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  1. In The Court Of The Crimson King. Apart from 21st Century Schizoid Man & Epitaph it's utter nonsense IMO. All their other albums (up to Thrak) I can (& do) segue up & cheerfully OD on, but not 'Court'. Blue Oyster Cult. The three studio albums before Agents of Fortune are, in the main, quirky, angular slices of serious goodness, but AoF is just FM Rock dross.
  2. Gunk: If it's serious, lighter fluid (e.g. Ronsonol) & either a toothbrush or an old credit card trimmed to get rid of the rounded corners. If it's not, then an old t-shirt & Ronsonol.
  3. Bass —> ADA MP-1 —> 6-channel mixer —> Headphones MP3 player plugged into mixer. On the rare occasions when I need to practice without headphones it's the 'big' rig — Ashdown Superfly + Epifani UL110 + Flite 15 — with the volume turned down to avoid frightening the neighbours. P.
  4. If it was good enough for Jack Bruce...
  5. [quote name='alyctes' timestamp='1436021517' post='2814405']And I don't like blue basses...[/quote] Depends on the blue. This is just bluegh IMO.
  6. Whereabouts are you? Failing that, Maplin do a basic MM for a tenner: http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/maplin-domestic-multimeter-including-battery-bulb-and-fuse-tester-n20ax P.
  7. [quote name='Bassassin' timestamp='1435161052' post='2806101']I'd be inclined to think it's from the early years of Korean production rather than MIJ but the MIKs were decent enough. Jon.[/quote] I'd agree totally if it wasn't for the fact that the Talkbass example had 'Made In Japan' stamped into the neckplate.
  8. Other than that it's a JPJ-3, not much tbh, £70 sounds fair. There's a pic of one in the 1986 catalogue here (it's split across two pages):— [url="http://s227.photobucket.com/user/vintagejapanbass/media/Aria%20Pro%20Catalogs/1986%20Catalog/page20.jpg.html"]http://s227.photobuc...page20.jpg.html[/url] [url="http://s227.photobucket.com/user/vintagejapanbass/media/Aria%20Pro%20Catalogs/1986%20Catalog/page21.jpg.html"]http://s227.photobuc...page21.jpg.html[/url] No sign of it in the 1991 catalogue, so length of production is unknown but I suspect that it's 1986-1990. I reconstructed the wiring diagram from photos of one that turned up on Talkbass a couple of years ago:— Pete.
  9. [quote name='cocco' timestamp='1435064484' post='2805035']*edit* Blood and custard, my favorite combination [/quote] Are you also partial to Tizer/Vimto & Jam Sandwiches?
  10. So... 2 & 3 both have issues/features that mean you're not really comfortable with them, so I'd rule them out. That leaves 1 & 4. The Lakky sounds a sensible bet since it'd be down to the engineer to get it to sit nicely in the mix, not you. [b]But[/b]... You've obviously bonded with the ACG on many levels. Notwithstanding the risk of it going AWOL, it sounds like there isn't a more appropriate candidate. You'll be playing music that you connect with straight from the heart & what better way than to use your "Gran's bass"? Take it, melt their ears with its sound & melt their hearts with its story. Good luck with it if it comes off & don't forget to write. P.
  11. [quote name='Dad3353' timestamp='1434290792' post='2798322']Stunning (typical..?) modesty from such a virtuoso. Good questions, great answers. Well done, and thanks. Next up is..? [/quote] Seconded. If you're going to make a habit of this can I suggest Colin Hodgkinson?
  12. After that we need a short drum solo... [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBlVg18eCYc[/media]
  13. Just queued up versions by Freddie King (3), Sam Cooke, Bobby Bland & Jimmy Witherspoon (2) & they all just cycle through the verse structure. Similar tunes that **do** have a bridge are 'Need Your Love So Bad' and 'Jumping at Shadows'
  14. Cardie in need of a bit of TLC: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/bass-guitar/131519712772?_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20140122125356%26meid%3Dfe6160acb78e4a18849046242740d6cf%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D5%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D291477794851&rt=nc
  15. Gary Oldman Daniel Radcliffe (possibly)
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