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Ted Theodore Logan, III

£345 Blue Snake Trace Rig. Trace Elliot AH300-7 Amp. Trace Elliot 4x10 Cab 400W 8Ω

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6 hours ago, bassbloke said:

Throw in a pair of matching spandex strides and I'd be seriously tempted. 

This is the closest thing I could find in my current wardrobe...


... more than happy to include them in the sale... :i-m_so_happy:


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A bit off topic, and it might just be me, but wouldn't Blue Snake Trace be a good name for a rock band?

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Ideally you'd want the amp to go with the name, surely.

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Posted (edited)
On 05/05/2020 at 17:47, TheGreek said:

Ideally you'd want the amp to go with the name, surely.

Good point, Greek!!

Buy the amp, start the band and you got yourself a great anecdote for when questioned about the origin of the band name.  Sorted!!


So, @franzbassist , when you wanna collect the beautiful Blue Snake Trace®️*?....

Edited by Ted Theodore Logan, III
* Blue Snake Trace is a registered trademark.

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Saw this on Ebay too...did it sell??

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    • By vintage_ben
      For sale is my Trace Elliot Dual SMX Compressor Pedal - complete with all important 18V power supply with 2.5mm power fitting (normal Boss is 2.1mm). No trades please as money will go towards funding another project.
      Following the recent purchase of a TE GP12 SMX preamp which has this compressor built in so this is now surplus to requirements.  It's a great sounding compressor, punching well above it's weight at the price.
      Here's what Ovnilab.com say 
      "Unusual features include: separate knobs to control the amount of compression for the high and low sides of the crossover; a "tilting" EQ knob that emphasizes either the highs or the lows; and a second footswitch to bypass only the high band of the compression (meaning only the lows would get compressed).
      The center frequency of the crossover is 350Hz, but it has a shallow slope so the upper and lower bands actually overlap between 225Hz and 900Hz. The compression attack is not adjustable, but they preset a fast attack for the high band and a slow attack for the low band, which seems like a good setup. The noise level is fairly low--not the quietest, but acceptable. It does roll off a bit of both the lows and highs. The overall tone and action are quite smooth and musical, clean and punchy, at most comp settings; only at the highest settings it can sound a bit "artificial". At high ratios there can be a noticeable "pop" or "tic" artifact when the threshold is crossed. The maximum ratio is 8:1, so even at the highest settings it does not act as a limiter on the strongest peaks.
      This pedal is not quite up to the same audio standards and capabilities as the Rane or FEA dual-band comps, but it does sound quite good, and the differences would be less apparent while playing live on stage. Dual-band compression in general can allow much more finger-articulation sound and less "swallowing of the highs" than a single-band system, so the Trace SMX is a worthy contender if those qualities are important to you, and if you find one at a fair price."
      Price includes postage in UK mainland. Or can be collected (COVID safe) from Buckhurst Hill (Essex), or I'm at my office Chancery Lane in London one-ish days a week.

    • By Baloney Balderdash
      So I am pondering on maybe getting myself a proper bass amp here coming the 1st of November, next month, since I am currently just using the poweramp section of my 160W Peavey Solo Special 112 guitar combo, with the build in 12" guitar speaker unit disconnected and the amp instead hooked up with a 4Ohm, 400W, SWR Triad I bass cab with 1x15 + 1x10" + tweeter horn, and even if I actually really like that tone that gives me I just absolutely love the classic Trace Elliot tone, once having owned a 1x15" 130W GP7SM combo that I was very very fond of, and kind of regret selling.
      So the question is, should I get the extremely tiny and light weight, relatively new, 200W Trace Elliot ELF amp head, which I will buy from brand new, or get the used, relatively old, and quite heavy, 300W GP7SM amp head, that is currently for sale for just about the same price as I can get a new ELF?
      I would appreciate arguments for and against, beside the obvious advantages the ELF got size and weight wise, making it extremely easy to transport, unlike the old GP7SM head, that I know will be quite heavy.
      Like would there be any obvious noticeable difference in the tone they respectively produce when set flat and not using the pre-shape of the GP7SM head (which I will definitely not be using anyway, hate mid scooped tones).
      What would you chose and why?
      And what would I lose getting one over the other, beside the obvious warranty, ease of transportation, less EQ tweaking options, lack of pre-shape functions (which, as said, I won't have any use for anyway), and 100W less power, of the ELF?
      Or should I rather, since I am actually quite satisfied with the tone I get now from the Peavey, which also got plenty of enough power for my use, forget about the temptation of getting a Trace Elliot amp in my possession again, and instead use my money on some new effect pedals that I also have cravings for?
    • By Jjon
      Any trace experts out there? I’m looking to sell my rah300-12 gp12 which I’ve owned since new. It has the led lit front and I think it’s one of the last models produced before they sold up to Kansan in ‘91 but I’ve never seen one up for sale before so have no idea what I should be asking for it. Any thoughts? Pics attached. Thanks

    • By samthebassman
      Trace Elliot cab for sale in good working order. 
      As can be seen from the photos the information has worn off the back, but I am informed (see posts below) that it is a 2103x rated at 200 watts at 8ohms. It sounds great with the combo shown in the photos (combo not included). Those 5 inch speakers are great in comparison to 'usual' tweeters.
      I think that it is pretty rare; I can't find another one for sale anywhere at the moment.
      The covering is a dark / grey matt vinyl. It has some scuffs and a couple of small holes, nothing significant.
      It has had trolley wheels added, which are securely attached and are a real help because it is heavy. 
      I will ship at buyer's cost. Due to the weight I think that it will be £35-£40 per item. I'd also be willing to deliver to pretty much anywhere in England or closer parts of Wales for cost of petrol / tolls / parking, just ask and we'll see if we can arrange something. 
      You're welcome to come and try if you like. I'm very close to j26 of the M1.
      I was not planning to sell the Trace combo in the photo, but I will sell the whole rig for £250 (ie I'm definitely not looking to sell the combo alone). The amp has a slight hiss in operation, but nothing in comparison to the sound that comes out! All of the knobs and switches work as they should and it is super loud with the awesome trace tone. Both amp and cab are pre-Gibson. 
      Let me know if you have any questions and I'll do my best to answer.  

    • By ToLo
      Here's what Ampeg say about this cab:
      400 Watts RMS 4 Ohms Freq response 50Hz - 18kHz (H x W x D) 25.75” x 22.75” x 17.5” Ampeg B410H Series 4x10 Bass Cabinets are quality two-way speaker cabinets suitable for all venue sizes. The cabinets feature heavy duty recessed handles, removable casters, and are built of void free baltic birch plywood. The jackplate features two 1/4” jacks wired in parallel, allowing easy daisy chaining from one speaker to another. Each of the jacks may be used as an input or a through connection. The three position HF Horn switch allows for:
      Full high frequency output (0 setting) High frequencies reduced by 6dB (-6 setting) Horn shutoff (off setting)  
      I'm selling as I have upgraded to a different cab to better accommodate my head. The cab has a few surface scratches (see images), but please feel free to test it out before purchasing. 
      The cab has 4 swivel casters for ease of transport, and has two fold-away handles for 1-2 people to carry.

      Collection from SW16.

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