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  1. Just got mine for Leeds. Dead chuffed.
  2. My band, Blind Deer played a low key gig at my local crown green bowling club (stop sniggering at the back or I will have to ask you to leave). first gig in absolutely ages so a bit flakey in places but seem to have got away with it. Highlights for me were: "from the beginning", Greg Lake (he wasn't there, he just wrote it) "lisbon", trad folk song rearranged "Desire lines", 16 bar jazzy tune wot I made up "Dinnis of Wyke" reggaeish song I wrote about the Halifax Gibbet https://www.facebook.com/BlindDeerBand?ref=hl
  3. [quote name='Junkyard Rocket' timestamp='1375422125' post='2160949'] chainmail [/quote]
  4. [quote name='merello' timestamp='1388694156' post='2325024'] Steal a beer glass - that'll learn them! [/quote]
  5. Watched it until 12.05. I thought it was pants. Haim-didn't like. Ray Davies, overwhelmed by band or pissed, or both. Rudimental were just that and as for their featured vocalists, well don't get me started… Pipers were ok. Guess I'm just not down with the kids, if I ever was.
  6. One of the very first bands I saw. I was on holiday with with my parents in bournemouth ( I was 14 in 1968). one of my favourite albums at college was Thank Christ for the Bomb. I saw Tony McPhee in Otley a couple of years ago. He was dire.
  7. I don't really get it. I'm a pre punk and I didn't really get it then. A curmudgeon.
  8. [quote name='xilddx' timestamp='1384452929' post='2276946'] 1) It's sounds sh*t compared to a guitar solo. 2) Guitarists don't cop three John Coltrane licks and use them in every solo. 3) Guitar soloists celebrate the range of possibilities of the guitar instead of the range of possibilities of three John Coltrane licks. [/quote] Come off of the fence Nige and say what you really mean
  9. [quote name='bluesparky' timestamp='1383823045' post='2269509'] Thanks for the heads up, someone had mentioned it on Facebook and I was wondering how the site was. I'll have a proper look when I get home this weekend. [/quote] He says that this rate is for a few days only. Then it will go to full price. Get in quick. I joined up as I have probably had £36 worth of stuff that he distributes freely. I'm looking forward to it.
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