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  1. Stentor Messina for sale

    Yes it is 3/4. The string length is 103cm. It's dead easy to get around and a breeze to play. But doesn't come with a case though, just as it is.
  2. Best strings purely for arco?

    Thanks for your advice Neilp. I'm liking the idea of those flexocore originals, dark and smooth sounds like it could work well for me on my bass, more so than the brighter Kaplans, though I'm intrigued by the "buttery feel". I was wondering if the flexocore deluxe are much the same as the originals? They seem a little cheaper. It's always an expensive step into the unknown trying new strings. I might try and see if I can find a way of trying some out first. Or I could always ask father Christmas. Thanks.
  3. Best strings purely for arco?

    I've been using Belcanto for some time now and I've always liked them for both arco and pizz. I'm due a new set and since I now have two nice Basses, I'm thinking that I'll keep one Bass with Helicore hybrids, which are great for a bit of everything, though for my taste not that great for arco. For my other Bass I was thinking I'd just get some new Belcantos, as I've always liked them under the bow. But before I splash out I thought I'd ask for opinions on peoples favorite strings, primarily for arco. Thanks.
  4. Stentor Messina for sale

    Very good point. I thought I'd done that. Photos on the way. Thanks.
  5. I bought this Bass from the Bristol violin shop about 12 years ago. The Messina was one of Stentor's high end instruments at the time. It's all hand carved with a spruce top, maple back and sides and ebony finger board. The Bass is very comfortable to play and It sounds great. It has the usual scuffs around the edges, which you would expect from a Bass that has been gigged for over 10 years. There is a repair from a split under one of the F holes which was professionally repaired around seven years ago and is still sound. otherwise this Bass is in great condition. Locationo Bath.
  6. Hatpeg tuners wanted.

    I bought it at auction last year, I'm currently restoring it. Looks to me like it had been sat somewhere in a unplayable state for a long long time. I think they stopped making 3 stringers around 1920/1930. I probably will end up putting some modern tuners on, maybe a set of bakers. But I think I'd like to try it as a 3 stringer for a while first.
  7. Hatpeg tuners wanted.

    Thanks for the advice Mart but unfortunately I need the whole tuner including the peg and the worm and gear. I'm converting a 3 string bass to a 4 string, I should have made that clear before. I'm hoping that someone out there might have done the same but upgraded to new tuners, and that they might have some old hat peg types lying around. Anyone?
  8. Does anybody out there have any old style hat peg tuners? I actually only need the one but a matching set would be great. they're for an old German Bass. Thanks.
  9. Hatpeg tuners wanted.

    Does anybody out there have any old style hatpeg tuners? I actually only need the one but a matching set would be great. they're for an old German Bass. Thanks.
  10. I've got a set of Belcantos with a C extension but I don't have an extension on my bass. I'm looking to swap the bottom C for a standard Belcanto E or sell for £45 posted. I bought the set 2nd hand and they had only been on a bass for about 6 weeks, so it's in very good condition, silks too.
  11. Heavy spirocore.

    Has anyone out there got a set of heavy spiros they want to move on? Thanks.
  12. Anyone got any bel cantos

    Mr bassman. The a, d and g sound good to me, from what I've heard I'd probably keep my Spiro e anyway. If you find them let me know what you'd want for them? Thank you.
  13. Anyone got any bel cantos

    Hi ubassman. My work is mainly pizz. At the moment I have a helicore hybrid d and g and Spiro e and a. I play an old German swell back which is quite bright and punchy sounding, but I'm looking for something with a bit less tension and a darker sound, mainly on the A D and G. Am I barking up the wrong tree here?