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  1. Hi all, After a few years in the musical wilderness, I started writing a few songs in 2017, one of which (Innocents) was conceived via Basschat's very own composition challenge. I moved over to playing guitar, recruited a vocalist, got my wife on bass, poached the drummer from her previous band, and sweet-talked my mate into covering my guitar ineptitude with another guitar. The result is here: https://open.spotify.com/album/5B777B5ymrlXlOCGbiPJCs We recorded this in April last year, released it at the start of this month, and are going back into the studio this weekend to record EP2. Feels great to be learning new things all the time and being back into the swing of things!
  2. Thanks! Hopefully much more to come in the next few months.
  3. Hello, I actually play guitar in this band, with my good lady wife on bass duties. Here is a live video from our 4th Ciphers gig at the Wheatsheaf in Oxford on 6th April 2018:
  4. I'm not going to make the deadline; unfortunately preparing to rehearse with my new band has taken up most of my writing time this month. I have something started, but the post-rock tango is unlikely to be fit for human ears until after the voting has finished.
  5. [quote name='Chiliwailer' timestamp='1497986089' post='3321839'] I was hearing some Mogwai there, nice one [/quote] Thanks! That is always partially the goal!
  6. [quote name='Dad3353' timestamp='1497945496' post='3321436'] Echoes of 'Genesis play Pink Floyd' in there. Good Stuff; will do well. [/quote] Thank you very much! Have been listening to a fair amount of Floyd recently. [quote name='MoonBassAlpha' timestamp='1497957929' post='3321583'] "I managed to turn my already very warm music room into a sauna recording the guitar for this." Gotta love class-A valve amps, eh? [/quote] I was thinking I could go for an acoustic outside in the garden right about now. The sun must have really started to get to me!
  7. I managed to turn my already very warm music room into a sauna recording the guitar for this. [url="https://soundcloud.com/kieran-spriggs/dominion"]https://soundcloud.com/kieran-spriggs/dominion[/url]
  8. Thanks of the votes everyone! Photo for June selected and on its way.
  9. [quote name='Dad3353' timestamp='1494782320' post='3298494'] Excellent; a fine representation of the picture. Hiss..? With my cloth ears and whistling tinnitus, I've no hope of suffering from that..! Sounds good to me (but then again, with what little hearing I have left, it'd have to be [i]monstrous [/i]to trouble me..! ). Good work, well done. [/quote] Thanks! The 'reverse engineering' was a 'fortunate accident' whereby I accidentally stood on the wrong foot switch whilst still recording.
  10. Here is mine: [url="https://soundcloud.com/kieran-spriggs/strata"]https://soundcloud.com/kieran-spriggs/strata[/url] I'd definitely like to improve my production. I always suffer from hiss on my mic'd guitar tracks. I think this is probably from having my amp output quiet and sound interface gain relatively high.
  11. [quote name='SH73' timestamp='1494532736' post='3296837'] No one else composes? [/quote] I'm just adding finishing touches to mine. The photos really help with getting initial ideas moving, which is usually where I have the most trouble.
  12. Does anyone use a TC ditto x4? I would be interested to hear how the MIDI sync works on that.
  13. Great stuff - just listened to all of the tracks. Very high quality indeed. Really enjoyed the use of samples on quite a few of them. Some of you are making some incredible synth sounds that I don't have the first idea how to make!
  14. Lapsed forum member here. First time composition challenge entrant. [url="https://soundcloud.com/kieran-spriggs/innocents"]https://soundcloud.com/kieran-spriggs/innocents[/url] This has been very fun to put together and a motivational kick up the backside. Thanks to MoonBassAlpha for the encouragement!
  15. Thanks both for the suggestions. I think the SoftStep2 looks good, as i think i'd be able to assign the bottom row to software looper operations i.e. record/overdub, play, stop, clear etc, then use the top row for triggering samples. In my simple mind lots of switches in front of me is better than having to change between banks and remember which set of commands is on which bank.
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