once Tom. It's far too tempting. I had one before and only parted with it to make a deal work when I bought my USA Fender Jaguar. Yours is a much nicer finish than the sunburst I had, plus the maple fretboard. 😕 Frank.
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