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  1. Marc bought an Ibanez Blazer off me in a dead easy deal. He actually told me not to stress, no rush (wish there were more people in my life like that!😎). Good man. 👍
  2. http://www.jacksinstrumentservices.com/custom-scratchplate-cutting.html
  3. But it's possible it's only a minority market because they're not available. There must be quite a few players/beginners who find a full size hard to get around on but don't want a Shorty and are simply unaware that medium scale basses exist.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions, much appreciated, but for my tastes it has to look like a P bass. I'm really surprised nobody is making a budget 32" P. A gap in the market here for sure!
  5. Does anyone know of a medium scale Pbass that's available and reasonably priced? Maruszczyk and 80's mij Fender Squiers are out of my price range unfortunately. I'm building my own full fat P at the mo and I have a Hartley Benton Shorty P that I bought for my sons, but can't seem to see any mediums around. Always fancied one. Any ideas?
  6. As our own @discreet once succinctly said regarding GAS, "sometimes the best thing to do is nothing." Saved me a few quid that one!
  7. There's a rumble cat for sale here actually. Good light basses. No affiliation with the seller BTW.
  8. Drop a set of Dimarzio Model PJ pickups in the Jag. Call London all day long! The Model P is what Paul had/has in his Precision after all.
  9. In the long run, picking the least heavy one will be the best choice.
  10. Well that sounds promising! Hopefully the Rhythm Stick won't be too far behind.
  11. Thanks. What do you like best about the BT and would you say it's a keeper?
  12. 1982 Ibanez Blazer for sale, spares or repairs. All original, electrics work fine. Looks it's age and cool for it in a genuinely roadworn way. The issue is the neck. It has a forward bow that I just can't get straight with the truss rod even with 2 washers added which is a real shame as it sounds epic with the Super P4 pickup. Try as I might I just can't get the action lower than 4mm at the 12th fret due to the curve. The neck isn't twisted by the way. Selling as spares/repairs just to be clear. If you can fix it with skills I don't possess then great. If the neck is a goner then I reckon the remaining parts are worth the asking price to be fair. I'll post with the neck detached to make packing and shipping easier and cheaper. The strings are not included as they are brand new TI flats that will be going on my next bass. You're welcome to come and have a look in advance if you are in or near the Cardiff area. £150 with postage being £12 extra Cheers.
  13. Looks like it may have to be me then to boldly go..
  14. She doesn't need the money.
  15. Does anyone here have one of these? Any good? I think they look the biz with the rosewood board.
  16. It's so easy to laugh..
  17. Dimarzio Model P always sound great to me. Never had a bass that didn't benefit from the upgrade. PBXN very good too. 👍
  18. Not forgetting Episode 4 (string) - A New Hope. The one where everyone realises they should have just stuck with that P bass in the first place and saved themselves a fortune.
  19. I'm in the process of building a bitsa PJ and fancied putting the bridge pickup really close to the bridge like Norman did so I can get a bit of that cool Rhythm Stick sound. Upon sleuthing around on the net I've discovered that his trusty P bass was still just that at the time, no J pickup! The pickguard is gone and the brass plate is in situ but still just the sole P pickup. Really surprised me! Here he is miming with the band to HMWYRS on TOTP: Here's what I was going for, not so sure I need to now! 😄..
  20. 🙃 I meant Panos could consider a Sire to replace his lost bass ✌️
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