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  1. that is a crazy amount of bass for that money. i wish they had basses in that money bracket when i was learning. neck through bass with quite exotic woods for 200 notes is mental. glwts
  2. love these, i had the bunker neck one and it was the slappiest ive ever had. tonnes of punch!
  3. as above. ibanez necks are superb. especially if you have duddy fingers like myself. top ibanez`s dont get enough cred` for just how bloody they are. m,mmmmm yummy.
  4. bugger!! was ready to jump on this. if you change your mind which i very much doubt i will rip your arm off. m,mmmm
  5. yes its not too magical ha!! i am in eastbourne so not sure what would be easiest if possible??
  6. hi, would you consider meeting at the magic roundabout(m25)?? i would love it and that aside its a very generous gesture.
  7. neodymium has done for bass cabs what napster did for the music industry, not to say i dont appreciate both but £80 is obscene money for such a great cab. stark raving mad!! glwts
  8. would love this but i am in eastbourne. yes a one horse town indeed! m,mmm. if you would consider postage i would cover all expenses and a donation to the alf. cheers. ad
  9. i love a pointy headstock. beards came back into fashion so pointy headstocks will too. lot of bass for the money!!
  10. i will get one these one day but that involves waiting for a relative to die and leave me the dollar. one day m,mmmmm
  11. wow thats pretty. lovely woodwork.
  12. i think i know the answer already but does it have rack ears? is it mountable? 19inch cheers. ad
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  14. so are you up for making it back to stock and then sell the parts? tom1046 wants the stock bass. i would take preamp as i need a three knob one oooh err
  15. if you do go back to stock i would interested in the preamp. cheers
  16. the action on this looks mega. getting close to 40 years and looks superb. always wanted one with the carbon neck but they dont seem to age well, deeply jealous. glwts
  17. these look quirky as hell but look like butter to play. very nice!!!
  18. wow, thats a treat and great price. sadly skint at wrong time again.
  19. aha ok and no worries. cheers and glwts
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  21. so just read off the site that it has a piezo fitted. are they individual saddles or otherwise do you know? and are you up for any trades? many thanks in advance for definitely wanting the exact thing that i have to trade in!!! amazing how theses things work out with a bit of positive mind control..... repeat after me.... i want the stuff the adled lad is trying to trade no matter what it is. m,mmmmm i definitely do!! m.mmmm. and 4-3-2-1 and you are back in the room with a massive desire to trade with adledlad!!!! m,mmmmm x
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