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  1. We were the same. It’s be Wednesday if you were lucky, but more likely Friday night with changes on Saturday. I don’t think it’s acceptable for a full set to be that late. We still occasionally change a song on the Saturday or Sunday morning before service, but that’s not fair on the band or the media guys. Sometimes they even change what the song after the service will be during the service.
  2. Yeah, which is crap. But if you get the worship leader (or whoever is picking songs) to send them out about a week before hand, then it’s not an issue. You’re really just learning the order of 1,4,5,6. 2 weeks ago we had a new phil wickham song to learn. I learned it from playing along on YouTube. We play it in a different key, which I hadn’t played it in at all. I had no issues as I played the entire song on the A string instead of the E string. I really don’t get what is with the last minute set list for church. Our church got really bad for it, so much so that some musicians gave up playing in church & then some had to raise the issue. They changed it briefly to 2 weeks before service, but it quickly went to one week before. Occasionally we’ll get a change on Saturday & I’ll learn the song if I have time, otherwise it’ll be predicting the bassline on stage.
  3. It’s very strange. Over the years of being in secular bands, I’d learn the songs & never take the score on stage with me. Never had an issue remembering what to play. I join the church band & everyone apart from one of the guitarists uses chords & lyrics on stage. I even used the chords on stage. Then when we allowed to start playing again, I decided “No, learn the songs”. They’re easy & I play much better & with a lot more confidence than I did with the music stand on stage. I’ll be trying to wean the rest of the creative team off of this nonsense. There’s not really a need for chords & lyrics on stage, unless you have a memory issue like dementia. 😹
  4. Been listening to a lot of his first 2 albums recently. Still have them on vinyl too.
  5. Gonna have to give it a try. It might work well with the Roli Rise. Another compressor that is free & sounds fantastic is Xfer OTT. It’s a up and down compressor that can make the mix really sit.
  6. This popped up on my Facebook. A simple compressor tool for bass. Final Mix Software - BassBussLite Free until Aug 31, 2021 with voucher code AUGUST2021 https://www.finalmix.biz/bassbuss
  7. The Mrs let me hear Kruangdin's album "Mordechai". Just full of laid back grooves fur summer days. I should have shared this months ago!
  8. I know what you mean re live stream sound. Our’s is always dire, with one or 2 instruments dominating the sound & everything else muffled. Id say something to tech, but the worship pastor & most others say “Worship sounded brilliant”, so I recon I’m watching something else! 😂
  9. Totally agree. But we should be singing & playing our best for the Lord, not mediocre. To think, Hillsong had music like My Redeemer Lives. They've let things slip a lot.
  10. The problem with most megachurch productions is it is very musically drab. All the instrument parts to every song is basic. Now & again an exception appears, but they’re very few & far between.
  11. Really liking this theme. Haven't found any issues in Safari so far.
  12. No, but they could learn to play better than a mundane strum & learn chord progressions that are not set in 1, 4, 5, 6. I've been given 3 new songs to learn. I listened to each of them once & that's enough. There's nothing our God can't do - Verse 1, 4. Chorus 1, 4, 6, 5. Breathe Miracles - Verse 1, 4, 5, 6, 4, 1, 5. Chorus 1, 6, 4, 1. His Name is Jesus - Verse 1, 4, 6, 5. Chorus 4, 6, 1, 5. It wouldn't be so bad if the instruments played something decent, but they just do the minimal & every song ends up sounding the same. I blame the likes of Hillsong & Passion for this nonsense! 🤣
  13. I said in jest to a guitarist “you could 2 hand tap a solo in there”. He looked at me puzzled & said “I’ve no idea what that is”. So I showed him a little & he’d never seen it before. He’s 26 & played for over 10 years! So I mentioned tapping harmonics, only 1 person knew what I was talking about. Played a little of the opening for Van Haley’s Women in Love. They all said “Oh, I didn’t know you could do that”. It puzzles me as to why they don’t try to better themselves for God.
  14. It's the same in our church. There's a couple of really good musicians & a load of people who put no time in whatsoever. 2 bassists who play root only, don't know when to not play & they still struggle with timing (the other 2 are fairly decent though), there's 1 really good guitarist, 3 reasonable & a load of dire guitarists. There's 1 great singer, 2 who could be good & about 50 who think they can sing, but obviously can't hear themselves (even with IEMs). We did a songwriting workshop a couple of month's before lockdown. The guy hosting it said to the singers "The musicians buy their own gear, you don't even buy a mic, so I strongly suggest you spend that money on singing lessons". It fell on deaf ears. Our church could have a great worship, if only they'd put in some time. I play because I love worshiping God. I just wish EVERY song didn't follow some dire 1,4,5,6 arrangement so it fits in a cardboard box.
  15. Gonna have a listen to these just now. The wording for my track was my original entry. This is more relevant… This one is a different view on the pic. Looking at it as a great memory. One where you feel warm and happy. Maybe you worked in the factory? Maybe it was a party in this factory? Maybe you found love here? Whatever it may have been, it's a happy place to visit.
  16. I'm looking forward to listening to this lot too.
  17. Only up until the deadline. Once voting starts, no changes. Same as the Photo comp.
  18. Okay, going with this one... Same track as before but added that important lead (well, I can't sing, so played it on the Roli Rise). New update. Changed the melody slightly, lowered the bass volume & made some other tweaks to the sound. I'm gonna add lyrics to this track (one day).
  19. 2 entries in the one month! Now which to choose as my entry? This one is a different view on the pic. Looking at it as a great memory. One where you feel warm and happy. Maybe you worked in the factory? Maybe it was a party in this factory? Maybe you found love here? Whatever it may have been, it's a happy place to visit. See next page for update....
  20. Angels are male. A female angel is a fairy. 😂
  21. True. But there’s not much choice there for many of those goods. A bass on the other hand…
  22. It would appear so. 🙄 Well that's a bummer.
  23. Cheers. He already has a cheap bass that someone gave him. He’s really looking for something to record with. He’ll probably put it through a Kemper. Just now he’s really liking the Sub Ray 4, though he’s liked a few of the basses for sale on here too. I’m not gonna start a debate on human rights.
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