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  1. Cheers, basschat discount? Please Can you tell me more.
  2. Hi All, After missing the last two bass shows im eager to get to the 2018 show. It appears pretty quiet at the moment, does anyone know when they are likely to promote and sell tickets for the event?
  3. The grade books have musical notation and tab. As part of the technical teaching you have an option in the exam to do either sight reading or improvisation. I have been choosing the latter, but now have a good understanding of sight reading. Thats not to say if someone put sheet music in front of me and said 10mins in time i wouldn't "brick it!!!"
  4. Hi all, Back again after two year absence! Decided last year id do grading for bass, grade 3 coming up this month. Currently playing a Sterling SUB bass, love the feel and sound. Musicman (lower cost) convert. Lover of rock, funk and jazz!
  5. Currently listening to Volbeat-the hangman's body count.
  6. Hi all, Finally found a place to chat with others about the bass! I'm from Hull, I've been playing on and off for 4years. I play fingerstyle on electric bass guitar, I've had experience in one band and am hoping to get back playing live this year. I look forward to getting to know you all. Scotty83
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