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  1. Hi Sheq, [url="http://www.daddario.com/upload/BassArticle2_1803.pdf"]THIS [/url]article on our website should help, the information should cover you for D'Addario bass strings.
  2. [quote name='dood' timestamp='1500983739' post='3341453'] I'd also add NOT to use the 'scale length' (e.g 37") of an instrument, which is the measurement from the [i]saddles[/i] to the nut, as your measurement as this will reward you with the wrong information and the string will come up short. [/quote] Dan is spot on here, don't forget about the length of string between the saddle and tail piece/ferrule.
  3. [quote name='radiophonic' timestamp='1500536952' post='3338474'] Well ProSteels don't seem to last significantly longer than Slinky's in my hands. I really liked the sound of them when fresh - very weighty - but a few practice sessions and an hour of sweaty gigging has resolutely deadened the E. I'd describe the other three strings as 'usable but not great'. This is very surprising since I'm not a heavy E-string basher at all. I play a lot of A/D drones and I'd be amazed if the E was getting any more hammer than the other strings. Maybe my definition of 'dead' is unusual, but all I'm getting is a thud now. I must have abnormally corrosive sweat or something. [/quote] As a few other forum members have suggested, perhaps coated strings would be a good call? D'Addario's coated string line are called [url="http://daddario.com/DADProductFamily.Page?ActiveID=3768&familyid=24"]EXP[/url], they're nickel-plated steel and available in a wide variety of gauges.
  4. [quote name='Danuman' timestamp='1500076548' post='3335540'] Might anyone have a suggestion for a round wound E string that is slightly tighter in feel than the 100 string from the 170EXL set? On my Jazz the 170EXL set is perfect, but on my P I could do with a stiffer E string. The 105 seems to lack some snap, unfortunately. [/quote] You're currently using EXL170 (45, 65, 80, 100). Your options for a heavier E from our range would be either the EXL170BT balanced tension set (45, 60, 80, 107) or EXL165 (45, 65, 85, 105).
  5. This is really interesting! The results so far tally up with our experience.
  6. [quote name='NJE' timestamp='1497006268' post='3315227'] I love Ernie Ball Strings but I kill them in no time unfortunately. Boiling them did seem to help a fair bit when I was younger and I would get maybe a few weeks more out of them. I wish I liked D'Addario, they seem like a cool company but again I murder their strings in no time plus I don't get on with the feel and tension. I am yet to try all of their range though so I realise they may offer something that would work well for me. (if your reading D'Addario and want to send me some free ones to try ) Dunlop Super Brights were a real surprise for me, I got a few sets on a 2 for 1 deal when they first came out, they lasted me a lot longer than other non coated strings, and I loved the smooth feel and tension. For me though Elixirs have been my go to string for most of the past 10 years. The coatings have got stronger and more resilient, they are silky smooth to play and I love the tone from them. They are not quite as bright as others straight out of the packet but I don't like that super 'clanky' top end anyway, however the tone they have lasts ages for me and stay consistent. I once worked out the cost of how many sets of Ernie Balls I would need to get me through a year of practice and gigging and compared that to elixirs and I was saving 1/3. I cant remember exactly but I think it was £120 of EB strings a year against £80 of Elixirs. I could just about keep EB stirngs for two months at a push but Elixirs easily last me 6 months. Big initial outlay but worth it for me at least. [/quote] It sounds like it may be your skin chemistry that's killing the strings, this is likely the reason why you get on well with the coated Elixirs and not the EBs or our XLs. We have a coated option in our range called EXP, we also have a bass version of our extremely popular premium un-coated [url="http://www.daddario.com/DADProductFamily.Page?ActiveID=3768&familyid=156&sid=b1760462-3452-4fe9-9a45-7dcb839751b9"]NYXL [/url]string designed to give you greater dynamic range, resilience and string life. Drop me a PM and we'll see what we can do.
  7. [quote name='Wolverinebass' timestamp='1496658293' post='3312958'] To be fair, they just felt like they might snap. They probably wouldn't have. I changed them immediately after that rehearsal. I appreciate your stuff a lot actually. You're the only company that makes a set for 12 string bass in the UK. Please don't stop making them as a bespoke set would be ludicrously expensive. Plus, your pro steels are evil and the string sound that has been in my head for years. I was glad to find them. Please don't stop making them either!! [/quote] Yep, we do some pretty weird and wonderful sets! If anyone on Basschat ever has any questions regarding our products please feel free to drop me a line on here or give our UK office a ring on 0191 300 3000.
  8. [quote name='Wolverinebass' timestamp='1496654807' post='3312926'] That's the problem. Everyone does them with an 80. As someone who likes a bit of chunk, the 85 just sounds better for longer. It just seems to make a difference after the first couple of plays. Plus, the tension of an 80 feels slightly wrong to me. I remember playing a rotosound medium scale set that was (I think) 95-35. Utterly anaemic and I was further put off by the fact I felt like I might snap them as they were so loose feeling. Just awful. [/quote] Well we wouldn't expect D'Addario's to break unduly, no matter the gauge! We have a wider range of gauges and materials available than just about anyone else but as I'm sure you can appreciate we have to rationalise every string we make available in our catalogue given the significant cost in warehousing and stock it entails. Of course that's where guys like Neil at Newtone come in where they have the facility to build to very specific requirements in small numbers.
  9. [quote name='Wolverinebass' timestamp='1496603577' post='3312641'] Thanks. Just a bummer about Newtone being almost twice the price of the status strings. Still, worth a try. Have you used them before? DR don't do them. Neither do D'Addario. Much to my surprise actually. [/quote] We come close with the EPS170M set (.045, .065, .080, .100) but not quite the 45-105 you'd like.
  10. [quote name='ambient' timestamp='1494346479' post='3295214'] D'Addario maybe? I use their strings, and have done for ages, both on 6 string bass with a high C, and a 7 string. They have quite a selection of gauges to choose from including both wound and plain C strings. [/quote] We don't do any EADGC sets but we have a huge range of singles available. Depending on your preference we typically suggest a .032 gauge string for a high C, you could pair this single C with a 4-string set of your choice. Feel free to drop me a PM if you need any advice on gauges or would like me to give you the item codes for specific products.
  11. [quote name='seashell' timestamp='1496408767' post='3311194'] So now I discover Status aren't selling halfwounds at the moment. As far as I can tell from a quick google, only D'Addario are making halfwounds now. Unfortunately my trusty Fender has developed a fault with the jack socket. So since I'll have to take it in for a repair, I might as well get them to do a set up at the same time (about time it had one). So I'll get them to put some new strings on. I've sent off for some D'Addarrios - nearly three times the price of the old Status strings, so they'd better be bloody good. [/quote] I hope you enjoy the D'Addario Half Rounds! Regarding one of the earlier posts in this thread about string packaging, we ship our strings together in one pack for a very specific reason. Informed by D'Addario's desire to be as ecologically friendly as possible we introduced colour-coded ball ends to allow us to ship the whole set in one VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) bag rather than in several separate paper envelopes, thus reducing waste. Each string is individually coiled and sealed in the VCI bag with the others.
  12. I'm glad to hear that this has been resolved. For reference we produce nearly all of our string sets as separates (the product code for a long scale .045 gauge chrome is [b]CB045[/b]). There are a few online retailers who stock most of the range, even if it's not on their site we can supply them as a special order. If in doubt please get in touch with me on here or call the UK office on 0191 300 3000.
  13. You get 100 points for joining and 500 points for completing your profile. NYXL bass strings are worth 400 points, other bass sets are typically worth 300 points. You can redeem your points for a few of the following items: NYXL guitar strings - 1500pts T-shirt - 2000pts NYXL bass strings - 2500pts Along with your free points that means you only need to buy 5 sets of NYXL bass to get a free set. If you play drums, sax or clarinet remember you can also redeem points for your sticks, heads and reed purchases. Just click on the Strings drop down at the top of the screen to switch between the Strings, Woodwinds and Percussion sites.
  14. [quote name='ead' timestamp='1494500908' post='3296493'] Brilliant, thanks very much. Strings ordered [/quote] Happy to help! Any other issues please drop me a message
  15. [quote name='ead' timestamp='1494439980' post='3296034'] Anybody ordered any stuff with their points yet? I can't see how to redeem the points for strings etc as links go to what looks like a normal store asking for voucher codes etc. [/quote] 1. Make sure you're logged in to [url="http://playerscircle.daddario.com"]playerscircle.daddario.com[/url] 2. Click redeem points in the top right 3. Navigate through and choose the product you'd like to redeem your points against 4. Click add to cart, this will take you to the checkout where you can complete the transaction if you have enough points 5. We then get the order here at D'Addario UK and ship your products directly to you
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