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  1. Does anyone else have experience of the RM-410?
  2. Thinking of buying the new Ashdown RM-410 EVO rootmaster 600 Watt but can't find a lot of info on the net regarding what it actually sounds like. It seems like you're getting a lot for not much money- it's £347 at my local PMT, and if I trade in my old amp I get £100 knocked off that already low price! What's more, it only weighs 21 Kg and delivers 600W in quite a small enclosure. Is there anybody that has/tried one and is it all too good to be true??
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. I'd be very interested if it falls through
  5. I'm playing a P bass with a 15" cab- an Ampeg svt 15e and Little Giant (1000W) head and it sounds great. But I need a rig tha's going to give me the flexibility to have a more balanced sound, to complement the predominant lows I'm getting at the moment. When it comes to some solo parts the higher registers are just not there when I need them. If someone could suggest a decent 2x10 or 2x12 that would go well with my current set up I'd appreciate it. Also, because the Ampeg is an 8ohm cab I'm having to turn up the volume to almost maximum to cut through the other instruments during live gigs. As far as I understand, the max wattage of the head can be tapped only when going through 2 4 ohm cabs- right? If I get another 8 ohm cab then I'll have 500W into 4 ohms- yeah?
  6. Thanx guys tried everything- speak on cable is new- tested it for continuity and is fine. Looks like I'll be sending head back to Thomann...shame cos bought it before cab and was really looking forward to checkin it out! Guess was faulty right from the start...
  7. Just hooked up my new lg1000 to a cab but the power led on the front doesn't come on. I'm not a techie when it comes to these things and it's the first rig ever bought so don't understand what's going on. Basically the fan starts up for about 3 secs then stops and there is a small red light visible inside the amp but apart from that no life whatsoever. The power cable arrived with a continental plug so couldn't use it and used a normal kettle lead- could that be the problem? I doubt it...Do i send it back or is there something obvious i'm missing? Any help appreciated please!!!
  8. Also interested...is it still for sale?
  9. hi based in oxford...haven't got any photos but wouldn't be a problem getting some
  10. Looking to sell this amp- need to declutter! Hasn't been gigged that much just sitting around now- looking for £170. Just added some pics
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