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  1. Andy just bought my EHX Next Step. He's a top man, great comms and a delight to deal with. Thanks Andy.
  2. Bought an EMG BQS Control from Andrew, great comms, lightspeed delivery. Altogether perfect. Thank you mate. Nx
  3. [quote name='Count Bassy' timestamp='1426028222' post='2713696'] Well, that's a slightly valid point, but at at the same time we are discussing things and interacting, which is not quite the same as a 'one way' posting of a video of yourself performing something (which puts me in mind of the old Bonzo Dog line "Look at me, I'm wonderful. I'm not a bit like you, or you, or you"). Having said that I am trying very hard to wean myself off BassChat for that very reason (and failing dismally, as you will have noticed) [/quote] The video can lead to all sorts of interaction. Do you watch tv and films? Look at paintings? Listen to music? Listen to the Bonzo Dog Doodah Band?
  4. [quote name='skankdelvar' timestamp='1426019525' post='2713566'] As is the case with 96.8% of all Rickenbackers produced since 1980* [size=3]*Source: NAMM / Gruhn's Guide / YouGov[/size] [/quote] in fact,
  5. [quote name='spacey' timestamp='1425993190' post='2713141'] If thats the case, you wont want one, no problem, stick with the copy. I would say they cost so much, because the people who can afford them disagree they are a poorly made instrument. Market forces, supply outstrips what they make and has done for many years. A greedy boss would cash in and start knocking out Chinese junk, a clever one, knows he might be better been happy with making a good living over a longer period. But to do this, they must protect the brand and tradmark, all succesful companies do, try selling supermarket pop as Coca cola or pepsi and see how long you get away with it. Fender decided to turn a Blind eye and look where that lead them and now Gibson are doing the same and we are seeing fake Gibson basses, even SG specials landing daily, the latsest snide offerings. The only people who appear to get upset are those wanting to buy snide. [/quote] My mate has a few, he loves the Ricky tones he gets. He is also pissed off about poor build, tooling and finishing. He's had to send a couple back. He's had to have work done on a couple, and the finish on one of them looks like there was moisture under the lacquer which has only just become apparent over two years after he bought it. He really looks after them too. They are all pristine, never been gigged.
  6. [quote name='Roland Rock' timestamp='1425945852' post='2712732'] That's ironic; once I cut my penis with a G string to something like the average length of a tuning post. [/quote] That is an unfortunate turn of events.
  7. Nope. Nor Friends Reunited. As soon as a major corporation buy out one of these things they f*** it up. They don't have the staff with the vibe. So be glad Fox didn't buy Basschat
  8. [quote name='juliusmonk' timestamp='1425944082' post='2712719'] really? [/quote] Why be so damn judgemental then? I've done a few myself, partly for fun, partly to show a line as accurately as possible so others might find it useful (given the number of inaccurate versions on YT), partly as a personal challenge, partly to see what I look like when I play, partly to see if other people like it or not, partly because I'm a self-aggrandising vain **** with fabulous norks.
  9. [quote name='EBS_freak' timestamp='1425943725' post='2712714'] We going with vintage or modern stats? [/quote] Definitely modern. I learned it from a German bass manual.
  10. I cut the string beyond the tuning post about to about the same length as the average penis.
  11. [quote name='steantval' timestamp='1425935269' post='2712569'] Easy - find a band with a quality vocalist that can sing the songs in the original keys [/quote] Or perhaps write some original bloody songs!
  12. [quote name='Marvin' timestamp='1425936258' post='2712578'] A dreadfully written piece that misses one fundamental point...record companies are businesses, businesses that seek to make money like all other businesses. They're not philanthropic charitable organisations there for the whim miserable musos who want more of 'their sort of music' being signed. Record companies are signing acts that sell downloads and cds. Fans of other music don't buy music they download for free...why would a record company bother signing any of those acts? [/quote] I had a reread earlier. Maybe I was a bit too enthusiastic about the piece He makes some good points in a poetic way which is why I liked it. Well-trodden ground though. Fact is, music is not making many people much money anymore.
  13. [quote name='Marvin' timestamp='1425937461' post='2712602'] He's nowhere near a parody of himself because he is, and always has been, an arse. He's one of the mascots of the Zoo and Nuts magazine yob/lad culture of don't read books and don't learn anything that might open your eyes to a different way of thinking. He's the sort of person that seems to want to keep those who are from his background where they are and not bother trying to achieve. [/quote] I honestly don't believe that.
  14. I like Noel, he's an intelligent geezer. But he's in danger of becoming a parody of himself if he carries on like this. He needs a change of pace.
  15. [quote name='juliusmonk' timestamp='1425935779' post='2712575'] Because it is not the intention - you can't clearly see what she's doing, nothing is explained etc etc. Therefore it is as instructional as watching any other player doing his/her thing. It is a showcase, my original point being that I find these videos of little significance as such. But of course political correctness prevails so anything is worth admiring, or so it would seem. If you don't agree, then you MUST be a frustrated bedroom bassist or an idiot that has no social life etc. All because you didn't have the *guts* to dress sexy and do a bass karaoke for the world to see. Ok then! [/quote] WTF relevance has 'political correctness' to do with this? Do you understand that human beings are diverse in their needs and wants?
  16. [quote name='Count Bassy' timestamp='1425933353' post='2712528'] Well, quite a lot really. A gig is a real time social occassion with direct interaction with othe musicians Possibly) and an audience. Also you are doing it live - One take only. Sitting in a bedroom playing into a camera with a backing track seems (to me ) to be the antithesis of social interaction. And, for the record, I freely admit that the player in the original posting completely knocks spots off anything I'll ever be able to do. But I still can't understand this compulsion people seem to have to post everything on the bloody net (Other than the money thing, or the publicity thing - but even then you'd surely be better off gigging, for both the money and the exposure). [/quote] What are you doing on here posting all your thoughts on a subject then? Or is it a matter of degree for you? The woman in the OP is a professional bassist. I am sure she posts and interacts on FB, YT, fora, face to face, on a stage, etc etc, just like most of us.
  17. Just for you Bilbo, although sounds like you might have seen it already. Sadly it's just the hackneyed old sh*t you might read on here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEAiFOZ2uq4
  18. [quote name='juliusmonk' timestamp='1425929049' post='2712440'] I won't argue with you all given that this is seen as a form of achievement, [b]but I would have never thought of this kind of video as 'instructional'[/b]. Oh well - seems I should go back to my bedroom then... [/quote] Why not?
  19. [quote name='Weststarx' timestamp='1425917945' post='2712186'] Hi All, As I'm back on the market for another band I thought I should probably learn how to change key on the fly if I needed to. I've had a look at a few articles on the web but they all seem poorly explained and all seemed very complicated. Does anyone know of a simple guide or can someone perhaps explain it? Is it just a case of playing the same shapes/pattern but just sliding it up or down one/two/three frets? [/quote] If you play a C Major scale then shift that same scale down three frets to A (i.e. play the exact same note pattern), you're playing an A Major scale. You have just changed key from C Maj to A Maj. If you play a C Major scale, then shift down three frets and play an A Minor scale, you are still in the key of C Major (A Minor is the Relative Minor scale of the key of C Major, it starts on the sixth note of the C Major Scale). Does that help a bit?
  20. [quote name='jonnythenotes' timestamp='1425913545' post='2712116'] So what's the diffence between someone performing or playing a song on you tube, and playing the same song at a gig..... viewers or an audience...its the same thing. Unless its the the original song writer playing it, it's always going to be someone else trying to re-create the original as best they can. Whether you are male female, old or young, you are basically saying..."look what I can do... And I love it.." So all you folks who think its not right to show others what you can do, what is it that you do at gigs then...hide behind the drummer ? One of the key things about music, is the sense of achievement at having learnt something, and then wanting to share, or show this to other people. Scott Devine is the bass player I have learnt more off than any one on You Tube, as have thousands of others...this is because the signs over his door say 'lessons' or 'learn.' If this girl had used a similar title, would she still be the cause of such debate. For all the folks who are saying its nothing special, remember there are hundreds of players who are no where near this skill level yet, and at some stage in the past, none of us were. If I was trying to learn this song, I would be glad it was available. [/quote] Well said mate. Half the people on this forum who chat crap about stuff like this are bedroom bubinga botherers and have never played live and can't understand why people want to.
  21. [quote name='dadofsix' timestamp='1425871093' post='2711691'] I'm quite surprised at some of the comments on this thread. People put Youtube videos on thie site all the time. The girl was quite talented. She played her part well. When did it become objectionable to acknowledge that? [/quote] dad, we're a bit inhibited over here, it's why we drink so much
  22. [quote name='Count Bassy' timestamp='1425857522' post='2711615'] Irrespective of how good or otherwise she is - I just love that tone. How do you get that? [/quote] Gender reassignment. It's all in the fingers.
  23. [quote name='Count Bassy' timestamp='1425857223' post='2711608'] This, irrespective of gender or sexual/dressing orientation. [/quote] Despite the fact it's the way many of us learned how to play?
  24. What about this bloke? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZK4gb-H_wY
  25. [quote name='RAY AGAINST THE MACHINE' timestamp='1425830091' post='2711169'] Sorry nigel it's probably me being a it old fashioned. It does look like a load of fun. It's not quite guitar , not quite keyboard but very keyboard like in terms of features. I know it's app related . As mentioned above, it's very educational and would be good for schools etc.Woulc it be played in the dog and duck ? [/quote] See, I view it as a very serious instrument. I don't see my basses and guitars as 'fun'. Only drums are 'fun'
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