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  1. You'll have a to use your vivid imagination to see it with a maple board. Apparently the neckdive can be helped - a bit - by moving the front strap button onto one of the neck plate screws.
  2. I've not been able to find any pics online either, I phoned the shop (Chase in Manchester) and the assistant just said that the Shine range is so wide that they don't put everything online, especially new lines. I need a new guitar stand anyway, so that's my excuse for going back for another look.
  3. Getting the finish on an old bass shiny again

    I was advised against T-Cut by JayDee no less, as he said it was too strong an abrasive, especially for the inexperienced amateur restorer. Since then I bought a Gibson restoration pack, which has a finish restorer and soft cloths, fingerboard lemon oil etc in it. No problems so far.
  4. It would normally be a jacket I'd be wearing to use it; but it would be a PITA to have to wear one just to suit a base. I'm not expecting miracles for a sub £200 bass, but did you have any issues with squealing or microphonic pickups? I'm just wondering whether, if I coudl get past the neckdive whether any upgrades would be required, on electrics or machines? Many thanks for your observations.
  5. Apologies for resurrecting a zombie thread; but there IS now an all "maple" board version, I saw one in passing in Manchester (at £189) and intend going back for a closer look. I happen to have a spare levy suede strap and am wondering whether it'll be enough to fix the neckdive. In effect it's a Fender shaped bass with a missing top horn so the neck dive is to be expected. I also like the sound of the large control cavity as I'm wondering if splitting the coils is a possibility.
  6. Jimmy Lea of Slade, used a backline of 5 x Hiwatt 200s, 2 x Acoustic 361s and a 9k power amp.
  7. Any Marcus Miller fans in?

    Yeah, I've been there a few times to see Cropper in recent years. Tiny (200) compact & bijou venue, but very strange set up. Costly because they know it will sell out either way - and you're seated depending on how well the staff think you present yourself! At least it's known he's touring then so other likely venues could be checked upon.
  8. I can't see this posted anywhere so just to make sure for the MM fans that I know are on here. He's playing Ronnie Scott's, Soho, in four months. Tickets at £85+, though it is always a little high there. https://www.ronniescotts.co.uk/performances/view/4612-marcus-miller-laid-black-tour
  9. Buddy Rich.

    AFTER he'd lost his right foot 30+ years previously???
  10. Saying hello to the main band?

    Yeah, pretty much this. I'm surprised about Adele; up until now the only "big" name I've had a negative reaction from was ironically enough Micky Moody. Though I've been assured by several who know him that something must have just happened prior as he's normally a great guy.
  11. Noel Redding

    I'd be very surprised if that was true about Chas Chandler, he never had a high opinion of his own playing, point blank refusing the play in front of Jimmy Lea during the dozens of Slade recording sessions that he produced.
  12. This - John went way, way above and beyond when he fixed up my John Birch bass. An absolute gem of a guy, he's so proud of his work he'd probably be disappointed if you didn't speak with him.
  13. Who did you see live last?

    Jimmy Lea, ex of Slade, on Sunday afternoon at The Robin in Bilston. He was premiering his new DVD of his one and only solo gig. Did a one hour Q&A session with the crowd, spoke at length of his current battle with prostate cancer and how his hormone treatment affects his breathing, his throat and fitness due to muscle wastage. He then excused himself to "look for some notes" and came back on with his treasured black Strat and with the help of backing tapes and much support from the 300 crowd he belted through four Slade classics. I didn't see a dry eye in the house. What a bloody trooper!!
  14. Lovely service from Jaydee Guitars

    Yeah, service second to none. When John Birch died with my SG bass very nearly finished JayDee immediately volunteered his services to finish it off, since he'd worked with John Birch at his peak it was the closest I'd get to my bass being kept "in the same stable". Absolutely top man, though I believe it's largely JayDee Jr who's running the day to day business now.
  15. Gig Poster and flyer printing

    [quote name='bluejay' timestamp='1509470187' post='3399227']I wouldn't recommend Vistaprint - unless they have changed their ways since I last used them - simply because their (exorbitant) delivery costs are hidden until the last moment before you press BUY, and usually cancel any savings you may have over other companies.[/quote] +1 Any printer worth their salt works from a .pdf file and just about every design programme gives you the option of saving as a hi-res pdf. Look for the option of saving at 300dpi or more. Some unscrupulous printers will try to charge for "converting to a printers CMYK file" but it's an automatic process and you just tell them you're aware of that. Unless you're really clued up on print avoid "bleeds" where your image goes off the edge of the page, stick to a standard "A" size and you should be good to go.