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  1. Mine isn't far from that position, a little further northwest. Position definitely makes a big difference, as does the height from the body and placement of the putty - mount it close and it sounds compressed and middy, mount it 1mm from the body with the putty right on the corners and you get a more open sound.
  2. I was talking a bloke in a pub a few years back about a Cream song and what a great bass line it had, and we were both really frustrated that we could hum the tune but we couldn't remember the name. Literally a year later he walked up to me in another pub and just said 'Badge'.
  3. Not the worst thing that happened to me but one time I had a pedal-operated smoke machine plugged into the same outlet as my bass amp. During a psychedelic guitar freak out I gave it full beans on the smoke machine, then as I stepped away I had my foot caught on the power cable and managed to unplug both the smoke machine and my bass amp. Trying to find the wall socket to plug my amp back in was of course made impossible due to all the smoke. :-)
  4. I really love the Thumb sound. I think mine makes me play more interesting parts, because I know the character of the bass will carry it off. And thanks to the strong mid hump you don't need to be high in the mix to be heard. Bloody brilliant basses imho.
  5. I've never played in a rock band so I've never had this problem. I've never seen what draws bass players to do rock bands tbh.
  6. When I got to 30 I decided I'd better stay in shape if I was going to continue to go on stages, so I don't eat like a builder and I do some weights a few times a week so although I'm 40 I don't look like I've contentedly eased into middle age. I think Iggy Pop has hit on a neat look for the older rocker. He looks a quite compelling mix of wise old head and scrawny youth. Not saying that we can all flail around half naked but clearly it's possibly to look wild and vital despite age.
  7. G4M have got some nice synths out in their new showroom eh. That's where I bought my Bass Station 2 a few weeks back, but it was nice to be able to a/b it against the Arturia Minibrute, Microbrute, Moog Sub Phatty, Little Phatty, etc.
  8. Totally agree with Danny's entire post. You'll notice some degradation if you have some average-quality-buffered-bypass pedals in your signal path. The best setup is to have some sort of pedal which will bypass all your buffered bypass pedals, and contains a high quality buffer itself. For me it's an SFX Loop Logic.
  9. I bet this thing is as sweet as they come. :-)
  10. If the saddles are falling off when you take the strings off, take a closer look at the bridge until you find the set screws that were designed specifically to keep the saddles from moving. ;-)
  11. A lot of players don't like the Thumb because it sounds too different, but it's a really sweet sound, it burbles and purrs in quite a unique way. Mine is a '91 4 string and it's got a great neck on it. Perhaps the best thing about the Marmite nature of the Thumb bass is you can usually get a great early used NT model for under a grand. I paid under 700 for mine.
  12. [quote name='bubinga5' timestamp='1413715347' post='2581052']haven't learned to play a song for ages.. then i learn to play this, and it really highlight's flaws in my technique… naturally i tend to stick to licks/runs bass lines I'm comfortable with. I'm sure I'm not not alone there.. its a real eye opener when your fingers are forced to do something different.. so important to listen to and learn bass lines to all sorts of music.. [/quote] Isn't Incognito like your favourite band? You're always talking about them, how can it be something different for you?
  13. Bleh. Fenders are cool aren't they. I really like my Thumb bass and it's the nicest bass I've got, but it'll never be cool like a Fender. Can't believe a business that owns so many cool and iconic, timeless designs is struggling. Maybe the era of the electric guitar is finally over. Funnily enough I've bought a Maschine and a synth this year, and no bass gear at all.
  14. My main problem at the moment is when I change position I grip the neck too hard which ruins my mobility. I think it's something that has developed from double bass playing, I just need to chill the eff out.
  15. [quote name='flyfisher' timestamp='1413578457' post='2579899'] Last bit of news I saw, it had already raised £2m for Children In Need When so what's the problem?[/quote] You've got several pages of explanation about how awful it is. [quote name='flyfisher' timestamp='1413578457' post='2579899']Anyway, when was the last time you had a song in the charts? [/quote] The last time the BBC promoted my record constantly on TV and radio. Incidentally I don't think anybody objects to the song. The song appears to be universally loved. Maybe you have genuinely missed the point.
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