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  1. reading this out the corner of my eye and thought "feminist silver" now that is new!! bump from a berk...
  2. Appears to be made out of wood ha! that has lit up my otherwise dull day ha!
  3. as mentioned to produce a bass with such lovely knotty wood and its not veneer!! amazing value and damn that 5th string!!!
  4. that just looks bloody marvellous for the money! a good set up and you cant go wrong. i wish i could play 5`s as it would be mine!! all mine!!
  5. vat is ugly!! what a dam cheek it is. vat is paid on a new sale and thereafter should not be paid again and again. its daylight robbery!! ugly move by the government. i liked Boris on not the 9`oclock news but now he smells of cheese!! glwwts sale its lovely bass and a bargain.
  6. if you are kicking 50ish like me i think everyone had one out of the range of thunders. all mistakenly very under rated and the phrase was `jap crap` i believe. funny how now its the other way around now and made in japan is highly prized! i dont remember how mine sounded especially as most amps i had at the time were a bucket of stinky poo as finances predicted but my 1a was fast as lightening and took me a long time to buy something to better it. silly money for a great bass glwts
  7. purchased a lovely godin classical that was in stunning condition and some of the best packing i have seen!! super deal and top chap top deal with.
  8. i brought a godin from graeme and it was perfectly posted and in better than described condition by far, super chap to deal with and i got stunning deal many thanks. ad

    1. TheGreek


      Should this be in @JapanAxe's feedback thread?

      I'd still like to see the photos

    2. adledman


      and i thought it was like a fool!! ha! having not done feedback for a long time i am unsure where to do it!  m,mm

    3. SpondonBassed
  9. hi, sorry but ended up getting something on ebay. glwts
  10. would you take a cheeky £50 if you get no no luck here please? cheers. ad
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