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  1. do you still have the Ibanez CAP 5 strings (Ibanez SR405), P2 format, arched, set of neck & bridge, some usual marks : 10£ please? cheers. ad
  2. adledman

    Studer B67 reel to reel tape machine - GONE!

    would dearly love this but sadly other end of the world. if you would consider postage i would gladly cover all costs. used to own one back in the day and have tapes of all sorts in the loft! not too sure i want to hear them though??? ha!
  3. adledman

    Drum Machine GONE!

    and again yes please(asked about porta studio) cheers. ad
  4. adledman

    Mini-Disc Portastudio - Tascam GONE

    oooh yes please if you could post at cost please? cheers. ad
  5. that really is mega!
  6. adledman


    coolio will do.
  7. adledman


    yes please if not gone? i have a project on the go and probably going to for a jazz bridge and P neck pick up. these would come in very handy. gladly pay the postage. cheers.
  8. adledman

    Feedback for yorks5stringer

    top chap to deal with. had a good price and very fast postage. deal with confidence! cheers. ad
  9. adledman

    Rack Case V-Amp

    ok no worries. cheers
  10. adledman

    Rack Case V-Amp

    if not gone already i would gladly pay the postage please
  11. adledman

    Vintage semi-acoustic bass guitar - SOLD

    shame it looks fab!
  12. whats the joke about liberace wanting his stool pushing in??
  13. adledman

    Vintage semi-acoustic bass guitar - SOLD

    i dont suppose it has a case? postage options?
  14. adledman

    *GONE* HP 252636-001 server PDU *GONE*

    hi, i would like this if not gone yet. can you tell me how much postage would be please?many thanks. ad
  15. adledman


    ( 1369)100% positive Feedback thats my feedback and gotta say that ive never had a problem or scam. bloody well asking for trouble! ha!