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  1. Yep, maple for everyone! For fender types at least. lovely guitar
  2. Never ask never get... but also asking 9k too much probably never gets either. Free postage though, that makes it a steal
  3. Devil Makes Three. American sort've country, acoustic bluegrass rockabilly but without feeling too deliverancey... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fut6zeXtyN0
  4. [quote name='Shabbs' timestamp='1488229739' post='3247102'] I've got this up for sale at present, [color=#3C3241]only 42 ever available in the UK, created by custom shop assembled in Mexico, these were £982 on release. Last one I saw sold on Reverb for £780.[/color] [url="https://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/fender-fsr-72-telecaster-custom-p90/1218682925"]https://www.gumtree....-p90/1218682925[/url] [/quote] Not the kind of thing I'm oggling but it is lovely with the white binding! GLWTS
  5. [quote name='skidder652003' timestamp='1488229467' post='3247099'] that said, Ive had no problem doing business on this forum in a way I wouldn't elsewhere! [/quote] Yeah it's a great community on here, never had a bad transaction. And there's not many places that one person you've never met taking your money to go to the other person you've not mets house to buy something you've not seen would be considered a more secure transaction!
  6. Had an reply from the seller, friendly polite email saying that we could use paypal, but that'd provide more security sending the money than recieving the amp, right? Also offered to facetime while he quickly demo's the amp which I thought was a nice gesture and would make me feel a little better that it works but still no guarantee it'd be sent. Would this change anyones mind?
  7. I've emailed the seller to ask if there's another way to do it, or if he happens to be travelling in my direction anytime soon. Guess I'll have to wait and see if and what they reply. Thanks for the offer Painy! I'll see what happens and let you know but could be great just to know the seller has a face and a functional amp!
  8. So there's an amp I want on gumtree but it's in Norwich and I can't sort out a roadtrip to fetch it for at least 2 weeks. Seller offers delivery for £15 but that'd mean sending the money for an untested item to an unknown person with little guarantee. I could ask to pay via paypal but even with that I've still read a few horror stories on here about transactions going sideways It's not also listed on ebay as some sometimes are, probably because of the fees. And if I'm averse to sending money online then I can't expect the seller to pull the ad while they wait for me to fetch it. Any suggestions appreciated Apologies if this is a duplicate question, I did a quick forum search and could see anything but if there's an existing thread someone could direct me to i'd appreciate that too
  9. Yeah you're probably right. Still means I need to save up more for tele GAS... I'm always a little surprised that RichTone can keep going versus the online market and the guitar guitar empire
  10. Yeah I totally agree with you there. I suppose that just adds to my confusion, that if something costs the same new but is less versatile why is everyone paying more for them so consistently? Just whenever i see a tele for sale I'm thinking "for that price I could buy the equivalent strat and a reasonable little amp to play it through..." And good call, RichTone have some cracking stock for a local music shop haha thanks! I used to love that show. might switch it to Chang if I feel crazy...
  11. Strat's are great (if you like that sort've thing), but I just wondered if there was a reason that telecasters are so consistently more expensive second hand than their strat equivalents when they're pretty comparable new. Hell, a Highway one tele is worth what it cost when it was new! Is it simply that there's more strats around, and the rarer commodity of teles naturally brings a higher price or am I missing something?
  12. I bought a guitar from their website last year since it was what I wanted at a surprisingly reasonable price. But I wasn't sure about the colour since the shade looked a little off, and I had the same slightly negative view of CC as most do, so I emailed about it, The woman who replied from the shop was very helpful, sent more pics and answered my questions, provided the serial number (which all checked out with fender and no google hits saying it had been stolen) and told me how it would be shipped. I bought it and 2 days later there was a courier at the door with a perfectly lovely guitar in a practically new gator hardcase (which the ad had mentioned) Also bought a Warwick from there a few years back but that was all in store- needed a clean and new strings and after playing it discovered that the active circuit was buggered but I don't use active 'lectrics so wasn't an issue for me. They had a gigbag in the shop so just popped it in that and included it with the price I think the quality of what you get depends far more on whoever took it into the shop than CC themselves, guitars are just like any other piece of stock to them. And how well wrapped/shipped depends one the individual in the shop and if they have a guitar case/carry bag lying around they can send it in (maybe worth an ask?) but overall nothing to complain about in my experience
  13. Is this a realistic price for this? I bought one of these ten years back for around £400, lovely bass but I wasn't under the impression that they would ever appreciate in value [url="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fender-JP90-Bass-made-in-America-/172532117023?hash=item282bb72e1f:g:w4wAAOSwdGFYo5wI"]http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fender-JP90-Bass-made-in-America-/172532117023?hash=item282bb72e1f:g:w4wAAOSwdGFYo5wI[/url] They were never a premium bass so not many of them were exported, so it's not often I see a price in £. I suppose I'm wondering if the vintage American fender draw has spread as far as the 90's or if it's just a case of the price starting high and it'll be £100 less in a few weeks?
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