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  1. Who did you see live last?

    Jimmy Lea, ex of Slade, on Sunday afternoon at The Robin in Bilston. He was premiering his new DVD of his one and only solo gig. Did a one hour Q&A session with the crowd, spoke at length of his current battle with prostate cancer and how his hormone treatment affects his breathing, his throat and fitness due to muscle wastage. He then excused himself to "look for some notes" and came back on with his treasured black Strat and with the help of backing tapes and much support from the 300 crowd he belted through four Slade classics. I didn't see a dry eye in the house. What a bloody trooper!!
  2. Lovely service from Jaydee Guitars

    Yeah, service second to none. When John Birch died with my SG bass very nearly finished JayDee immediately volunteered his services to finish it off, since he'd worked with John Birch at his peak it was the closest I'd get to my bass being kept "in the same stable". Absolutely top man, though I believe it's largely JayDee Jr who's running the day to day business now.
  3. Gig Poster and flyer printing

    [quote name='bluejay' timestamp='1509470187' post='3399227']I wouldn't recommend Vistaprint - unless they have changed their ways since I last used them - simply because their (exorbitant) delivery costs are hidden until the last moment before you press BUY, and usually cancel any savings you may have over other companies.[/quote] +1 Any printer worth their salt works from a .pdf file and just about every design programme gives you the option of saving as a hi-res pdf. Look for the option of saving at 300dpi or more. Some unscrupulous printers will try to charge for "converting to a printers CMYK file" but it's an automatic process and you just tell them you're aware of that. Unless you're really clued up on print avoid "bleeds" where your image goes off the edge of the page, stick to a standard "A" size and you should be good to go.
  4. [quote name='SH73' timestamp='1509169073' post='3397083'] Well, I've had this bizzare dream about entering The X Factor. There was a line to leave a voice mail singing a song for a sift stage process. Next thing I know, Simon is at my parents house visiting me whilst I was still a teenager. I told him that I can't sing but can play Iron Maiden songs on the bass. I then showed him my Sparkling blue bass and asked him if he knows Steve Harris andvif they text to each other. The dream was set in approxx. 1989 so don't think the mobile technology was quite there. Anyway, he then decided to leave because I didn't sing. I asked him if he would give me a lift to college but he shook his head and left. I then asked my dad if he did. My dad was drinking a beer out a bottle and this was at 07:35. Very bizzare. So I've been up since 5:20 now downstairs enjoying a cupppa. [b]Edited by SH73, 28 October 2017 - 05:38 AM.[/b] [/quote] You were wise to edit out the bit about setting the hounds on him, you never know who's reading these pages
  5. [quote name='discreet' timestamp='1508607562' post='3393322'] [size=6]You mean this thing that looks a bit like a [b]Rickenbacker[/b]?? [/size][/quote] [size=5][b]Ssssssh!! Riiiiight!!![/b][/size]
  6. [quote name='ash' timestamp='1508682918' post='3393730'] Yes it is mine and it didn't sell - I had interest but from overseas and some very low ball offers too so I'll probably hang on to it as it's something I doubt I'll see again. I would've listed it on here first but thought I'd best not due to being similar to the unmentionable. A stateside JB collector wanted to bid but I don't like sending things overseas when using eBay and also their global shipping option is a complete con! [/quote] If it was Greg he's a good guy - though he will try to "negotiate" hard, you just have to stick to your guns. He also has a UK agent who would deal person to person. If it wasn't Greg - forget everything I just said .
  7. I thought I'd seen every type that John Birch had done but on Ebay just now there's a short scale 8 string of a certain style who's name shall not leave my lips........
  8. Bass you just couldn’t get on with?

    Epiphone EB3, similar to the original in name only.
  9. Edinburgh Wed 27th

    [quote name='NoRhino' timestamp='1506354339' post='3378162'] Whistlebinkies. Live music 7 nights a week. Just round the corner from the Radisson hotel on the royal mile. [/quote] This - and if that doesn't float (which would amaze me) your boat it's minutes walk away from the Jazz Cellar - and even closer to Bannermans.
  10. Most Obscure Bass Claim to Fame?

    [quote name='lowdowner' timestamp='1506024295' post='3376017'] I was once in a band (playing bass of course!) where the lead singer was an ex girlfriend of the bass player in hot chocolate! And, yes!, I *do* believe in miracles! [/quote] iirc he played a left handed John Birch Rick custom which must be about as obscure as you can get!
  11. Hotmail Problem !!

    [quote name='la bam' timestamp='1505765331' post='3374194'] Hotmail is notorious for sending emails directly to people's spam or trash folders even when it does send. We run a business and with every enquiry we get from a hotmail address we cringe as its literally 50/50 whether or not our reply reaches the client.[/quote] I still use my hotmail address for many things; notifications and forum registrations etc. On the odd "real" email that I send I always send it "High" priority and have had no issues so far. I admit it is just laziness on my part and tbh of late Hotmail has become so slow to open that I will have to do something. I have a gmail account that I should use more.
  12. Most overrated bands

    Since they're absent after 4 pages is it safe to assume Kiss are a "given"?
  13. Jamerson Kaye Dunn etc

    [quote name='SpondonBassed' timestamp='1505196065' post='3370045'] Gosh I hadn't thought of that. (Reaches for little black book) I do have [i]Soul Fingers[/i] though. I also have lots of material to read through thanks to the kindness of a fellow member. It seems that producers allowed significant creative input from their studio players. Is that the same as musical input as asked in the OP? I'd say there is a fine line between the two and you'd see that fine line differently depending on whether you were a producer or a musician. [/quote] It's my understanding, from someone who was there, that with Booker T & The MGs "Green Onions" as an example was a jam started by Booker, which the others went into and Jim Stewart recorded on the sly. Though obviously for that particular track Duck wasn't there at the time. The band were four colleagues/mates who just worked things out together; as the main backing band for Stax at it's peak Cropper was frequently the writer and/or producer too so it was very much a less rigid session.
  14. Jamerson Kaye Dunn etc

    [quote name='SpondonBassed' timestamp='1504870484' post='3367887'] Where would you get that sort of information from anyway? I'd love to know too. [/quote] In Duck's case, ask someone who knew him almost his entire life and was his best friend as well as a bandmate for decades.
  15. [quote name='bassace' timestamp='1504468467' post='3365119'] ..................And why do they play Green Onions at that speed these days? [/quote] Under the circumstances I thought "Time Is Tight" would have been more in keeping.