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  1. adledman

    Ibanez Grooveline G105 MIJ £700

    thats lovely. seriously good basses for the money.
  2. adledman

    GONE - Schroeder 1515L

    christ on a bike!! damn you for living in cardiff!! if nobody can collect and you would entertain a courier collecting this i would rip your arm off!!
  3. do you still have the Ibanez CAP 5 strings (Ibanez SR405), P2 format, arched, set of neck & bridge, some usual marks : 10£ please? cheers. ad
  4. adledman

    Studer B67 reel to reel tape machine - GONE!

    would dearly love this but sadly other end of the world. if you would consider postage i would gladly cover all costs. used to own one back in the day and have tapes of all sorts in the loft! not too sure i want to hear them though??? ha!
  5. adledman

    Drum Machine GONE!

    and again yes please(asked about porta studio) cheers. ad
  6. adledman

    Mini-Disc Portastudio - Tascam GONE

    oooh yes please if you could post at cost please? cheers. ad
  7. adledman


    coolio will do.
  8. adledman


    yes please if not gone? i have a project on the go and probably going to for a jazz bridge and P neck pick up. these would come in very handy. gladly pay the postage. cheers.
  9. adledman

    Feedback for yorks5stringer

    top chap to deal with. had a good price and very fast postage. deal with confidence! cheers. ad
  10. adledman

    Rack Case V-Amp

    ok no worries. cheers
  11. adledman

    Rack Case V-Amp

    if not gone already i would gladly pay the postage please
  12. adledman

    Vintage semi-acoustic bass guitar - SOLD

    shame it looks fab!
  13. whats the joke about liberace wanting his stool pushing in??
  14. adledman

    Vintage semi-acoustic bass guitar - SOLD

    i dont suppose it has a case? postage options?