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Favourite TV and Movie themes


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I like most of the Goblin themes for Dario Argento's film. Always menacing and intelligent. This is an example:


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Dont laugh.

The original earlier versions of the theme tunes for Coronation St and Emerdale Farm when it was on at lunchtime ( I worked in a TV shop for a while), both had good and distinctive Bass lines.

Also the Hamlet cigar ads in the 70s. Air on a G string I think. Two of them are DB I know, and I dont play DB but a good line is a good line.


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[quote name='obbm' timestamp='1434750482' post='2802624']
Richard Rodney Bennett's superb score for "Murder On The Orient Express" especially as the train pulls out of Istanbul and gathers speed. Pure musical poetry
Reminded me of another of my faves:

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