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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. It’s just I was also reading about a drop tuning peg of the Duff bass! Is this just gimmicks or does it work correctly?
  3. Hi all I’m after some advice please. I’m looking at upgrading my bass. I’m looking at both Fender Aerodyne and Duff McKagan Jazz basses that have the same RRP (more or less). I love the look of both of them but I’ve read the PJ pick ups in the Aerodyne aren’t that great .Where should my money go and why?
  4. Hi All Some advice please if poss. I have the TC Electronic RH450 amp amd 2 x 10 combo which is great. I'm in the market for an extension cabinet for some decent venues and i'm unsure what I should go for but I don't want to add anymore 10" speakers in so either RS112 (1 x 12) RS115 (1 x 15) RC212 (2 x 12) Also if anyone is letting a unit go let me know.
  5. Hi steve i have a RH 450 I just need the floor controller would you split them?
  6. Hi pal Im looking for the floor controller, would you split it and sell by itself?
  7. Hi Do you still have the RC4 and where are you based?
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