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  1. I kept the flat wounds that the bass came with. Never tried them before and I love them.
  2. First gig with Huntington Supro 👌👍
  3. I've not gotten round to taking pictures yet, at least not any better than the listing pictures 😁. So I've had a week or so with the bass. At first I was dissapointed, it felt a bit cheap and not that much smaller than my usual bass. After a couple of band rehearsals I have fallen in love with it! The sound I'm getting now is perfect for my needs. The low end is so full and satisfying and I love the flatwound strings. Thank you for helping me to find the bass guys and for all he extra advice.
  4. Thanks man, I've gone ahead and bought the huntington via this forum. Got it for 450 in mint condition. If I like it then I'll probably look at something more high end next year 👍 if I love it though then it's job done 😁
  5. Loving the information, thanks guys. Sounds like I've started on a long road 😁. Never used flatwounds, I'm gonna have to give them a go. After listening to some comparisons I like the top end of rounds but the flats have their own charm to my ears, they sound cleaner, less harmonics but that could just be the player in the examples.
  6. What strings do you use and what style of music do you gravitate towards? I Mostly play with a pick and will be using this bass for quite fast aggressive music.
  7. I have looked at these actually. So many options so few lifetimes. Where I live I'm probably never going to see one of those..... I've never even seen a short scale in the flesh or wood should I say?
  8. Have messaged the seller 👍👍👍
  9. Thanks guys, I'm gonna go look for this Huntington. I think I'd end up destroying a bass if I started modding it lol. Thank you all, I've never bought a guitar online, your replies have been most helpful indeed.
  10. Thanks for the advice. When returning an item can it just be for the reason that I don't like it or am I gonna have to say there's a fault?
  11. I'm in Blackpool UK. The music shops here are not great. I might take a trip to PMT in Manchester but even there they are limited for what they actually have in stock in the way of short scale. I'm not sure how easy it is to order a guitar online and return if I don't like it. Does anyone have any advice for buying online and returning if needed?
  12. Thanks man, looking at the Vintera now 👍
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