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  1. adledman


    coolio will do.
  2. adledman


    yes please if not gone? i have a project on the go and probably going to for a jazz bridge and P neck pick up. these would come in very handy. gladly pay the postage. cheers.
  3. adledman

    Feedback for yorks5stringer

    top chap to deal with. had a good price and very fast postage. deal with confidence! cheers. ad
  4. adledman

    Rack Case V-Amp

    ok no worries. cheers
  5. adledman

    Rack Case V-Amp

    if not gone already i would gladly pay the postage please
  6. adledman

    Vintage semi-acoustic bass guitar

    shame it looks fab!
  7. whats the joke about liberace wanting his stool pushing in??
  8. adledman

    Vintage semi-acoustic bass guitar

    i dont suppose it has a case? postage options?
  9. adledman

    *GONE* HP 252636-001 server PDU *GONE*

    hi, i would like this if not gone yet. can you tell me how much postage would be please?many thanks. ad
  10. adledman


    ( 1369)100% positive Feedback thats my feedback and gotta say that ive never had a problem or scam. bloody well asking for trouble! ha!
  11. thats too good to be kept for spares!! ha!! give it to me and i will bring it back to life! second in line with no hope as i also dont live in london.
  12. adledman

    Ibanez ATK300 trans brown (Made in Japan) SOLD!!

    ive got a bunker neck one of these and its one hell of a bass for the money. the pickup gives every tone possible and is positioned where it makes an ideal ramp. you cant go wrong at this price, glwts
  13. adledman

    SOLD 1U Rack Trays x 2

    i have thanks
  14. adledman

    Free Stuff

    yes please on the usb input if still available please? cheers. ad
  15. adledman

    SOLD 1U Rack Trays x 2

    yes please if still available please. would need posting if poss` cheers. ad