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  1. Great source for Korina & mahogany https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/iana1174/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
  2. scojack

    The Twins

    Hehehe that takes me back Andy...my old man was just the same
  3. scojack

    The Twins

    Aaaaah ...thought so 🤗
  4. scojack

    The Twins

    Brilliant stuff.....was wondering if you were going for the full Gibson Tenon Join. Methinks there's more to you than just an amateur bodger Christine ( like Most of us in 'ere! ). Ian 😊
  5. scojack

    The Twins

    Welcome Christine...looking forward to seeing your builds
  6. Aye Wishbass are not the purdiest of things.
  7. Usually is Owen's fault .........he's just likes a nice bit of good Wood ! Anyhooz i'm completely off this idea due to the overpricing of the hardware. Still want to do something different so mibbies do a single cutaway 5 string instead (If i can get a design i'm happy with ...most SC's are fuglybassas ..imho) Ian
  8. Brother wanted small headless travel bass to take on his hols but it has to be a 5 'er, this takes the cost of materials to a new level. Hard to justify the expense, especially when you can get a reasonable 5 string steinberger copy for a few hundred quid off t'interweb.
  9. I could take the tuners and saddles as you say Bastav then mill a casing from the finest 24ct Gold..and it would probably still be 50% cheaper than an ABM !
  10. First place i looked .....(i remembered you'd done some legwork on this already !) Ian
  11. Anybody come across any good priced 5 string headless systems (ie chinese knock off's ). Can see a few 4 string bridges but nothing for 5 string bridge. Monorails would be good too. I can only find branded stuff (ABM) etc for 5 string and they are awfully expensive. Ta Ian
  12. scojack


    First Class Bastav looks fantastic !!
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