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  1. It depends a bit on what sort of style the bass is going to be. Always been a fan of the Peavey headstock design myself.
  2. Out of interest, what's the overall length of the bass? I've been looking for something that would fit in the cupboard of my van for travelling with, but it would need to be about a metre in length.
  3. Love me some Wo Fat. Ripple Music are about to re-release their first record, The Gathering Dark, on vinyl.
  4. Nice! I've been tempted by the beige version of that one for a long time.
  5. I think people are expecting far more diligence from border officials than is actually the case. I can't imagine that stopping people carrying instruments to see if they're new and subject to import duty is high on their list of priorities.
  6. I've got a few Couch straps and would definitely recommend them - the Right On ones look nice as well, but I find the Couch designs more striking. I'm a big fan of Couch's straps that use old vehicle upholstery and I recently bought one made out of a hideous old 70s sofa. Shipping costs weren't as bad as I feared and it somehow didn't get hit with customs duties either.
  7. Just to note that there's a Supro Huntington in the for sale section here. Never tried one personally but it looks pretty sweet. Alternatively, why not pick up something cheap like a Squier Bronco and then you can mod it to your own personal tastes?
  8. We'll truly be living in a silver future if anyone can understand, let alone embrace, the god-awful snare sound off St Anger.
  9. I've seen Church of Misery a few times and each time was struck at how ridiculously uncomfortable (and kind of silly, come to think of it) it looks to sling a bass THAT low.
  10. The loudest gig I remember was the Supersuckers at the Underworld 15+ years ago. I was a massive fan at the time but it was so loud it was almost painful and it was impossible to identify what song they were playing. Took about 4 days for the ringing in my ears to stop afterwards.
  11. I picked up a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-M20x headphones a few months back for a bit under £40 and have been very pleased with them.
  12. I don't think any discussion of ropey lyrics and rhymes would be complete without a mention of Life by Des'ree. Behold this abomination from the mid-90s! I'm afraid of the dark, Especially when I'm in a park And there's no-one else around, Oh, I get the shivers I don't want to see a ghost, It's a sight that I fear most I'd rather have a piece of toast And watch the evening news Life, oh life, oh life, oh life, Doo, doot doot dooo. Life, oh life, oh life, oh life, Doo, doot dooo EDIT: I see casapete beat me to it!
  13. Yellow Machinegun were a cool Japanese band from back in the day without any obvious gimmicks. Can't find any videos with decent sound, but their 1998 album Spot Remover is definitely worth checking out.
  14. I didn't have much luck finding a Mustang bridge, so I replaced the stock bridge on my Bronco with a Hipshot Kickass.
  15. I've tuned my Squier Bronco down to BEAD. Got a set of Labella roundwound strings for a short-scale five-string bass and just used the heavier four strings. The gauges are something like 65 to 125 and it works pretty well with reasonable string tension.
  16. - Comment deleted as query arose from not reading the ad properly -
  17. Big fan of stoner rock and doom - I post the occasional review on The Sleeping Shaman. My bass playing is pretty rubbish, but I've found Beholden to the Riff a good place for doomy tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0B0JPGg6g6Y0jg5r43Sciw
  18. Each to their own, but I thought that Disturbed cover was dire even without having seen the video. Seem to remember Simon Mayo taking a liking to it when it came out a few years ago and being totally nonplussed at what everyone involved could have been thinking.
  19. I've got a few albums on vinyl that I've been waiting to buy digital copies of . Think top of my list are Electric Hydra and Earthdiver.
  20. I've tuned my Squier Bronco down to BEAD. I've had to use some heavy strings to retain some sort of string tension, but that hasn't caused any issues with the nut as yet.
  21. Thanks for that, certainly makes sense. Another good thing: because the Tbird pickup doesn't have visible pole pieces then there won't even be a cosmetic misalignment.
  22. Morning all, not sure if this is the best forum for my question, but it seemed sensible. Anyway, I've been having a rummage through the various bits and pieces I've accumulated and am planning to fit a thunderbird pickup onto a p bass body I have. My questions is this: I gather that the string spacing on a thunderbird is a fair bit narrower than on a p bass. If I use a bridge with the standard 19mm string spacing, is this going to cause issues with the pickup?
  23. Update: Pleased to report that filing down that insert so it was flush with the base of the neck heel seems to have done the trick, so thanks for the advice. Another good thing to come out of this is that I discovered that I own a file. I can't for the life of me think why I would ever have bought one,, but there we are.
  24. Yes, quite ironic really. Actually, it's probably way less than a millimetre, but I couldn't think of a suitably small unit to use!
  25. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll check both. I reckon I could file the insert flush without wrecking it, so that certainly seems to be worth a go - it's only sticking up a about a millimetre or so, so shouldn't need too much work.
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