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  1. Due to be collected post Lockdown!
  2. I'll certainly think about that if no else wants it...
  3. No problem! So still available then!
  4. Current Covid home working means I need the room! And when I started playing bass, a neighbour kindly gave me a bass amp to practice on so if I can do the same for someone else...
  5. Marshall MB4210 350w combo and Marshall MBC115 15" cabinet Both in working order with covers and footswitch, to be collected only from the Luton area. Replaced by something smaller and lighter. Be warned, they are heavy!
  6. I have extenders on both my Jazz basses and they work really well once set up correctly, a real time saver!
  7. Got mine a few days ago, a lot of book for £22! Only downside is now I want more basses!
  8. Looks really interesting! Can't wait for it to be out on DVD!
  9. Had a problem finding bridge pins for my fender acoustic bass after snapping a couple, emailed Fender UK asking how much for replacements and they just asked for my address to send some for free! So maybe good customer service is more widespread than we would assume!
  10. I would really like to try the 4 string set, as I currently use EXL165s but would like to try some alternative gauges and construction methods, so these would appear to fit the bill!
  11. A wonderful songwriter and performer, a true icon. RIP
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