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Thoughts on Ashdown new RM series

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Thinking of buying the new Ashdown RM-410 EVO rootmaster 600 Watt but can't find a lot of info on the net regarding what it actually sounds like. It seems like you're getting a lot for not much money- it's £347 at my local PMT, and if I trade in my old amp I get £100 knocked off that already low price! What's more, it only weighs 21 Kg and delivers 600W in quite a small enclosure. Is there anybody that has/tried one and is it all too good to be true??

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I had one, the 4ohm version. I really liked it and only decided to move it on and keep my ABM410 based on the (harder wearing) metal grille on the ABM and my OCD to have matching amp/cab. Truth be told I preferred the sound of the RM410, it was less low-end focused/tighter sounding, but this was in the rehearsal room, I never got round to using it at a gig so as to get a real objective view.

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I want one with a head.

in saying that, I’m so bowled over by my new combo (rm500 2x10) I might just get another 210 and have the same amount of air moving.

(love single 410 setups).

in fact...I might order an rm210 for my birthday 🤔

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