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  1. cool on the size. i had one of the slims before and i struggled with the width, i will pm on bits
  2. lovely godin, is the neck the full width classical or the inbetween size? and i think i know the answer already if you are shedding guitars but are you up for trades at all? cheers
  3. purchased a lovely sire fretless. great deal and superfast postage. top seller thank you
  4. did this go then? i could come on monday if still about. ????
  5. i looked in the box where i thought it would be and no luck. i will continue and if succesful i will get in touch. that was a massive bargain at this price. fantastic basses and totally under rated.
  6. still looking. ive defo got one its just fing the bugger. you can have it when i do,. gratis. i will have a proper hunt tomorrow
  7. so i am here to tell of my recent purchase as above and experience. swift, easy transaction and genuine pleaseure to deal with. wrapped to perfection and a 100% accurate description. a refreshing change from some of the wheeler dealer money making twerps that are about on this site. top man jarek and may you stay virus free. THANK YOU!!
  8. nothing wrong or under engineered in a glue in neck. quite the opposite,bolt on is just cheaper and easier to make and of course the choice to remove it at a later date.
  9. ive got a prestige truss cover in wenge somewhere. i will try and find it and you can have it.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
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