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  1. Hello there. Any chance you could weigh it for me please? Asking for an (my) old man's back!
  2. miles'tone

    Bass Collection, anyone?

    I was very tempted by the Bruce Thomas Profile bass but every picture I've seen of one has the pole pieces on the D and G really out of alignment with the strings. The tort pickguard is cut wrong on every one, with the outside poles of the A and D directly on top of each other. Check out how a real P has it's pickups positioned for reference. You don't notice this on the first Profile Bass run with the blank covers of course. Lovely looking and sounding bass but considering all the work they put in with the prototypes getting it 'right', that is a massive schoolboy error! Does kind of make me wonder what else they've missed..
  3. miles'tone

    Daft as it may seem

    Eye contact with your band members, relax and BREATHE.
  4. miles'tone

    Top Ten Jazz Mags for a Newbie...

  5. miles'tone

    Recommend me a solid 4 string BEAD option

    I had a P bass tuned to BEAD. Played and sounded excellent. Ernie Ball Slinky singles: .135 .100 .075 .055 for a well balanced set.
  6. miles'tone

    This is very sad, but...........

    I had my retirement in my 20s and 30s. Now I have to work until I die. Good yeah?
  7. He smart enough to create a top team around him, listen to working musicians and give them what they wanted. With visual appeal in spades.
  8. Yes, yes and yes to all of the above! Limelight PJ + Roadworn Jazz - I totally get that now. πŸ˜‰
  9. I reckon you'd regret swapping that for a jazz mate. It reminds me of Norman Watt-Roy's original rhythm stick converted 70s P bass. I can vouch for Dave Dearnaley's craftsmanship - he sets up all my basses and built one for me a few years ago! The guy's a genius imo. The guitars he builds from scratch are incredible!
  10. miles'tone

    MM 2018 Stingrays

    I was in Wunjo's a couple of weeks ago and finally got my hands on a special. F**k me I was impressed! It was an all black, roasted maple board bass with fingerprints all over it. My No.1 bass is a 62 relic Custom shop P but if they had offered me a straight swap I would have. It was so light and easy to play... and that neck! Plugged in it was so versatile and punchy - the new pickup (single H version) and pre were amazing. So much so that I didn't want to try any other bass in there. Every slight of turn of the eq was valid plus finger placement really made such a difference. As a purely p bass guy these days I was sold! I used to play an 86 Stingray for many years but these specials are in a different league. The only negative - for want of a better word - was that acoustically the ray was not as vibrant or 'alive' sounding as my custom shop, but the new eq is the bomb and more than compensates. Imho the specials have lost nothing of the Stingray sound but gained so much more. Smitten!
  11. miles'tone

    Feedback for FinnDave

    Just received a nice leather strap off Dave. Great comms and although I said there was no rush, it was delivered promptly anyway. Thank you Dave, much appreciated! πŸ‘
  12. Simply stunning! The perfect size and shape P neck imho. Bet it resonates like a MoFo. GLWTS 😎
  13. miles'tone

    Fender Squier Precision Bass (With extras) SOLD.

    Beautiful 'burst there. Looks like a good un, especially for that price. GLWTS although I doubt you'll need it! πŸ˜—
  14. miles'tone

    Newly-discovered love of Trevor Bolder's playing

    Thanks for the heads up regarding all of the above. Sounds like he's the perfect new vein I need to mine! πŸ‘
  15. Selling my lovely Hartke 5210 Hydrive combo and it is in AS NEW condition. I used it for the grand total of one rehearsal a year ago and it has lived safely in my wardrobe ever since. I bought it for a project that died a (very) quick death and seeing as I'm not going to be in a band again anytime soon, I have to unfortunately let it go. The amp itself is a LH500 πŸ‘Œ Killer tone and kicks out a massively versatile punch! 350 watts as is or 500 watts with an extension cab. Check out this link for full specs and details about HyDrive: http://www.samsontech.com/hartke/products/combos/hydrive-combos/5210c/ Pick up in person, Cardiff area. Can meet up somewhere within a reasonable distance if that suits. Cheers.
  16. miles'tone

    Anyone been to Prague....

    I read that as Has Anyone Seen The Pogues? I really should stop drinking and get some sleep..
  17. Price dropped to Β£300. Killer tone and volume for trouser-flapping peanuts!
  18. miles'tone

    Rosewood p bass neck for project

    I've got a good new one that I'm going to sell. I'll PM you at lunch time. I'm paid up btw mods! πŸ™‚
  19. Oh I like this.. a lot! Love what you've done hereπŸ‘ I'm sorted for a decent P sorry but someone is going to be very happy! You, hopefully when you come to your senses. πŸ˜‰βœŒοΈ
  20. Nice bass, but that's 60's configuration not 70's. Glwts.
  21. A leather-clad Kate Moss ragging a Dodge Challenger. What's not to love?