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Help out a BC member - ALL DONE, THANKS EVERYONE!

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[color=#B22222][size=5]Voting is now closed - thanks everyone! See final posts in this thread for details[/size][/color]

Basschat member and Liverpool-based luthier Paul (13 Guitar Co) is currently in the running to win a business grant, which would help him expand his business to include acoustic instruments.

If he wins the grant, he's offering up a custom-made acoustic bass as a prize in the monthly Basschat composition competition!

Paul is a lovely bloke and very deserving of the grant. He's already been kind enough to offer a custom bass to the Basschat community (see the link in my sig ;) ), so it's really good of him to offer the same again. But first we need to help him win the grant.

Here's a message from Paul with a link to the voting website. You don't even need to register - just click on the voting button and job done.

[quote name='paulflan0151' timestamp='1384602680' post='2278552']
Thanks for the Comments peeps. One more thing. [url="https://www.loveourlocalbusiness.com/base/lolb2desktop?region_id=gb-en&content_id=94315"]https://www.loveourl...ontent_id=94315[/url] If you kind-hearted basschatters could follow this link and vote for me that would be great. It's a local business grant. I want to start making acoustic instruments. I'll tell you what, If I win I'll build an acoustic bass and put it up as a prize for the composition competition! How's that sound!? Peace

Here's the link again in case you missed it:


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Done - could do with loads more votes - so come on y'all B)

Best of luck Paul :)

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I've facebooked it! There must be some idiotic glitch that randomises the pic associated to our FB posts, so the post is accompanied by Gary's photo of the BCBaton. :mellow:

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