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  1. Not beyond citizens advice. I must have picked the wrong image. Maybe if I’d turned it into a meme it might not have been auto recognised but I wont be doing it again to find out.
  2. Don’t worry I won’t be doing it again. Lesson learnt. Also, in the research I’ve done there doesn’t appear to be any time limit on infringement claims. So, as much as I’d like to quote a glam rock line I wont, just beware (despite the length of your hair).
  3. Agree with other PAT testing and PLI comments and as mentioned elsewhere it was a hotel chain that asked for certificates. As we haven’t ‘staged’ any events I’ve assumed that were covered to some extent by the venue/host and my gear is covered on my house insurance. Us bass players tend to be the sensible one in the group but we are all responsible adults in the band (even the drummer!😊) who look after our gear so the ‘visual checking by a competent person’ is a an ongoing process.
  4. We were contacted by a legitimate copyright company representing the owner of a copyrighted image with evidence that we had puplished their clients image without consent, licence and without accreditation. No warning just a payment claim. We removed the image immediately and negotiated a reduced fee. From memory, the image was naively copied from a similar fb post or a basic google search. It wasn’t watermarked and I didn’t consider it was being used illegitemally as we weren’t advertising anything or otherwise making any financial gain. I wondered if anyone had similar experiences?
  5. Hi all, I’ve not posted in quite a while but I’d appreciate the learned opinion of the BC massive. A bit of background… I’ve been playing in a covers band of friends that generally plays 8-9 times a year (pre pandemic, currently 3-4) in pubs, clubs and the occasional private party for the last 11-12 years. We normally get paid but it’s beer money at best and doesn’t even cover our annual rehearsal fees let alone equipment. During this time I’ve sorted out a band Facebook page which rarely involves much more than listing upcoming gigs. Currently the page has 168 likes so definitely a lo-key amateur affair. We’ve recently been stung for a copyright infringement for unwittingly using a picture of Noddy Holder with the salutation “Meeerrrryyyy Chrrrriiiiiiiiiisssssttttmaasssss!!” which was posted on Christmas Eve 2019. Harsh, but it looks like I was a naughty boy for not checking the image first but it’s got me thinking about what we should do as a band to cover our collective backsides… A few years ago we were asked by a venue for equipment PAT and public liability insurance certificates. We got the gear tested and took out some insurance but as we haven’t been asked since we’ve let both slide. Also, I may have this wrong but I’m sure I’ve read that PRS responsibility lies with the venue not the band? So, what measures should an amateur covers band take to avoid falling foul of any performing rules and regulations and has anyone else got first-hand copyright infringement tales? All wisdom greatfully received. BTW we generally play most stuff really well and fairly close to the original and we don’t do Sweet home Alabama so please keep the comments on topic 🙂
  6. Not used a Mac mini and no expert but... Try resetting the Mac mini PRAM (restart with command, p and r keys pressed - more info https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204063 Some system settings may be reset doing this. The above may work on its own but if not/the current issues return, due to the age of the Mac mini the PRAM battery probably needs changing (£30-40?) At this stage you should be able to carry on as before but I’d ask myself if trying to use older kit to keep in sync with the modern world is really worth it? Updating the iMac will probably make things worse as you say the Mac mini is at its limit. maybe time to bite the bullet... good luck
  7. So... I went for a Tonehammer 350. Very happy! 😊 thanks all for the advice
  8. Hopefully be there today! ‘bought’ a discount code but doesn’t appear to be a code in it - can you point out where I should see it? Edit: thanks Silvia an Ped... as you say only in advance
  9. Thanks for the responses. The tone hammer 350 is the one amp I've been most distracted by. My head says a 350 can't be in the same league as an 800 but I read on here a while back that (words to the effect of) a TH350 plus (insert any cab) would be more than enough for most bass players.
  10. A little background... I've happily been gigging a Trace AH300 12 band for a good few years... whilst happy with the sound and plenty of volume, the fact that, although being the size of a briefcase, it weighs the same as a small planet (and the two TE cabs aren't exactly light either). It has also fatigued both my back and my regular offer to many to 'feel the weight of that...' also... Having read a lot on here about lightweight class D heads, I nabbed an Ampeg pf500 around this time last year... Loved the sound so soon followed a pf210HE then I really loved the look and flip-top aspect to it... gigged a few times and used a lot at home so started to look at getting a second cab for larger gigs... then... the head died 🙁, not completely but not useable... Took it to an amp tech I've used a few times who couldn't do anything but who also hates class D technology and told me to steer clear!... back on here and read about the early unreliability issues (mine was a 2014)... Carried on using the Trace head with the pf210HE for smaller gigs and home practice... but... I still like the idea of a portaflex rig, enjoy the ampeg tone (usually play bluesy/soul stuff on a precision) so been thinking of getting another... The sensible side of me thinks taking another punt on another used pf500 is a little foolish but (again thanks to you lot!) a new Ampeg pf800 with warranty could be the way to go... however... used ones seem hard to come by and only a few places (PMT, GAK, Gear4music, Bax and Thomman) list it new (but usually only available to order) but no one with any sort of offer (been looking for 5-6 months) so... I've read only good things on here about the pf800 but would be interested to hear from other recent purchasers, where you got them from, anywhere that has them to try instore and why Ampeg/uk sellers don't seem to be stocking/promoting them at the moment (I appreciate they've been around a while but they are still in the current range). also... Whilst I've set my mind on a pf800, I'd like to hear if anyone has had similar thoughts but gone with what you consider to be the competition (around £500) - especially if you are particularly happy with... I've tried a few other brands... Mark bass - nothing I didn't like but nothing that made me go wow... Tried a GK MB200 although not powerful enough the sound was okay - how do the larger GK heads compare to a pf800 or anything else? I'm not into the modern hifi sounds... How would an Aguilar TH350 compare? If money were no object I'd probably just order an new Aguilar TH500 with a Barefaced cab or two (even second hand) then move onto something else if it didn't work for me... but I certainly can't stretch to anything like that at the moment and besides, I like the idea of a portaflex rig...
  11. https://www.britishaudioservice.com/trace-elliot-parts Not used but often tempted, $15 delivery on top of imo expensive parts is enough to put me off
  12. Booooooom


    Bought pedaltrain board and case from Dave. Easy transaction, fast delivery well packaged. Great Basschatter to deal with. Many thanks.
  13. John P and Dropzone - I've got one and it does the job perfectly for me. Organised by cable type, length etc and I usually keep an extension lead drum in there too. I always coil and Velcro secure my cables so never get any tangles. You can squash it lengthways so that everything is still organised and protected but takes up less space in the car/cupboard. I tend not to put other things on top of it and usually store it on its end so as not to crush it and potentially damage cables (after all, it's a bag not a flight case. Had mine for about 9 months now, it doesn't take a severe beating but it seems robust enough and I've no concerns over it falling apart 😀
  14. Out of interest anyone know where to get replacement Ampeg removable castors for pf210he? Been trying Polar Audio but seem there is a problem with their site. Not worried if they're not genuine parts as long as they fit/are compatible with the existing sockets
  15. [quote name='BigRedX' timestamp='1490437226' post='3265112'] If anyone wants some interesting insights into Ni(c)k's early career they should read the relevant chapter from [url="https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lost-Music-Giles-Smith/dp/0330339176"]Giles Smith's book "Lost In Music"[/url]. [/quote] Thanks BigRedX, I've been trying to remember what that book for about 20 years! I'm sure one one of my mates lent it to me but even he can't remember. I've even emailed Mr Kershaw asking what book he was mentioned in but never got a reply... I agree with you and TheGreek about the music!
  16. Nice one Dave! I downloaded this last year but have only just read it which, unusually for me, I completed in a matter of days. A very enjoyable read that caused plenty of amusement and knowing nods to both to band and life situations. Other band members have had it recommended... Thanks
  17. Thanks lowdown, I used the search first but nothing showed up 🙄
  18. Can't see this posted anywhere so I thought I'd share as the video made me chuckle... http://thehardtimes.net/2017/01/03/watch-lowriders-bass-player-support-group/
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