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Your favourite 'One Hit Wonder'


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[quote name='seashell' timestamp='1457899647' post='3002858']
I always rather liked this. And she seemed like a really nice person. I too wonder what happened to her.
Not a lot is the short answer (local girl from around this neck of the woods), However, the guy who wrote Sleeping Satellite has had a bit of success (most notably producing and writing for Corinne Bailey Rae).

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Favourite ?
Why this was until the karaoke pub next door to me adopted it :-

- Also the Little Joe Cook version of " Stormy Monday Blues " , which wasn't the real falsetto-singing leader Little Joe Cook of Little Joe & The Thrillers at all , but Chris Farlowe ( of the No.1 " Out Of Time " and the first release of " Handbags And Gladrags " fame ) using a pseudonym .

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I have fond memories of dancing to this one at the local church discos.
Bottle of woodpecker, loads of snogs 😉.. Happy days!
Pretty inappropriate music and behaviour for a bunch of 14 years olds thinking about it now though!

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Rezilloes - Top of the pops
Ten Pole - Tudor Swords of a Thousand Men
Adverts - Gary Gilmore's Eyes
Toy Dolls - Nellie the Elephant (bit iffy that one)
Jilted John - Jilted John
Joey Ramone - Wonderful World
all in our set except the Rezilloes, plus the Only Ones, already mentioned, the saying is "everybody has got one good song in them"

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[quote name='Mickeyboro' timestamp='1457921193' post='3003064']
Every track I know on here I adore!

Except Brilliant Mind by Furniture - my first band shared a bill with them once at the Moonlight Club and ended up with the ****ty end of the stick.

Actually, the song's not half bad. But I still hate 'em after 36 years. What a sad [email protected] I am!

Oops, sorry about that Michael, but that really surprises me. In my past dealings with Jim Irvin I found him absolutely charming.

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[quote name='Highfox' timestamp='1457872106' post='3002492']
Zodiac Mindwarp - Prime mover got a top 20 I think.
Loved it when it came out. Comedy value :)


Jan Cyrka's old band. Great fun.

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