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  1. Love the facelift BC... :)

    1. TheGreek


      I'm using this view setting (note the first  option in orange) so it looks the same as the earlier version.



      I find change confusing....

  2. Just discovered Biarnel basses.... wow....

    1. DiMarco


      How It's Made: Making a bass guitar from scratch: Biarnel Iter 4TB - YouTube

      They look the biz! Can't say I'm thrilled by what I hear in any of the demo videos though - those seem to be rather generic sounding instruments.


    2. Rumple


      Not really a fan of the look of single-cuts but I do like those Akme fretless'

  3. There are some utterly astounding basses for sale on eBay right now, courtesy of He Who Shall Not Be Named....

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    2. Chienmortbb


      You have me intrigued. of whom of what do ye speak oh grassie and greek?

    3. Grassie


      I'm not sure I can say....:ph34r:

    4. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      I think we (probably me) may have said too much already 😬

  4. I saw "ver Leps" at Don Valley Stadium toward the end of their Seven Day Weekend tour in 1993, big one dayer with Terrorvision, Ugly Kid Joe, and Thunder on the bill. Great day out and my first stadium gig. Saw them again at Wembley Arena on the Slang tour in 1996 (or 97...?) and they were Ok, but it was a bit half-hearted.
  5. Best one? Too many to pick just one, but the first is usually very exciting so I'll plump for my first - Level 42 at the Hammersmith Odeon (as it was then), December 10th 1990, as part of their 15 night run. Can't say I've ever been to a gig that I would consider to be bad or the worst, but I saw Madness as the Isle of Wight festival in 2019, and man they were very disappointing. Came on late afternoon, I'm pretty sure they had all been on the ale, and everything was played S-L-O-W. Not like dreary or Lewis Capaldi dirge-like, but imagine something with the energy of One Step Beyond played a good 10bpm less than it should be. Half-arsed.
  6. My copy arrived yesterday, stuck it in the Bose and turned it up. Holy mother.... it sounds immense. Great production as well as Wolfgang's superb playing and singing. Recommended. Eddie did a good job.
  7. Someone on here had a Bantam Pat Badger signature prototype a few years ago, it was up for sale for a while and then someone snapped it up. I wish it was me...:(
  8. Great description.... 🙄
  9. I used to own an Aria electo-acoustic bass that I used in a jazz band a couple of years ago, but after I left the band I didn’t really use the bass much so I sold it. What I missed about it was the “go to” nature of it, in that I could just pick it up and have a noodle on it without the need to amplify it, so I started looking for another one. Came across these on Gear4Music’s site - at £130 I thought “why not?” I’ve always liked the Ovation style guitars, they’re a bit different to the usual stuff out there, and this looked more comfortable than my old Aria. Arrived today (after two weeks from ordering), was a little surprised at how little packaging there was inside the box considering its an acoustic instrument, but the bass is intact. First impressions: needed tuning and the truss rod tweaking as the action was a little high for my taste, the strings are incredibly bright (I think they are G4M’s own brand strings) but I was pleasantly surprised at how loud it is unplugged, machine heads are ok, seems to hold its tuning well, intonation is spot on as well. So far, so good. I’ve only played it amplified through my little practice amp and I can say that while the strings are new and fresh you do not need to touch the treble control at all, it’s too harsh. Boost the bass and add a touch of mid and it sounds great. Downsides? The usual - fret finishing is poor, and there is some neck dive while playing seated. I haven’t strapped it on yet because there is only one strap button on the bottom side, but I’m going to be using it at home for the most part, sitting down. All in all, for the money it’s a surprisingly usable acoustic bass. I’ll post some video at some point soon to give you a better idea of how it sounds. 😊
  10. Can't seem to find the FB page....
  11. Hi folks, I'm in the midst of another one of my bass related art projects and I'm after some decent pictures of the Pangborn played by MK (as seen in the videos for "The Sun Goes Down" and "Lessons In Love"). I've managed to get a couple of fuzzy screenshots from those vids, but there seems to be very little else in the way of quality photos of it. If anyone has any (or of the same model - a Warlord I think) I'd be eternally grateful if you could share them! Many thanks! x
  12. Anyone ever seen one of these before? I was unaware Gibson even made acoustic basses.... 🤔
  13. Always admired JDs, and if I had to choose one it would be a Supernatural Starchild. Looking forward to seeing your finished bass. 😊
  14. Just applied for a new job, same company but a different role. Fingers crossed for an interview.... :) 

    1. Teebs


      Good luck! 🍀

    2. SpondonBassed


      Best wishes.

    3. Reggaebass


      Hope you get it ☝️

  15. Status Series 2000 headless
  16. Hi all, You may have seen another thread here where I asked about replacing the pickup casings on my Squier jazz bass with closed ones. Well, I've done this and the neck pickup is working fine, but I suddenly have no output from the bridge pickup. I've no idea what I've done, but I don't really think its anything to do with the pickup covers. I don't have a meter to test the electrics with, but giving the pole pieces a tap with a screwdriver gives me no sound either. All wiring is intact. Any ideas?
  17. I agree - looking for instrument demos and reviews on YouTube can be frustrating. Demoing a bass by playing a load of slap and some chordal stuff up the dusty end is not showing me what I want from bass. It's just showing off.
  18. I love slap - the two main players who made me want to take up bass are Flea and Mark King. But I can't slap for toffee. There are a lot of players who leave me cold when they start whacking the stings - Victor Wooten being one of them. Slap is great when it's in the context of a song, think of all the great classic funk tunes that incorporate it. But slap solos are generally naff (as are most solos actually), especially when they just descend into a load of tuneless clicking (see Wooten).
  19. Welcome and enjoy your new found way of burning money.....😁 Nice bit of kit there. Apart from the headstock.... Whoever is in charge of designing them at Sire needs to take a step back from the monitor once in a while and have a really good look at what they've created. Then erase, and start again.
  20. Hi all, Has anyone ever replaced the covers (the actual black plastic enclosures as opposed to the chrome ashtray jobs) on pickups with exposed pole pieces with blank or closed type covers? I want to try a set on my Squier jazz bass but am concerned that a blank cover will cause a reduction in volume/output as the pole pieces will be covered. Some reasons for me wanting to try this: I'm quite heavy handed when digging in and often catch the string on the pole piece, causing that horrible clicking sound. I can't keep the pole pieces clean for love nor money. I get sweaty hands when playing and the poles on all my basses have a certain degree of corrosion. In the past some have actually gone a bit rusty. I don't actually like the look of exposed pole piece pickups, closed ones look much nicer. Thoughts/experiences anyone?
  21. My avatar has me playing a 310. Yes, it was a little heavy, but my god, it cut through everything in its path. Chalked up on the “one I wish I’d kept” list.
  22. Hi all, I've been looking for new bass bodies for a possible build project, but I want one with no routing, so I can decide at a later point what type of pickup to put in. P-bass style with contouring and neck pocket, but no other routing. Anyone come across such a thing? Cheers.
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