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  1. Not my cup of tea either but every now and then they'll bring out a song that makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, Grounds for Divorce being the one that usually gets me.
  2. [quote name='The Admiral' timestamp='1423784031' post='2689131'] This just in...... [url="http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/celebrity/kanye-quits-music-to-focus-on-being-a-twat-2015021095240"]http://www.thedailym...t-2015021095240[/url] [/quote] [quote name='waynepunkdude' timestamp='1423563362' post='2686259'] [url="http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/celebrity/kanye-quits-music-to-focus-on-being-a-twat-2015021095240"]http://www.thedailym...t-2015021095240[/url] [/quote]
  3. Always wanted one but they go for too much to be a curiosity.
  4. http://www.buzzfeed.com/expresident/why-beck-beat-beyonce#.ww6nW4WBJK
  5. http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/celebrity/kanye-quits-music-to-focus-on-being-a-twat-2015021095240
  6. [quote name='EliasMooseblaster' timestamp='1423561536' post='2686229'] Perhaps the best course of action for all concerned in this sorry debacle is for them all to sit down and re-watch the South Park episode "Fishsticks." [/quote] Am I a gay fish?
  7. [quote name='cheddatom' timestamp='1423560876' post='2686215'] I wonder if the drugs make the kardashian attractive? If so it sounds like a good life [/quote] It'd take a lot of drugs to forget that despite having, money, fame and a chip on your shoulder everyone has seen a video of someone else doing your missus.
  8. [quote name='cheddatom' timestamp='1423560814' post='2686211'] it's more about moving round isn't it? I could go and play 7 nights in london in the same venue, but it wouldn't be a tour But yeh, Blue, next time you do a "tour" make sure to get plenty of tour photos [/quote]
  9. [quote name='cheddatom' timestamp='1423560573' post='2686206'] oh well! Poor Kanye, what will he do without my approval? [/quote] Drugs and a Kardashian.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mrd14PxaUco
  11. [quote name='blue' timestamp='1423540804' post='2686108'] I've done 6-7 nights in a row. I didn't know I was on tour. Blue [/quote] Depends if you are away from home or not.
  12. [quote name='LayDownThaFunk' timestamp='1423509697' post='2685744'] Like it or not, Kanye West is the biggest rock star on the planet. [/quote] That would be Dave Grohl.
  13. [quote name='xilddx' timestamp='1423492431' post='2685437'] Not sure originality is high on my want-list for likeable music. I think originality is highly overrated. [/quote] But Beyonce doesn't even write, being a great performer doesn't make you a great artist.
  14. [quote name='xilddx' timestamp='1423488657' post='2685358'] I dig Beyonce, I never really got into Beck (I really must try). But what Kanye West said is total bollocks. [/quote] Beyonce is a very good pop singer and Beck leaves me a bit cold but artistically Beck is light years ahead of Beyonce.
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