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  1. Long term? In it's case, stored vertically. Otherwise, on a stand. And just to open another can of worms.......... long term storage with strings tuned or slackened off?
  2. I'd guess that would have been the John Birch copy that was made and famously destroyed in the wings during a gig, but I believe has now been reassembled. Lovely bit of John Birch lore about that one's origins. Many years ago I used to regularly buy a music magazine, can't remember it's name just now. Each issue's inside cover pulled out into an A3 poster. One edition had a huge collection of famous guitar picks collected by fans. One of which was a "sixpence" which BM had had minted to guarantee a supply, with his profile image on it rather than HM The Queen. (There was also one of Steve Cropper's labelled "Pick Of The Crop" - ho ho! One of which I now own.)
  3. Loving the use of chickenheads. I had plans to do similar with a black Rockinbetter and white chickenheads but the prices went silly this side of the pond so I gave up the idea. I've since put a couple on a Strat customisation I'm doing now.
  4. https://www.etsy.com/listing/735780542/ibanez-soundgear-bass-guitar-headstock No connection to the seller or maker.
  5. I'm into my third week of isolation, due to having a diagnosed serious condition but the appointment to tell me how bad it is was cancelled due to the virus. I'd sooner be at work but the boss, NHS & Gov.uk all say no. Today I mastered the art of the Dremel to make a Strat body cavity wider and rounder at the bottom to take a TBX pot, I then lined it with copper sheet and soldered the joins - Yay me!! That's as far as IO can take it as other parts I need to finish it are out of stock until Allparts get them in from USA & Allparts USA are in lockdown; which is fair enough. My other half; also on isolation for her health 40+ miles away, is also feeling the isolation and fell into a fit of giggles when I told her I needed a pointy knob for a long shafted pot, and a little pointy tip as well. I was translating without success that I need a chickenhead knob and a switch tip.
  6. My first bass was a Gibson EB3, or as I later found out, an EB0 converted into an EB3; bought in 1980 from JSG Music in Bingley W.Yorks, for £150 (I still have the card receipt!!) It was a 1969 model, in very faded cherry, s/n 907469. It had a DiMarzio I neck pickup on it & strangely when converted had a Gibson (with the engraved logo) guitar pickup in the bridge position. I had the guitar pickup switched to a Schaller twin pole model of some description and was ripped off in the process at Mary's Music in Accrington, Lancs. Whoever converted it had put a toggle switch on it in the Les Paul position so I had that filled and a proper rotary switch where it should have been, sadly no Fuzztone though. I sold it in Edinburgh in the mid 80s at Mel's Music in Stockbridge (£230 iirc) and later saw it years later in Boston's junk shop on Leith Walk. It had been badly beaten up so I was only briefly tempted.
  7. Phone him? He's a really nice guy. JayDee is run by his son now, but John still spends a lot of time there and is a very nice guy. He worked with John Birch in the 70's making the weird customs for the glam stars. On that basis he offered to wire up my John Birch bass when JB died close to finishing it. He has an encyclopaedic memory of his work so should be able to tell you something about your bass. Which looks fantastic by the way. https://www.jaydeecustomguitars.co.uk/contact.html
  8. I've just had a guy try to do a similar job with a CNC cutter on a MIJ Strat plate, I wanted a couple of autographs made permanent. The friction melted the edges of the cut & quickly clogged the machine as well as melting the edges of the cut. a non-starter. Another guy has done what I required using a laser etching machine. It doesn't go through the plate completely, just recessed with a colour applied into the recess.
  9. Not quite down to sewer level yet!
  10. I believe so - they're doing a psycho-billy festival in Sept.
  11. Dukes Of Bordello - they are the proverbial! In Manchester, three weeks & counting. For those who are into stand up bass he's using two piezos, one under the fingerboard one on the bridge and a mic inside an f hole.
  12. Yeah, a gig in Italy would be a bit of a trek from this direction. Keep going to the gigs though, better than keeping yourself isolated.
  13. I've been in that place and it's not good. It's a very tough call to be approachable in a room full of strangers. Having said that gigs can be a great place to meet folk; I have many good a genuine friends that were once strangers at gigs. If you're in the North West I'd be happy to meet up for a gig to break your cycle, my shifts at work permitting. To get back on topic. Just booked for Homemade Sin ( had an ex who was big into Georgia Satellites, which kinda obliged me to be as well). John Coghlan's Quo in August, Blockheads in Oct (I think).
  14. Result!!!! Apologies for the delay, my other half has been seriously ill for a while, so this project had been put onto the back burner. The neckplate was delivered earlier today and I am beyond happy with it. I've struggled to get a picture that does it justice. The plate I supplied had a high gloss chrome finish, and the etching has made the image a very matt black which contrasts perfectly. The best bit is that the maker is our very own Basschat @bertbass. I really can't stress how excellent this work is, so pleased with it. Buy with confidence if you're going to get one. The next step we're going to try is imaging onto a scratchplate, so hopefully other possibilities will emerge. Next step is the custom headstock decal which I've ordered from the link recommended on the original post.
  15. This is what I've asked for, if it's not too complicated.
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