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  1. Outstanding bass line on this does anyone know who played it on her 77 hit? Does anyone have the notes or tab for it?
  2. Flute Malachi maybe for his early use of triads on Mitch Dooley's early stuff? Cuss Bolam also huge influence but hardly remembered. Toby Lattery for those folkies out there. He made a huge impact on Ashley Hutchings and Dave Pegg I have been told.
  3. Just thought E minor and G would have the same key signature would they not? A single sharp, F#.
  4. Me too. I loved WW for the music then would switch off. Is it in E minor? I have seen notation for it somewhere which seems to imply it is in the key of G ( I said G# in earlier post but meant G ) but it seems to be in E minor to me. I know very little music theory.
  5. What key is the original song in? G #?
  6. Woke up to my friend's text telling me this. Really sad. My thoughts are with his close friends and family. I was a fan.
  7. Great little upbeat bassline from JD here but how do you play the main riff? I seem to hear F# G played on the E string then up to the G string where you play a triplet A A# B before coming down to the A string to play C. I hear each note been plucked but the tab I see for this is slightly different. It says to play F# G then up to G hammer on A before the B and down to C. Apart from a slight difference to the notes I dont feel it is a hammer on. I understand it seems a small difference but I seem to hear the former. Does anyone play it?
  8. Thank you all for your replies. MacDaddy that YT link is great as you are able to alter it speed and view exactly what he is playing however your second link doesnt seem to show anything but a random selection of YT videos.
  9. I was a massive Queen fan up until about 1977 which is long before I got my first bass so I tended to not listen with any particular attention to JD's basslines instead I just listened to the whole ensemble. However of late I have been rekindling my interest in their early stuff particularly Sheer Heart Attack and was extremely impressed by his playing. He is a phenomenal bassist and surely fits into the category of under rated bassists simply by dint of not appearing in many peoples top ten lists. Flick Of The Wrist aside from being a great song has a wonderful bassline that I really want to learn but the few tabs I have seen so far dont seem very close. Anyone know of a decent tab for this song or sheet music?
  10. Thanks for the answers jamplay and Dad3353. Yeah that is the exact transcription I have. If I could pick your brains regards notation again I have a few questions I would be most grateful if you would help me out with. In bar 6 it has a couple of notes on the E where it has them joined like eighth notes but a short bar following the first E and not reaching the second how is that played? In bar 9 the last group of notes E,B and C ( although he puts a B# here ) what is the timing of that run? I know it is a group of sixteenths but which note of the 4e&e is rested? Also in bar 11 the very last group of notes has three beams joining the first two notes in that phrase but only one from the second to the third and I am unsure as to the timing this indicates. H and PO I surmise is hammer on and pull off but it is the timing that has me puzzled.
  11. I have a transcription of Dancing Queen by Abba ( not my kind of music but the bassline is nice and funky ) and have decided to write it out myself in TuxGuitar so I can slow it down a bit and get the rhythm and fingering down pat but I am having trouble. The main point is that the notes and rests dont quite seem to fit the bar somehow. I know the original transcription is accurate and the inability for me to get it to fit is wholly down to me. One problem is in the very first bar. There is a run of notes that look like a triplet but has a double beam that ties them together. What does that mean? The three notes seem to occupy an interval covering a whole note and a sixteenth. I just cant seem to make it fit.
  12. ...so the old Jesuit saying goes. Show me the bassist and I will show you the ... Did the music you listened to as as a kid before you ever handled a bass influence not only your style but the bass you lusted after? I was in my youth a bit of a fan of both Joy Division and The Jam. Both bassists played Rick's and so it was a Rickenbacker that I wanted Santa to bring me. He never did. Did you manage to listen to your favourite music without it developing into GAS?
  13. Mick Skinner was my neighbour but he is an ex England Rugby Union player not a musician. I know Manir Donaghue a prog rock composer from Nelson, he gave me his first two albums for freeeeee.
  14. Very sad news indeed. RIP to a great guitar hero.
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