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  1. A pint is my limit when gigging, primarily because I drive my own gear around, but there have been occasions where I can drink and not worry about driving. The problem I have with that is that after two pints my playing gets progressively worse.
  2. Nearly all of the basses I’ve owned have been just above entry level or mid level instruments, apart from a ‘96 US Fender deluxe Jazz 5er, but I’ve never had anyone sneer “urgh a Squier?”. In fact whenever people talk to me about my gear (ie about twice a year) they always compliment me on my sound, which I put down to my Gallien Krueger rig. Fenders/Squiers have an inherent sound which doesn’t really differ (to my ears anyway) between Affinity’s up to American made basses - that is to say a Precision will always sound like a Precision and the same with their jazz basses. I’ve moved on to G&Ls (tribute series) and I’m still getting people say that they sound great. I noticed a while back that American musicians seem to play decent high quality instruments that aren’t Fenders or Gibsons ie Spector/Warwick/Ernie Ball/Ibanez/Yamaha, and aren’t swayed by what looks “cool” or appropriate for a particular kind of music, whereas most UK bands have bassists and guitarists that will play vintage Fenders or Gibsons and there’s very little variation between bands. Now, whether these bands choose these instruments based on their looks is not for me to say, but maybe that’s a kind of snobbery there…
  3. Just made a list of all the basses I’ve owned - 20 over 28 years. That’s OK, isn’t it? 😎

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    2. cetera


      Looks like 170+ basses have been in my hands over the last 40 years!

      Current collection:


      (PRE-KRAMER) SPECTOR SB-1 USA 1976 Active (Walnut/Maple)
      (PRE-KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA 1986 Active (Cherry Sunburst) - Hazlab
      (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA 198? Active (Black) - Hazlab
      (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA 1987 Active (Black) - Hazlab
      (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA 1987 Active (Gloss White) - Hazlab
      (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA 1989 Active (Tobacco Sunburst) - Hazlab
      (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA 198? Active (Red/Black Lava Crackle) - Hazlab
      (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2 USA 198? Active (Red Stain) – Hazlab
      (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2A Active (Gloss White) – K-Haz/EMG upgrade
      (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2A Active (Black) – K-Haz/EMG upgrade
      (KRAMER) SPECTOR NS-2A Active (Black) – K-Haz/Spector
      SPECTOR NS-2 USA 2001 Active (Holoflash Black & Abalone) - EMG BTS
      SPECTOR NS-2X ‘Spectorbird’ USA 2012 Active (Tobacco Sunburst) - Haz
      SPECTOR NS-2 Euro CR 2001? Active (Holoflash Black) - Tonepump
      SPECTOR NS-2 Euro CRFM 2001? Active (Purple Stain) – EMG
      SPECTOR NS-2 Euro CRFM 2004? Active (Emerald Green Quilt) – EMG BQC
      SPECTOR NS-2 Euro CRFM 2004 Active (Plum Stain) – Aguilar
      SPECTOR NS-2 Euro 2007 Active (Gloss White) – SNC Haz
      SPECTOR NS-2 Euro LX 2012 Active ‘Ian Hill’ sig (Black) - Tonepump
      SPECTOR NS-2 Euro LX 2017 Active ‘Rachel Bolan’ sig (Black/Silver sparkle)- TPump
      SPECTOR NS-2 Euro LX 201? Active (see-thru Black Quilt) – Hazlab!
      SPECTOR NS-2 Euro LT 2019 Active (Violet Fade) - Darkglass
      SPECTOR NS-2 Euro Classic 2021 Active (Solid Red) - EMG
      SPECTOR NS-2 JA-CR Euro RI 2008 Active w/Badass (Gloss White) – EMG BTS
      SPECTOR NS-2 JA-CR Euro RI 2008 Active w/Badass (Black) – EMG BTS
      SPECTOR Legend 4X Classic Active 2012 (Holoflash Black) – EMG DC/Tonepump
      SPECTOR Legend 4X Classic Active 2012 (Black Stain)
      STUART SPECTOR DESIGN NS-CR? Euro Active (Natural)
      STUART SPECTOR DESIGN NS-4 Euro Active (Red Stain)
      WAL Mk1 Fretless Active 1982 (Mahogany with Stained Maple facings)
      WAL Mk1 Active 2000 “Geddy Lee” (Black/Gold Hardware)
      M.V. PEDULLA Buzz Deluxe Fretless 1989 (Black) 
      FENDER Jap Precision ‘70’s Reissue “Phil Lynott” Alder/R-wood board (Black/Mirror)
      FENDER Jap Precision ’62 Reissue Alder/Rosewood board (Vintage White/Red Tort)
      FENDER FSR Precision P/J maple board/blocks & East preamp (Sea Foam Green)
      FENDER Jap Classic ‘70’s Precision maple board & blocks (Sunburst)
      FENDER Jap Jazz Bass Special ‘Duff McKagan’ (White with black neck)
      JACKSON "Kip Winger" HB Signature Model Active (Orange Cherry Lacewood)
      JACKSON "Kip Winger" HB Signature Model Active (Red Cherry Lacewood)
      JACKSON TBX-Pro ‘Jacksonbird’ Active 1 of only 56 made (Black)
      JACKSON Ontario ‘Concert Bass’ 1987 Active (White)
      HAMER Impact USA Active 1991 (Black & Gold ‘Marble’)
      HAMER Impact USA Active 1991 (Red)
      HAMER Impact USA Active 1990 (Copper/Gold)
      HAMER Scarab USA ‘Rick Savage’ Active late 80’s (White)
      KRAMER Forum I Active late 80’s (Flipflop Blue) – damaged headstock
      KRAMER Ferrington Electro/Acoustic (Black)
      ESP The Surveyor 1984 (Blue Stain with Blue fingerboard!)
      ESP PPJ-160 ‘Masayoshi Yamashita’ Signature Model 1985 (White)
      ESP/Zep-II PPJ-160 ‘Masayoshi Yamashita’ Signature Model - Active (Black) 
      PEAVEY RJ-IV “Randy Jackson” Signature Model Active (Red Sunburst)
      PEAVEY “Rudy Sarzo” Signature Model Active (Dark Natural)
      ROCKINBETTER “RonnieBarker” Ricky copy
      TOKAI Works TW801? Active 1987? (Black)
      FERNANDES MV-65NS “Nikki Sixx” Non-Reverse Spectorbird 1989 (Black)
      FERNANDES MV-65NS “Nikki Sixx” Non-Reverse Spectorbird 1989 (Black)
      FERNANDES MV-65NS “Nikki Sixx” Non-Reverse Spectorbird 1990 (Black)
      MUSICMAN Sub Stingray 4 (Black/Mirror)
      YAMAHA BB3000 (Black Sparkle)
      ARIA CSB ‘Black & Gold’ (Black)
      GUILD Pilot Active (Purple Burst)
      GUILD Pilot Active (Red)
      BASS COLLECTION “Betsy” Jazz Active (Burgundy Mist) 
      ITALIA Imola GP “Ricky Phillips” Signature Model (White)
      EPIPHONE Thunderbird Vintage Pro 2018 (Black)
      EPIPHONE Thunderbird Vintage Pro 2018 (Tobacco Sunburst)
      HOHNER B2A ‘Steinberger’ Active (Black)
      FELINE/SPECTOR "Gene Simmons SB-1" Hybrid. Active 1977 (Black)
      FELINE/KRAMER "Gene Simmons Axe" Active 1980-Copy (Black/Silver)
      PUNISHER "Gene Simmons" Ltd. Edition (Signed/#’d 0007) Active 1997 (Black)
      AXE "Gene Simmons" Ltd Edt (Signed/#’d 163 of 250) Active 2000(Black/Silver)
      CORT “Gene Simmons Axe-2” 2010 (Black/Silver)
      CORT “Punisher GS-2” 2011 (Black)
      STACCATO MG Active (Black/Magnesium Alloy/Numbered 22 of 34



      Used to have:


      2 x Kramer Spector NS2A (Red Stain)
      1 Kramer Spector NS2A (Teal)
      1 white US Spector NS4
      1 cherry Spector ReBop
      1 red Spector NS2J-CR
      1 natural Spector Euro LX
      1 blue stain Spector NS2 CRFM
      1 Poplar Burl Spector Euro LX
      1 Zebrano Spector Euro LX
      1 Dark Cherry Spector Euro LX
      1 blue stain Spector NS2000/4
      1 black stain Spector NS2000/4
      1 cherry Spector Euro5
      1 holoflash Spector Rex2000/4
      1 black stain Spector Rex2000/4
      1 black stain Spector Legend 4X
      3 x DeArmond Pilots (black/white/red)
      1 Epiphone Goth Thunderbird
      1 black Feline Spector
      1 cherry stain Aria CSB360
      1 black Ibanez Destroyer
      1 black Bass Collection
      1 natural noname P bass
      1 purple Charvel Model 3A
      1 Teal Kramer Forum IV
      1 white Kramer Forum III
      1 black Fernandes Spectorbird
      1 black Fernandes Spectorbird ¾ scale thru-neck
      1 Jackson Kip Winger (lacewood)
      1 Jackson Kip Winger (White)
      1 Jackson Kip Winger (Black) £500
      1 multicolour Nightingale Harlequin
      1 black Hohner ‘stick’
      1 black Musicman Stingray SUB
      2 x black Hartke XK4
      1 cherry sunburst Kay Tulip bass
      1 natural Avon Grabber
      1 black Washburn Scavenger
      1 natural Mighty Mite Precision
      1 black Schecter Model T
      1 Fender FSR Precision ‘70’s Reissue Ash/Maple board (Natural/Red Tort)
      1 Fender Jazz Bass Special 80’s Jap original (cream)
      1 Fender Jazz Jap Geddy Lee (black)
      1 Fender/Allparts Jazz ‘70’s (Vintage White, maple board/white blocks)
      1 Guild Pilot (black)
      1 Ibanez Soundgear SR1000 Custom Active (Painted by Yoshiki 1988)
      1 Tokai ‘Hard Puncher’ P/J Alder?/Rosewood board 80’s (Red)
      1 Tokai ‘Hard Puncher’ P (Black / Maple board)
      1 ESP Horizon Custom Active 1990? Ebony Fingerboard (Cherry Sunburst)
      1 Dingwall NG-2 Active 2018 (Purple)
      1 Dingwall DBird Active 2019 (Colorflip Blue/Purple)
      1 Frankenstein Billy Sheehan ‘Wife’ Bass (Aria/Fender/Allparts clone)
      1 G&L Tribute L-2000 (big logo 2003 Indonesian)
      1 black Archer KS3 ‘Kasim Sulton’
      1 natural Bass Collection Rickenfaker
      1 Hagstrom Super Swede “Rutger Gunnarsson” Signature Model (Mahogany)
      1 Peavey RJ-IV “Randy Jackson” Active (Silverburst)

    3. Grassie


      Holy stinky poo! 😂😂😂

    4. Grassie


      All those Spectors…. I’d settle for an NS2 and it would cure my GAS. 
      Maybe… 😊

  4. I’ve always had bolt-ons. I’ve never had any issues like a lack of sustain with any of my basses. I don’t understand why you would want a bass to sustain “for days” anyway. Both of my G&Ls ring like a bell, which is down to the bridge design more than anything else.
  5. Love a big fat J. 🔥
  6. Jagger and Richards look ridiculous throwing the same shapes in their 70s as they did in their 20s/30s.
  7. Actually, the last time I boiled mine I gave them a very light dusting of GT85 just to help push out any moisture once I’d wiped them off.
  8. I don’t boil them as often as I used to (now I’m a bit older and a bit more flush) but I always add a couple of drops of washing up liquid to the water, for that… er…. lemon fresh feel… 😎
  9. Red Hot Chili Peppers should never have made another album with Rick Rubin after “One Hot Minute”. The sound of that band treading water is down to their insistence in using him to record their albums.
  10. Def Leppard wrote great pop tunes (see also Van Halen).
  11. Wow! I thought that Porcupine Tree gig would’ve gone to Nick Beggs.
  12. I like Nate Navarro’s stuff, Constantine Isslamow, that guy Troy with the amazing masks/heads behind him, and the one who plays the Washburn Taurus. 😊
  13. Bands/singers who make me reach for the “off” switch: George Ezra Ed Sheeran Adele Any singer/songwriter called “Tom”. Bastille Lewis “bloody” Capaldi The above acts can be filed under the genre of Borecore. There are many other examples, but because they are so unutterably dull, I’ve forgotten their names.
  14. Yes, definitely looks that way. I can’t see a join of any description, but I can see what looks like brush marks… ☹️
  15. No more than any other jazzes I’ve owned. A touch lighter than my old Sire V7 I’d say.
  16. It’s never Lake Placid Blue, none of the online pics or videos convey that, but when I opened the box, I have to admit I did do a little “phwooaaarr”! 😂
  17. Yeah, the neck is a little deeper than my Squier jazz but width wise it’s perfect. Much like my Kiloton, pretty much the same dimensions other than the extra couple of frets on the KT.
  18. Ordered Wednesday, turned up earlier today. I love jazz basses and I also love G&L's saddle-lock bridges and their pickups, so when I saw this reduced by £70 I pulled the trigger... Good things: The colour - listed as Lake Placid Blue, this is more like an Ice Blue, and it's metallic, and looks the nuts. Much nicer than Fender's LPB. The back of the neck and headstock is also finished with a nice vintage amber tint. The sound - sounds like a jazz bass should. Rear pup has The Honk, blended with the front pup it rounds out beautifully for a really versatile tone. The bridge - these things are G&L's secret weapon. There is a protrusion under the bridge (downtown) which sits in the wood, sending lovely jazz vibrations through the body. Sustain and clarity for days, and also no dead spots around the 7th fret on any of the strings, maybe due in part to the headstock shape... Set up: Really, really good, straight out of the box. The action is just how I like it, had to tweak the tuning slightly, and the E string seems a little duller than the others, but very impressed with that side of things. The not so good things: A very small dent in the finish near the control panel. Nothing serious, I'll get over it. The binding - not real binding, but painted, and painted quite badly near the dusty end. Now I didn't know that quite a lot of manufacturers paint faux binding instead of installing the real thing, and that's OK I suppose (Its seems to be an aesthetic thing more than anything else) but really, whoever did this particular job needs to try again. Just not good enough, even for a far eastern instrument. Anyway, here are some pics.
  19. Like that a lot. Her and Dua Lipa seem to have a lot of love for a decent bass line. 😊
  20. G&L Tribute JB incoming…. 😎

  21. The guitar version is back in print (10 available) should any of our six string brethren fancy one… PM 4 deets… 😎
  22. Guys - I haven't forgotten you, I've been mega busy with other stuff (work and gigs mainly) but I should be able to get the prints in my grubby mitts by the end of the month, then I'll contact each of you individually to arrange delivery etc. Fanx.
  23. I had one for about 5 minutes earlier this year. Sounded great, looked great, but the neck dive was horrendous so I got rid of it.
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