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Headstock shape... what to go for?


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New neck turned up yesterday, it's one of these things with a blank canvas for a headstock:


The question is: what shape to choose? The one thing it's definitely NOT getting is a P/J/T shape. I've been checking a few out and there's a couple that have floated my boat (Wal, Peavey, Aria, see below) but I haven't decided yet. Any ideas? Sensible ones plz. I've got a custom 70s-Fender-alike headstock decal coming, so there's got to be room for that. I like the curve on the bottom of the Wal & Aria ones, as I could make it match the decal.




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Yes, that's not at all unattractive. Although it's a bit closer to the F*nd*r shape than I'm looking for...

I'm definitely starting to lean towards the newer Aria shape in my original post. The gradual curves will I think make it an easier cut than the Peavey, and I think it's a more balanced shape than the Wal.

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