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Was thinking of selling a bass a few years back. Si got in touch as at the time he was looking for a cheap disposable precision for those gigs where you don't want to take your prized bass. After a bit of negotiation he told me that I was asking for about half the market value and he eventually persuaded me to hang on to it. Could have had a real bargain there, silly old bugger.

RIP Si, you'll be sorely missed.

... and I never got around to asking him about those stage sound reflectors of his. Damn.

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Very sad news, and condolences to the family & friends.

My only real contact was a steer towards B&B's when I needed to find one at short notice in Wales earlier in the year, but as others have said always helpful to one and all above & beyond the call usually.

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I'd only been on the site for a few months when I came across an SX P-Bass that I liked the look of (had a Bart Simpson sticker over a bit of solder that had fallen on the body and that was far to boring for Si), I was unemployed but starting a job soon, he said 'come and pick it up when you have the money pay me but no rush', so I headed up to London where he was staying with family, he had bought the SX and his beloved Shuker with him so I could have a play on his pride and joy, I spent a long old while with him, he was a great character, had a great jam with him.

Such a trusting, funny and genuine guy, the world is a sadder place without him.

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Just dreadful news.
As like others, I only knew Si through Basschat, yet the news is really upsetting. He will be genuinely missed and I think we've lost a little something.

My condolences to his friends and family.

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Very very sad. We never met but we PM'd many times about vintage Precisions! He was one of the real experts here, no attitude or rhetoric, just knowledge and experience, these coupled with a real desire to share both without any sense of "I'm the expert". His many threads and posts over many years will ensure that we and future members will continue to benefit from his generous nature and extensive experience.

My thoughts are with his family and friends.


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I never met the man, and never had any direct communication but
was always interested in his input and he clearly had a lot of respect here.
I type this with a lump in my throat, so somewhere down the line he
has touched my life.

A great lost.
Very Sad.

Sad Eric.

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