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    Hey dudes, it finally uploaded... So, word of warning... this ended up a little (understatement) longer than I though it was gonna be, but I wanted to cover a few things. Things I hit upon that may be of interest: The reason why we're experimenting with longer form dripped courses outside of the SBL Academy What's actually included within the SBL Academy (for those of you who have no idea) The reason why my YouTube content has changed over the years (this will probably be of most interest to you, as it's likely not what you think) Am I the same in "real life"... or is it a show for the camera? And a bunch or other morning ramblings Ezzzzz
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    Can you imagine if The Police had their van nicked? *Ring Ring* Hello, police. Hi there, this is Gordon from the police. Our van's been nicked. Jeeze, a police van? Boy you're in trouble. No... well, yes, I suppose you could say its a police van... it's certainly the police van. What? Look, I'm in the police. OK. And our van's been nicked. Right. Well can you like, find it? You're in the police. Yes. Find your own ****ing van before your Sgt finds out. No... I'm not in the police! You said you were! Well in one way I am. I'm recording this, you know. Oh, that's ironic. What? Etc...
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    I'm not a fan of either McCartney or The Beatles - probably because they have no direct influence on my musical DNA, I've always felt fairly indifferent. However, it really bugs me (or "triggers" me, if we're gonna be all 2019 ) when this term "overrated" gets thrown around in relation to artists who are indisputable originators - absolutely pivotal and seminal in the evolution of both music as a creative & cultural force, and in the development of the role of the bass. McCartney is one such - his influence, direct or indirect, is enormous, it's probably entirely reasonable to say that without him & his band, none of us would be playing the music we play now, wherever we sit on the musical spectrum, or however we personally feel about McCartney. Fair enough to say you don't like him/them, or you think so-and-so would have done it better - but "overrated"? Look it up.
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    I think this thread has run it's course now and given Scott has responded I think we can put it to bed.
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    +1. Spot on.. And IMO, Macca was a master of striking the right balance between playing exactly what the song needed and making the bass line something of real interest that helped define the song. That to me, is so much more important than measuring a bass player's status/rank/greatness etc by qualities such as technical dexterity and virtuosity alone. Just my 2p worth of course and I know that there are many very strongly held and diverse views about this subject on this forum. Have a nice day folks.. 😊
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    *Ring Ring* Hello, police. Hi, I'm calling to report a stolen van. I see, is it your van, Sir? Yes. And your name is? Sting. I see - Sting. Yes. Would that be your first name or last name, Sir? Err... well both I suppose. So it's "Sting Sting"... Well, yes, if you like. It's not what I like Sir, I just need your name. Okay. Computer won't accept that Sir. Oh dear. Its saying the forename(s) must differ from the surname. Bummer. What if we put "Sting" down as your surname? Fine. So what first name shall we put? Gordon. Ahh, Gordon! Hello. We were having a little sweepstake on when you'd call ba *Click*
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    Piers Morgan howling about Greg's doing vegan sausage rolls... I dunno, maybe the band in question had been being Richards for a while and this was the last straw. Bit like the news stories around the last time we were blowing up bits of the middle east that were all 'muslims complaining about the English flag!!' And it turned out it was so much the flag as it was the constant abuse and harassment by the flag's owners... And yay, there's nearly enough of Us to do my idea of an all-trans Ramones tribute band called 'The Tramones'!
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    Credit where it's due - I've tried playing bass left-handed and I'm useless at it, so hats off to Macca there. 😁
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    Lost your bottle-opener & struggling to open beer bottles? Simply use the headstock of your Rickenbacker! Eh, @Ricky 4000
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    Vocalists. Bloody vocalists. That is all.

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