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  1. that is lovely and lots of bass for the money. superb neck size for people like me with duddy fingers. bargain.
  2. one of the nicest condition and woods i think ive seen and i am always keeping an eye out for one. bump
  3. I’ve heard it termed a “German rim”, but I really wouldn’t recommend Googling that......🤔 yes you would get some fine results. i think the germans do it best!
  4. gordon smith gear normally leaves me extremely uninterested but this looks lovely. understated and all about the sound as it should be. bargain bass for sure. glwts
  5. Axcelerators , B-Quads , 3 versions of Forum , Midi/Cyberbass and the RJB were all released in the years between . I've a thing for Peaveys 🤣 yes i too have thing for peaveys. this is lovely and a lot of bass for the money. ive had two b-quads(awesome) and i really want a midi/cyberbass as they have the proper electronic fret midi system thats supposed to be the best latching possible. whoever buys this will get a fantastic usa made bass for silly money. sadly i am skint and cant play 5 strings. glwts
  6. reading this out the corner of my eye and thought "feminist silver" now that is new!! bump from a berk...
  7. Appears to be made out of wood ha! that has lit up my otherwise dull day ha!
  8. as mentioned to produce a bass with such lovely knotty wood and its not veneer!! amazing value and damn that 5th string!!!
  9. that just looks bloody marvellous for the money! a good set up and you cant go wrong. i wish i could play 5`s as it would be mine!! all mine!!
  10. vat is ugly!! what a dam cheek it is. vat is paid on a new sale and thereafter should not be paid again and again. its daylight robbery!! ugly move by the government. i liked Boris on not the 9`oclock news but now he smells of cheese!! glwwts sale its lovely bass and a bargain.
  11. if you are kicking 50ish like me i think everyone had one out of the range of thunders. all mistakenly very under rated and the phrase was `jap crap` i believe. funny how now its the other way around now and made in japan is highly prized! i dont remember how mine sounded especially as most amps i had at the time were a bucket of stinky poo as finances predicted but my 1a was fast as lightening and took me a long time to buy something to better it. silly money for a great bass glwts
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