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  1. no prob awesome looking bass
  2. are you open to trades please?
  3. i like that. seems like a lot of bass for the money
  4. i have one of these and think they are great. well made for the money
  5. you can put no returns on ebay adverts but it makes no difference at all. poxy evil bay will always side with the buyer in 99.99 % of cases. even if the seller is a complete baboon and reads the advertisement off a smart phone which is usually the case these days so they never actually read the whole advert! i just sold a broken printer as spares or repairs all clearly marked as "this thing does not work!!!" when it arrived the seller asks me where the charger??? is so he can check it works ok!!!!!! and then i have to pay postage to get it back from the f***ing moron!!!
  6. just noticed the date so doubt its still available ????
  7. that is stunning. when you sell it do yourself and your back a favour and buy a herman miller aeron. you can get a like new one ebay for 3-400. ive used one(on my 3rd one and only changed as i had the money and not cos they wore out) for 15 years and i am ashamed to say but ive managed 10-15 hours a day on mine with no back trouble at all which i get badly. no sweaty bum like you get from a leather chair and the best lean back action of any chair.
  8. if you look on the diagram they have two little knobs that dig into the wood as the main bolt is tightened. so no screws needed
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