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  1. Nice JD Roadie and on a proper length strap too! They sound great played with a pick with proper gauge strings on too don't they ? Hope You get together again B
  2. Hi willellisbass, Do you know the weight in Kgs? Thanks Brendan
  3. They work fine with a pick. Roto Blacks n pick sound like this: B
  4. No Bruce used P Basses, Epi semis & still used the Rickys sometimes on the Albums. (Sometimes used flats & Black Nylon string too) sometimes over dubbing two of them. He may have used His Aria Pro 2 on the last Jam Album (have a listen)
  5. Exactly, probably a lot better put than I did. P basses are great I have a couple (more using the generic PU/position analogy used earlier). But the implication in that video was totally wrong. Plus any decent producer or engineer should be able to record any working bass!?
  6. What a load of trendy wendy poppycock. Find Your own sound if that's 80's or 90's so be it. I am sure that Scott guy is making plenty of money spouting this PARC.
  7. LOL Other gauges of DBE string are available & can be used in any style 😀
  8. Nice! Why not see if JayDee can supply the original Pu's?
  9. To cover for My Eden WT405 (in the same position as You) & WT1205 (which is just too big and heavy to use really) I use an Eden WTDI in front of various amps (Ashdown. EBS, Trace Elliot Elf) to get the Eden magic. I wanted to try the new Eden Module pre-amp but they don't seem to be actually available. Yes second hand WT are available but still old & we have that already! Brendan
  10. I've got a Little Alligator too. Great pedal B
  11. Is this the one that is in the Gallery at the moment? Either way they play & sound great
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