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  1. Any of the AER combos would fit the bill - but at a high cost. Nothing else is in the same league. The Markbass CMD121P is also a superb combo and much more affordable. Frank.
  2. machinehead


    I bought a Roqsolid cab bag from Lawrence. It was extremely well packed, was exactly as described, fairly priced and the deal was very pleasant throughout. Deal with Lawrence in total confidence. Thanks again Lawrence. Frank.
  3. I'll have this please. I'll PM you about posting cost to Belfast. Frank.
  4. TI flats are my favourite strings. I have them on most of my basses. I love the low tension that others seem to dislike. Also the tone and versatility is excellent. The fact that they last so long is a massive bonus. Frank.
  5. For me it’s all about the bass itself and nothing about the artist. As much as I love Paul McCartney’s playing, I never liked the violin bass.😀 Frank.
  6. That's a thing of great beauty. Thanks for sharing. Frank.
  7. Last week Ed Sheeran played to massive crowds in Belfast. He writes some decent songs, but I wouldn't pay to see someone with an acoustic guitar and a looper pedal. In my opinion, there's far more life to the music from a full band. Judging by the number at his gigs, my opinion is unpopular. Frank.
  8. I think it'll easily do what you want. For performance, size, weight and cost, they're very hard to beat. Frank.
  9. I much prefer lighter gauge strings. My favourites are TI flats. D'Addario nickel EXL220 or EXL220BT for rounds. I play with a light touch and I find I can get a deeper tone this way as well as being able to play faster and with more comfort. I really dislike high tension and heavy strings. We're all different - obviously! Frank.
  10. The Jazz 61 seems to have a hi mass bridge? Or are my eyes deceiving me? Frank.
  11. As posted above, I have a pair of one10s and a BB2, plus a Super Midget. I find the BB2 and the SM to be much warming sounding than the one10s. The one10s are amazing little cabs but I much prefer the range of sounds available from the BB2 and SM. I'm not so keen on the "old school" break up sound of the one10s. Frank.
  12. I bought my Flea jazz a couple of years ago as an alternative to a roadworn jazz that I didn't want in the colours available. It has turned out to be a superb bass - the only jazz that I can use the bridge pickup on a blues gig! I didn't buy because of Flea's signature, more because of the features that don't seem to be available in any other fender Jazz at a reasonable price. The stack knobs take time to explore but there are some different tones in there. Frank.
  13. The Markbass CMD121 is excellent and easily giggable. If you want the very best, then it has to be AER amp one or amp three. The amp one is perfect for home use and is giggable. The AER amp three is simply astonishingly good - very loud with a fantastic low end. A used AER amp three would be my choice. (I've also owned an AER amp two and they are amazing, if a little heavy) On a budget it would be the Markbass. Frank.
  14. If you can find one for sale, the Fender Vintage hotrod 70s jazz bass is a real cracker PJ. They did cost quite a bit more when new than a standard USA jazz at the time. The neck is superb with a compound radius. The overall quality is right up there. I doubt I'll ever sell mine. https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Fender-Vintage-Hot-Rod-70s-Jazz-Bass-Candy-Apple-Red/18MU There are quite a few high-end PJ basses with jazz necks out there. I have a Warwick Streamer PJ with a jazz size neck for example - top quality but not cheap. Good luck in your search. Frank.
  15. I added a Super Midget to my BB2. The sound is fantastic but, if I'm honest, either on of the cabs is enough for most gigs. This combination is really useful because you effectively have three rigs to choose from. The SM is very capable on its own too. (I have a pair of one10s as well but I prefer the sound from the 12" equipped cabs.) Frank.
  16. I have around 15 basses. Several are US Fenders - Jazz, Precision, 70s hotrod Jazz and a US Jaguar. (The US Jaguar is a rare beast and increasing in value, but unlikely to be sold.) A 2021 MIJ 51 RI Precision and a MIM Fender Flea Jazz. I also have cheaper basses - Ibanez TM100 that is superb, Squier Jaguar, Warwick Streamer LX Korean, Squier Jazz fretless, Steinberger Spirit XS2, US SUB Stingray. I baulk at spending more than about £1200. Fender custom shop prices, whilst I could afford them, leave me feeling uncomfortable at the price. I'm happy with cheaper basses but I also enjoy owning US Fenders for the history. I enjoy playing the cheaper basses as much as playing the more expensive ones. I don't think price always reflects on quality of playing experience and enjoyment. Frank.
  17. I have the 4 string version of this Korean built series. I've owned a few German built Streamers including a lovely stage 2. I can highly recommend these Korean instruments as being well built and of the highest quality. Frank.
  18. Would moving the strap pin (the neck end) shift the centre of gravity and still give a comfortable playing position? Frank.
  19. Terrible news. I hope she makes a full recovery. Frank.
  20. I played this bass once many moons ago and it's lovely. I already have a white jazz or I'd be all over this. Frank.
  21. No, although they look similar and would probably do the job on a Thunderbird just as well. Here's the thread. Frank.
  22. Nice job. I've made a few of those for the Steinberger "cricket bat" style basses. I've given some away to basschatters and promised a couple to other members but my supply of carbon fibre has dried up for a while. They work really well. Frank.
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