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  1. I have the 4 string version of this Korean built series. I've owned a few German built Streamers including a lovely stage 2. I can highly recommend these Korean instruments as being well built and of the highest quality. Frank.
  2. Would moving the strap pin (the neck end) shift the centre of gravity and still give a comfortable playing position? Frank.
  3. Terrible news. I hope she makes a full recovery. Frank.
  4. I played this bass once many moons ago and it's lovely. I already have a white jazz or I'd be all over this. Frank.
  5. No, although they look similar and would probably do the job on a Thunderbird just as well. Here's the thread. Frank.
  6. Nice job. I've made a few of those for the Steinberger "cricket bat" style basses. I've given some away to basschatters and promised a couple to other members but my supply of carbon fibre has dried up for a while. They work really well. Frank.
  7. I use a Quilter BB800 with a Barefaced one10 for small pub gigs and all rehearsals. If I need a little more volume It's the BB800 with a Super Midget. Of the two I prefer the SM but don't underestimate the volume and amazing depth of the one10. It's really depending what volume you need as both are superb cabs. I'd also endorse chris_b on the Super Compact. I've never owned one although I do own a BB2 which is similar and did have one of the first ever original Compact. That would be a cheap cab these days and brilliant. Decisions, decisions... Frank.
  8. My best buy is my brand new (I rarely buy new) MIJ Traditional 51 Precision. I put D'Addario chrome flats on it, gave it a minor setup and it plays a dream and sounds massive. And it's quite lightweight compared to the one I gave to my son - maybe around the 3.8kg. I don't really have a worse buy but I guess I could nominate an acoustic six string guitar I bought to teach my granddaughter to play on, on the basis that it wasn't for me. Frank.
  9. I always tell my wife that it's an investment every time a new bass arrives. I agree with other posters that the banks are effectively stealing money from our savings with the interest rates of the last few years. Frank.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. They're all expensive and rare but any of the AER combos would fit the bill. The amp one is a single 10" and the smallest of the trio but definitely gigable. The amp two is the daddy. A 12" and a 4" speaker. Very clear in tone and as loud as needed for any pub gig. I gigged one for years and it was never wanting. The amp three is a 2 x 8" combo and is simply stunningly brilliant. I've owned the amp one and two and they're excellent. I've heard an amp three at an outdoor gig and couldn't believe my ears. As I said, they aren't cheap but you'll only have to buy once. Frank.
  12. Thanks. The gigs are coming in, but slowly, and no weddings or functions yet and that's where the good money comes from. I'm absolutely sure that there are many in the music industry who are worse off than me. Frank.
  13. When I left full-time employment in April 2016 at the age of 58, to concentrate on music, I think I had about 15 bass guitars plus 4 acoustics and a few Strats and Teles. Not to mention drums, lots of guitar and bass amps and recording equipment. I felt the need to sell gear back then so my US 75RI jazz, US fretless jazz and a US Fender Strat were duly sold. Some valve amps went too. I missed them all! It was a kind of panic as I didn't know how my finances would go. (I knew they would be dramatically reduced but I didn't know by how much.) But after a couple of years I knew I could survive well enough and started to buy bass gear again. Since the first lockdown I've bought a Fender flea jazz (a superb bass, MIM), a Jaguar PJ, another fretless jazz and other bits and pieces. I enjoy owning good quality gear and I justify it by playing them in rotation or to suit the gig and console myself by the thought that I can always sell if I need the money. I'm not good at selling gear. Frank.
  14. Thanks for posting. It makes dreadful reading. My only earnings come from music so it's been one hell of a bad 19 months and it's nowhere near getting back to normal. Frank.
  15. The EBS Reidmar is an overlooked and underrated amp. The 750 or even the lower powered version should suit what you want, and at a good price too. Frank.
  16. This is a video of my son's band in New Zealand. I gave him my modified MIJ 51 reissue about 6 years ago as a birthday present because he always liked it. You can see it in the video. It has a pair of Seymour Duncan 51 humbuckers fitted with switching between either PU or both together. It worked really well with a huge variety of sounds. It also has a BadAss 3 bridge. If it's what you fancy, I'd say go for it. Lost by Burn The Bridges in Auckland New Zealand - YouTube (I can't post the link to youtube for some reason? Search "Burn the Bridges") Frank.
  17. I had a minor repair done to my Thunderfunk 550 a few years ago and the (local) technician told me that the only part he couldn't easily source and replace was the transformer. It's still my favourite amp and is first choice for gigs. I've no intention of selling it. Frank.
  18. The USA Jaguar is an excellent choice. They were only available for 2 years. A PJ setup and active/passive option. They're not easy to find now but well worth seeking out. I have an Olympic white one. (Not for sale.) Frank.
  19. I’d love to hear this combo. It should be amazing. Enjoy it. As a long time BB2 user, I’m very interested. Frank.
  20. I had an original Japanese 51RI that I gave to my son as a birthday present years ago. I always missed it and couldn’t believe it when I walked into a music shop in Belfast a month ago and there was one in stock. It was bought the next day. I’ve been on holiday since I bought it so not much playing time yet. After a change of strings to TI flats it’ll have its first gig in two weeks time. I’m thrilled to have a 51RI again. They’re just great basses. Frank.
  21. machinehead


    I’m a former US Fender snob. That was until I bought a Fender Flea jazz. What a truly superb bass. Easily the equal of my many US Fenders. Enjoy your new bass Dave. Frank.
  22. That’s a thing of beauty. I would be tempted if I hadn’t recently bought a MIJ 51 reissue. It’s one of the 2021 models and weighs only 3.75kg. I just need to change the strings to flatwounds and it’ll have its first gig next week. Frank.
  23. No, on a laptop. I'll have a go tomorrow. It's probably easier than I think. I can upload to facebook directly. Frank.
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