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  1. Now I've got a name. . . . it's easy. Good shot of George and the Axis Bass at 1:36.👍
  2. Thank you, very much. 🤘😎 Now you have said that, I recall a George Ford (somewhere in the dim and distant past) but never knew what he looked like. The power of Basschat! Brilliant. Anyone got any images of George Ford, playing that bass? Cheers. 🙂
  3. OK. Found this - starts at 5:12. This is the fella, playing a rare PC.
  4. Yes, from a quick google at the time, that's what I came up with. He seemed very relaxed, doing all the moves, just didn't look like he dropped in just for the filming. Cheers.
  5. Hi to all out there, ages since I was on here. 🙂 Hoping someone can help. . . . . I was watching Kenny Everett on That's TV Xmas, S3 Ep1, from 1980. They were doing Ghost riders in the sky and the bass player was someone I didn't recognise, playing something I did recognise - A Peter Cook Axis Bass. It may still be available on catch up. Player was a Black guy, short ish hair and he looked very much part of the band. Doing lots of octaves, in a modernised version of the track. Who is going to stop all my head scratching, just can't think who it is. . . . . . Waits for a deluge of replies. . . . . Cheers. 😊
  6. On the same tack, I also love the RSB Deluxe. RSB Deluxe Sort of the same but different! Aria of late (speak to younger players to confirm) seems to be seen as low budget, which is such a shame as the heritage of Aria was solidly formed from high quality, with a range that many pros would seek out.
  7. As a fan of the T-40. I know what you mean. I am also a big fan of the SB Special SB Special
  8. For what it's worth. . . . . . I have been interested in this since the 70s and generally follow a rule of play it/listen to it and then decide if you like it, as opposed to Look at the name on the head an see how Visually appealing it is, Being lucky enough to be able to select several different instruments at one time, I have vever really found a solid and consistant rule of thumb. There is a thread on at the moment about plywood bodies and I have/have had various ones of those and can honestly say that some were absolute dogs and some were really very good. I can (and have, many times) take three or four of something, same make and model/same year/or one year younger or older, maybe different colour but that's all and the all have subtle differences. I have had £150 purchaces and been blown away by the sound and conversely bought something online (which we all do now but didn't 20/30 years ago) because it seemed to tick all my criteria boxes but just couldn't get to love it - tonewood/high mass bridge/fancy pots/high end tuners etc but just couldn't get on with it. Being interested in this, I have gone through the posts and I think bubinga5 made a valid comment " It will always be the sum of the parts. Way too many variables to nail any conclusions down". It is also about fashions, anyone old enough would remember the days when most players lusted for the new this and the new that and older instruments would have been seen to be "high milage" and needed to be replaced. Now, those old instuments are highly prized. Are they all made from exotic woods, perhaps not. Having said all of the above, I am like almost all on here and my head has been turned by something that I have loved the look of and may have been lucky on many occasions, to find that I did like it. Blindfolded, can you really tell the difference between a £10,000 bass and a £5000 bass with beautiful and appealing tonewoods . . . . . maybe, maybe not. Can you tell between a £5000 bass and a £500 bass. . . . maybe, maybe not. Between £500 and £50, more than likely, yes. Fit a new set of strings, a different sound and tone - different lead/head/cab/room/floor/ceiling = different sound and tone. This is something that will roll on for generations, I believe it's a personal thing - maybe best to leave it that no one is right and no one is wrong. 👍😎
  9. Thin Lizzy, Johnnie The Fox tour, 1976. . . . I think. Really loud but with clarity. After all this time, perhaps one of my favourite/most memorable but SO loud!
  10. I have what I believe is a BX7 One P and One J. Stripped back, with a 2 X V and 2 X T mod, which I bought out of curiosity and have found it a surprisingly good bass, I think you would enjoy having one, to add to you family of instruments.
  11. " sorry .....will send money! " 😎 No Worries. 🤘 Never actually handled a Steinberger at all, ever - just never happened. As well as the Rails I had, I also have a Quantum, which if you love that 80's vibe, is a corker! Westone Quantum X850 I also have a Hohner B2A, which is very nice indeed. Cheers.
  12. Gotcha - Understood. I have seen sales on ebay, in the past, with their description and my pics. That was some time ago now, before everyone had a camera on their phone!! The Mag II had a post, still the most visited page but never really revisited it. Still got it, still play it.Magnum II 😎
  13. Jon. . . . . you should have said something years ago. . . . both now gone back into circulation. 🤔 http://flatericbassandguitar.blogspot.com/2010/08/on-rails.html Stay safe mate. Cheers. 😎
  14. Hi all. Just popped in for a brouse and spotted this thread. Bit of a shock, exactly the same as mine - I think the image should be listed as a library pic. http://flatericbassandguitar.blogspot.com/2013/05/yamaha-bx-1-headless-bass.html Had mime for quite a while - it is a Very Nice bass, indeed. Cheers. 😎
  15. Classic Ibanez is my favourite Japanese brand, closely followed by the likes of Aria, Yamaha etc. The newest one I have and that is now quite a few years old, is a beautiful SR900. The remainder are mainly 70s and 80s. This little beauty, a cracking bass, ended up with Truckstop, of this parish but was mine for quite a time. He sold it on and regretted it. Hiya mate. . . if you drop in here. One of the oldest is this rare 70s Ibanez Destroyer 2495B. Ibanez Artist, posing and also shown at work! I can't say I have ever played or owned a Classic Ibanez that I wasn't pleased with and that goes for the guitars, as well but that would be naughty putting them up on here! Will come back with a few more.
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