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Coronavirus-best bass guitar if you were self isolating


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17 minutes ago, Muzz said:


I think 14 days would be just about long enough to work out what the holy hell all those knobs and switches do...plus, I'd be sitting/lying down, so the mahooosive weight wouldn't be so much of an issue...

Aren't they rather short scale..? The tuners are at the back, I suppose. :lol:

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I took the time to put round wounds on my 54 reish P instead of flats and I've been noodling about with it in the conservatory through my new vox practise amp - bought for no other reason than it fits on the windowsill. 

The pound shop rotty sits on the table in front of me fascinated until I lapse into playing hotel California , at which point it scratches it's starfish and sods off.

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If my boss closes the shop I will be playing my usual Warwick Corvette. I haven't played much since breaking my right hand last November so I will be taking it easy. I've also bought a router to fit EMG Thunderbird pickups so I might do that first.

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Anything at all! This isolation means that my kids make even more mess and need even more entertaining and looking after. My work has gone in to overdrive, mostly running around going "what do we do about this?!?!?!" so my free time to play bass has been even more limited than usual. 

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On 17/03/2020 at 09:05, Happy Jack said:

My basses are all now practising social isolation, and are kept on wall hangers at least two metres apart.

But the real plague carriers are the valve amps ... dodgy characters with a dubious past, and they smell funny too.


Like guitarists ....

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On 19/03/2020 at 07:45, dannybuoy said:

It'd have to be my Fender P...


Oo, my Jazz has the same plate on it. Who's up for a wee jam? All together now - a one, a two, a three, a four..

Ooh, the virus isn't fun, isn't fun
When you gonna make me real ill, Corona?
Ooh, you make my bottom run, bottom run
Gonna come in for the kill, Corona

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