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  1. Not sure if it applies to healthy fit people, but MND patients are advised to drink tonic water for cramps or to get Quinine tablets from their GP.
  2. I been dealing with RS since they were called Radiospares, the first trade account I ever had. Expensive, but generally better quality than the cheaper ones. Even a few years ago you needed a trade account and a rep had to call on you a couple of times a year
  3. That will be the switch manufacturers number. Marshal dont make them they buy them in. Its a generic part.
  4. [quote name='pfretrock' timestamp='1451165820' post='2938662'] Marshall get them for £1.39 from RS or Farnell, most probably. It's a standard switch, looks like the one on my 20 year old Fender combo! [/quote] Marshall probably get them from the same place RS or Farnell do, but if they sell them its as a spare part for an amp. RS or Farnell sell them as a switch, and afaik RS at least will only deal with bona fide trade customers, who should know what they are doing when they choose the one they need and fit it.
  5. Might be that the electrical wholesaler is selling a generic switch, but Marshall are selling a specific replacement part for equipment with design specs.
  6. [quote name='dudewheresmybass' timestamp='1450178218' post='2930228'] That's right. Marshall no longer supply parts to the public. I would have to use one of their recommended repairers. Cue bill of £30-£40+ for something I can easily do my self!!! [/quote] Something goes wrong, someone gets a scrached hand, fire, shock, dies. Cue no win no fee lawyers, £30,000 or £40,000. Cant blame Marshall can you ?
  7. [quote name='blue' timestamp='1450910072' post='2937045'] As I review all your questions if I had to pick one that's a "must ask" it would be; "Why did the last bass player leave?" You don't ask that, you could be walking into anything. Blue [/quote] But you will only get one side of the story by asking the band, so take the reply with a pinch of salt.
  8. [quote name='blue' timestamp='1450820856' post='2936268'] All songs I use to dread playing until I changed my attitude about my dislikes and took on a more professional outlook. My dislikes are not really important. I just came up with new innovative ways to approach and play those songs. I now have fun playing all those songs. Blue [/quote] If its for decent money or your doing it for a living, a mans gorra do what a mans gorra do, agreed. But there are quite a few on here that play covers for little or no profit cos' they say they enjoy it. In their case, why play stuff you hate ?
  9. [quote name='LITTLEWING' timestamp='1450733646' post='2935404'] Here's one for ya..... I acquired a 31 year old Westone Thunder 1A a little while ago and as it sounded and played incredibly in passive mode, I never bothered about seeing how the active circuit sounded. (okay, there was a wire off one of the two battery connectors and I couldn't be arsed soldering it on again until recently...) Anyhoo, I chucked two (admittedly different makes, one Duracell and one perfectly working one showing nearly 9v made by VMP whoever they are). Plugged in and all was sounding absolutely bleedin' awesome. However, 2 weeks on at rehearsal I went to switch to active and it was dead as a dead thing, totally fine in passive mode. First thoughts were 'sh*t, I left it switched on and both batteries have died', so I took them out and tested them only to find the Duracell was showing 8.9v and the VMP wierdo was showing MINUS, yes MINUS 5.7v. Turning the test leads the opposite way showed 5.7v in normal 'plus' mode. How the heck can a battery turn it's polarity backwards??? Is it because it's (probably) a foreign jobby and made cheap inside and couldn't handle pushing it's puny 9v with a proper Arnold Schwarzenneger type batt and just screwed itself ?? Right now I'm a bit loathe to put 10 quid's worth of Duracells in if there's a strange fault in the Westone circuitry. [/quote]Its 'charged' from the Duracell, the 5.7V will only be there off load. Just bung a couple of pound shop alkaline PP3s in, betcha it works fine, dont be tight, theyre 2 for a quid round here.
  10. Assuming its a pubs/covers band already gigging and with nothing in writing, how is the money split ? Made the mistake of not asking once, and found out by accident the singer and lead guitar player thought they were the stars, or at least were lying about fees to the rest of us.
  11. [quote name='MoonBassAlpha' timestamp='1450634014' post='2934476'] ooh yeah! The punny tribute band names one! I'd be "Dead Grateful" if someone would link that one [/quote] http://basschat.co.uk/topic/211943-daft-pun-tribute-bands-with-inventive-names/page__st__90__p__2138280#entry2138280
  12. There was an interesting one a while ago about the origins of band names and some of the more imaginative tribute band names and punky stage names that used to be more common than they are now.
  13. [quote name='Beer of the Bass' timestamp='1450529374' post='2933648'] It's a regular thing for me to put on the radio and try to play along with whatever comes on. I figure that to be a useful skill and good ear training even if I never hear those songs again. [/quote] I thought everybody did that. I dont do it regularly now, but theres always a bass to hand and I do it now and again. Other than that I dont practice at all these days unless theres a gig coming up. Even just doing it acoustically helps with timing and and keeps the flow, exercises the fingers etc.
  14. A comment by Spectorema about Tull being winter music has got me thinking, are there really seasons for different bands or even genres ? I know the Beach Boys are summer, but thats just from when they get airplay. I'm thinking a bit deeper than that. For example Lindisfarne always seemed wintery to me, same with Paul Simon. Doobies will always be early summer. Beatles are for Christmas. But is that just from my own experiences or does everyone feel the same?
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