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  1. Bassnut62

    Klon KTR

    I do have a Klon KTR and admittedly do have some nice valve amps to push with it; but I have to say the Klon is a very very good pedal. Even just using it as a clean pedal without the boost it seems to enhance the guitar's natural tone and response. GIve it some beans and it is one of the best-defined drive pedals out there. All strings remain distinct despite the addition of plenty of balls and hair! It is a class act and according to plenty of people does sound exactly the same as the Centaur. I tried a bunch of Klon clones, including some with much pedigree; but none of them sound or behave as well as the KTR...to my ears anyway. i don't think I am being biassed because I own a KTR, as I have done some shoot outs with quite a few other dirt/drive pedals that I own and it still comes out on joint top with the Butler Tube Driver.......but that's another story.
  2. Bassnut62

    Tape echo emulation - any suggestions?

    I use a Tech21 Boost DLA and like it a lot, the tone control can get you into analogue tape arena and the flutter control helps too.
  3. Bassnut62

    Uh Oh......NGD....Strat alert

    [quote name='Kiwi' timestamp='1491786159' post='3275375'] I sort of have a love-hate thing with strats. No denying their versatility or egonomics and they're at the core of some classic sounds. My Chandler strat is super easy to play - I like the 25.5" scale and maple fingerboard. But the pickups can be harsh sometimes. Mahogany based construction sounds so much nicer. [/quote] If you're talking stock Fender pups, I agree. They often sound both harsh and bland to me. Luckily there seem to be some highly respected pup-upgrades. I only have experience of Lindy Fralin Vintage Hot pups for Strat and they are sweet and toneful, with a little bit of bite when dimed.
  4. [quote name='NancyJohnson' timestamp='1490707573' post='3267223'] As far as I know, LPJs of this period were either TV Yellow, Cherry or Sunburst. Insofar as the guitar having never being messed with, it's pretty obvious that it's been stripped at some point, evidenced by the remaining paint in the serial number stamp pressed in the back of the headstock. I'll wager this was originally TV Yellow. [/quote] Thanks Nancy, I didn't know that about the finishes in this period and that's a good point about what could well be paint residue in the serial number. All I can say is that if it has been stripped by a previous owner, it has been done extremely well and looks like it has always been a natural satin finish body. The finish is lovely and there are no signs of any residues anywhere else that I can see. It is a solid mahogany body and neck and they are both gorgeous bits of wood; with a nice tight and strong grain around the head and top of the neck. I think I read somewhere that this was the last year Gibson used solid mahogany throughout on these LPJs.
  5. Bassnut62

    Oops. Look what I did.

    Hnnnhh? NOthing bad here!
  6. Bassnut62

    Uh Oh......NGD....Strat alert

    [quote name='Rikki_Sixx' timestamp='1490366218' post='3264649'] I can't ever argue with a maple board, especially with that gorgeous vintage tint on your new Strat! She's a beaut, love the colour [/quote] Thanks Rikki, it was the colour and neck tint on Birdseye maple that attracted me. Luckily it plays and sounds as good as it looks. Liking FFTC's very nice proper Fenders in this thread, I.e. Maple necks.
  7. Bassnut62

    For Sale: Coopersonic Wah / Anti-Wah

    Price reduction bump. Now £50
  8. Price reduction bump. Now £25
  9. Bassnut62

    Uh Oh......NGD....Strat alert

    Resistance was futile in the face of so much GAS. So it is with a guilty hear that today I became the owner of my third Strat-type guitar....a G&L Legacy....it sounds sho nuff funky and plays very nicely too. My self-imposed one-in/one-out policy means that I have to put up my lovely Gibson Les Paul Junior (2010 Nashville) for sale, here..... http://basschat.co.uk/topic/302751-fs-2010-gibson-les-paul-junior-made-in-nashville-usa/ Does anyone else prefer maple board Strats too?
  10. My beautiful bare-wood finish Gibson Les Paul Junior is up for sale to fund another guitar purchase. This one is made with a truly exquisite piece of mahogany and was built in Nashville, USA, in 2010. It is all original, as far as I know. I am not the first owner, so not cannot be certain; but I see no signs of it ever having been messed about with. This genuine USA Gibson LPJ comes with a well-padded Gibson gig bag. It is set-up beautifully and has almost no fret wear at all. The electrics are all in good working order and that lovely P90 pick-up sounds as clear and edgy as you want. It is amazing how many tones you can get out of this guitar, just by adjusting your right hand position and how you hit the strings. It could work well in so many different styles and genres. It is very light and comfortable to wear too, with a tummy tuck in the back. The tone and volume pots are very responsive and allow the tone to clean and warm up nicely when rolled off. I do not want to post this quality guitar, as it only has a gig bag, not a hard case. If you wish to arrange and pay for a courier at your own risk, that’s OK with me and I will pack it inside its gig bag, in plenty of bubble wrap and brown paper. price dropped to £475 collected in Nottingham. Sold for £450 in the end to a nice gent in Poland.