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Ted Theodore Logan, III

Trace Elliot (Blue Snake) Rig; AH300-7 Amp & 1048 4x10 cab

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Howdy, y'all eclectic bunch o' “BC'ers"!!

What I've got up for grabs is;

Trace Elliot AH300-7 Amp


Trace Elliot 4x10 Cab 400W 8Ω

Both the Amp and Cab have been re-tolexed and the closest way to describe the finish would be to say that it looks as though a large blue snake swallowed a Trace Eliot rig. Needless to say, it looks awesome!!... Providing you like to ROCK!!!

The AH300-7 is a pretty decent amp with some very nice features such as; 

· 7 band graphic eq preamp

· Built in adjustable Compressor

· Pre-shape switch

· Passive/Active inputs

· Effects send/return

· Balanced D.I.

Another cool little feature is the gain led meter that lights up to show when you are running the gain too high, too low or just right... I thought that was pretty nifty... All Goldilocks and what-not!!

The graphic eq can dial in some amazing tone and can also be bypassed should you choose to keep it simple and not take advantage of all that lovely Trace Eliot rich eq mastering...

On the back it's pretty straightforward, you got the mains input, the on/off switch and two speaker outputs that operate with standard ¼ inch “jack" instrument cable. 
Minimum load is 4ohms.

The Cab is a 4x10 400W @ 8Ω Trace Elliot behemoth that weighs in at roughly the same weight as a classic 1960's mini cooper. If you are blessed with the strength of ten men (as I am) this is a one-man lift however, if you are an average puny mortal, this cab is certainly not something I can recommend hauling around on a regular basis... unless of course you have a very attractive chiropractor who you would like to visit and have just been waiting on a good excuse to do so...

Cab has recessed handles on‘t' side and rubber feet on‘t' base. Dimensions of cab (including feet) are;

Height = 71 cm

Width = 62 cm

Depth = 43 cm

Everything is working as it should and all sounds fantastic!! The stack had been sat around a while and there were some initial crackles when I first plugged it in & played through it after but they soon disappeared. I imagine it could do with a spray of contact cleaner but I'm not gonna mess around with the insides... There's a small piece of missing plastic from one of the port covers at the front of the cab (pictured) Also, a covering cap is missing from the gain switch on the amp (pictured)

The front panel of the amp lights up, which is pretty “rock ‘n' roll" and also features a carry handle so looks like a fancy blue reptile skin briefcase when being held... amp weighs in at 12.4kg. So most puny humans should be able to lift the amp at least...

Dimensions of Amp (with feet) are:

Height = 15 cm

Width= 50 cm

Depth = 43 cm

I imagine if you want this rig couriered you'd be looking at roughly £2000 so it's collection only or part meet unless you got a spare £2k you wanna throw at it...

Any questions, please feel free to ask.

All the best ^_^





















Edited by Ted Theodore Logan, III
because he's so “Glam"!!
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My oh my oh my. 

Oh my. 

My oh my. 

Don't suppose my Quilter BB800 would look anything like as sexy in snakeskin. 

My oh my etc. 

Edited by Paul S
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Very reminiscence of the padded Kustom gear from the ‘70’s. 😎

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My Bank account is happy that I don't need another Trace Elliot...

I see somebody with sellers remorse in the near future...GLWTS

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So good. That finish would add a whole load of 'strut' to any glam rock bassists gig!

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6 hours ago, b7l4s said:

So good. That finish would add a whole load of 'strut' to any glam rock bassists gig!

Not only does it add ‘strut' it also improves the sound tenfold and completely distracts the audience from my inability to play Bass!! :i-m_so_happy:

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I'm sure I'm not alone in lusting after, what must currently be, the best looking amp for sale on this forum. Monster tones too!!

I'm hoping that my own AH300 12 will be winging it's way back to me in the not too distant future so I leave the door open for another fortunate TE owner to be to snap this up. 

Remember, the heads themselves are a very manageable 12kg, an easy one hand lift.


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