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  1. Mine is an East German Meinal (I remember being told when I bought it) circa 1980... It's a nice bass but now needs some serious £££s spending on it (about a grand roughly) more than the bass is probably worth. I was originally thinking that the money would be better spent towards an upgrade. Since my post I've put the cash towards a recent '65 P purchase, so I'm keeping my laminate and just going at it d.i.y. style to keep the thing alive. It's a happy learning curve actually (when time allows)... Apologies for such a late reply guys, I didn't get any notifications of replies to this thread for some reason... Cheers all, you're the best!
  2. Oh bugger me! I snoozed, I losed...
  3. Knockin On Heaven's Door - Guns N' Dylans
  4. I have had regrets but I'm well over it. There are millions of good basses out there. It all about how you play what you have really.
  5. Moby Richard - LZ Why can't we say D1ck?...
  6. You Got To Lose - Weightwatchers/George Thorogood
  7. I don't know if this is still needed but this lady who is the The Tune Project is great!
  8. I've never noticed that before! 😆 Like it even better now!
  9. Ring Of Fire - Mr. & Mrs. Carter-Cash
  10. I'm with you there, although I love the older large Wal headstock because I cut my bass teeth in the early 90s watching Flea hammering one in the Funky Monks film on infinite repeat! The Epi Jack Casady also rocks but the one that looks and feels the best, to me, is the 60s Fender P. (I've apparently got plenty of viking DNA in me though so, y'know...🪓😄)
  11. Dueling Banjos - Squeal Like A Pig. Dominic Hauser
  12. Half of the buzz of the Glasto experience has always been about what you bring to it. If you go and don't have a great time you need to take a good look in the mirror, and/or find a new circle of friends...
  13. Whit? Plant and Krauss together are pure magic! They do have a brand new album out and their performance will undoubtedly be something very special.
  14. This just triggered my inner Groucho Marx 🥸
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