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  1. That WoundedPaw is a beast btw. I wonder how it compares to the Vfe klein Bottle that I'm getting...
  2. Then if the ls2 isn't enough for you, the next option is to get someone like COG or BrightOnion to do you a custom loop pedal.
  3. Might actually be worth installing with the ability to actually edit patches...
  4. For metering I was thinking none/single led/advanced (can't think of a better word, to include multiple LEDs or VU etc.)
  5. At controls it has. Maybe even as serrate category for parallel compression. What kind of metering it has. Valve/ digital/ analogue. (/valve for just gain).
  6. I used to use a sansamp model on my zoom multifx, which I liked for the added mids controls. I now use a DHA VT1-PRO. Such a great preamp. It's joined my ChaseBliss Warped Vinyl as pedals that will never leave my board.
  7. Interesting. Makes me want a third looper to go along with my start of chain one.
  8. Glad to see the recent increase of boards with bitcrushers on them =]. One thing I'm curious about though, how are people using the multiple loopers? I use one at the beginning and end of chain (record short loop on first looper, play about with effects and capture on second looper), but these seam to be setup next to eachother?
  9. I really wish the toneprint app had the full editor, maybe then I'd actually use the thing.
  10. I have a DHA VT1-PRO that I use to run into either the PA, or the FX return of whatever amp I'm using. Not quite an frfr setup, but allows me to keep more of 'my sound' with whatever setup I plug in to.
  11. If you're willing to change power supply, the gigrig system lets you cut its cables to length. Never heard of any other power cables you can change the length of. Maybe a market for someone to bring out some kind of crimping based system?
  12. I don't really understand how bass to CV/midi is so far behind digital octave pedals. I would have thought that the octave pedals would have had to track the notes to create the octave, but I guess they use some other trickery?
  13. I have the mooer and the Frantabit, and they aren't even in the same league. The Frantabit just sounds so much better (imo YMMV etc). Other bitcrushers I do have my eye on are the WMD Geiger Counter Pro, and the Meris Ottobit.
  14. I do use mine quite subtly, rate synced to 1/4, mix and depth both pretty low, first half sine, second triangle shifted over to the right.
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