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  1. Yeah, Steve Hanley is another one, The Fall bass player for many years; some great primitive lines from him. JJ Burnel - For me probably Rattus, with B&W a close second - That blues riff on Princess of The Street is just so filthy. Jah Wobble - Poptones; I am always mesmerised by that bassline, simple but very effective.
  2. I should probably hide when I say this, but my favourite is Sabotage
  3. I can see that it might come across a bit dubious nowadays, but I think that "make me cringe" would be overstating it personally.
  4. Was 16 in 1980, so Wire. Still pretty obsessed with them now TBH.
  5. I have no problem with anyone or what they do with their bass. That's the point; it's an instrument, you can do what you want with it. If everyone sounded like Jaco or Mark King or whoever, it would get boring very quickly. Variety is the spice of life.
  6. I would say that more expensive doesn't [b]always[/b] mean better. I have a MIM Fender Jazz, and have played MIA Jazz's in music shops and can't hear a lot of difference. There is a difference, but is it £7 - 800 worth of difference; not in my opinion. Price is about desirability. Also, some MIM and MIA basses sound better than others. I wouldn't go for a MIA over an MIM without hearing them both first, that's for sure.
  7. I was more concerned that they said that they couldn't afford to manufacture 100 of them; what the hell is the manufacturing cost? Not much use if you have to sell your bass to cover the cost of a cable
  8. Thanks [b]naxos10[/b], that's useful to know. I have been tempted, as I live in a rural area, and finding and getting to a bass tutor is quite tricky. The consensus seems to be that SBL is pretty good value. I will have a go at the free trial and check it out.
  9. I have always been unsure about SBL. I got the feeling that the $168 is for what they call the 'core course material', but that all the other specific courses, like walking bass and stuff, are extra again on top of that? I will have to try the freebie trial one day an check it out. Anyone know any more about this? Would it be just as useful to pay for half a dozen one to one lessons locally?
  10. Ok, thanks guys, that helps a lot. Will give them a while to bed in, and won't do anything unless I really need to. Much appreciated.
  11. Hi all, I just put some Fender 9050ML 50 - 100's on my Jazz bass, and had a couple of questions if I may. Firstly, should I loosen the truss rod a bit to release a bit of tension; I changed from rounds (embarrassingly, I can't remember which ones ) Second, they sound really [i]growly[/i], which is interesting, as I always understood that flats sound mellow, flat and thumpy? TBH, I don't mind the low growling sound at all, but wondered if this was anyone else's experience with these strings, or flats generally? Would be really interested to hear any opinions or advice. Many thanks
  12. Is "I'll Be There For You" more or less annoying than "The Big Bang Theory Theme Song"? My head might explode whilst I try to decide
  13. Sausages


    I like Jeff. He was in The Move briefly, and Roy was in ELO, briefly. I like Roy more, if I'm honest. Rumour has it that ELO split up when they ran out of Beatles material to copy.
  14. Yeah, I get stuff from Norwich Library sometimes, very handy and has saved me a few quid over time. Also a good way of finding out if a book will be helpful over the long or short term; if short term, library
  15. [quote name='EssentialTension' timestamp='1451562195' post='2941518'] I think 'tosser' and 'f**k off'. [/quote] + 1 on this. Why do people feel the need to do this crap?
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