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For all the basses I have loved...


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I haven't had even half the amount of basses as some of the people here -- yeah, you guys know who you are! -- but it's still taken me 3 days to cobble together a list! :D 

Hard to believe this lot spans a little over 50 years of playing music. (Thanks, Dad, for getting me started! xx).


BASSES (Currently owned)
[from left to right in the above photo]

Westone Thunder II fretless (1981)
 - Purchased in 1986. Private sale, I drove to Norwich to get this one.

Westone Thunder II (1982)
 - Purchased in 1985, sold in 1997, re-purchased c.2000

Tune SWV4-BB
 - got this one in 2016 from @juliusmonk (aka 'Hot Slappin' bass - Korean name).

Tune TWB-6 (1991)
- High end original Japanese Tune 6-string, purchased in 1997 from The Bass Centre, Wapping.

Music Man Stingray 5 (1989)
- "Still the one!" Bought privately in 1998 and has seen much action!

Music Man Stingray fretless (2001) 
- It's a 'Ray, it's fretless, 'nuff said!

Fender Jazz USA Std. (1998)
- I've almost sold this a couple of times but keep changing my mind! I do like it so guess I'll keep it after all. Unless I change my mind!

Tokai Jazz Sound fretless (c.1981-2?)
- this was originally fretted and I had it converted to fretless. Sadly, there's a fault with the truss rod but it still plays well. Strung with extra light Elites (30-90). Also had slightly wonky E and A tuners so finally replaced all four in 2011 with another set of Tokai tuners bought from @Fitzy73.

Not in the above photo:
Dean Pace EUB
- had this on long-term loan from me good mate @mangotango -- finally decided to go ahead and buy it (I'll pay you the balance soon, Steve. Honest, guv!).

And don't get me started on the guitars...! ;) 


BASSES (Previously owned)
(in roughly chronological order)

Top Twenty bass (1967/68?)
- This was the first bass I ever played, loaned to me in 1969 (I was 15) to see if I wanted to change from guitar to bass as the band I was in comprised of three guitarists and a drummer and someone needed to swap. I've never looked back! (But I've never stopped playing guitar either). :)

Hayman 4040 bass (1972)
- my first decent bass bought from Music City, London W1.

Rickenbacker 4001s (1973)
- The one I'd dearly love to have back again. Bought new in 1974 from Music City, London. Sold in 1981. Doh!

Gibson EB-2 (year unknown, purchased 1973)
- Originally a classic tobacco burst, in 1974 I took it to ROKA's after they moved from Denmark St into the new Fender Soundhouse, London (Tot. Ct. Rd). The bass needed a re-fret but while it was there I got them to completely refinish it in natural blonde with black binding.

Ned Callan Cody fretless bass 
- Year unknown (early 70's), purchased 1974 from Rose-Morris, London, later had it converted to fretless and also had a DiMarzio DMZ-1 pup added.

Eko BA4 fretless acoustic bass guitar
- purchased in 1978 from Paul Beucher music shop in Paris (so that I could go busking in the Metro).

Kramer 450B (c.1980)
- bought this in the early 80's, had it for a year or so but found it lacked 'balls' so moved it on.

Chandler custom PJ bass (1980s)
- PJ hybrid purchased 1984 from the Chandler shop in west London. P/X'ed in 1985 (Monkey Business, Romford) for the Westone Thunder II.

Westone Thunder Jet (mid-80s)
- owned for about 5 minutes before taking it back to the shop to exchange for the 1A.

Westone Thunder 1A fretless (mid-80s)

Yamaha RBX200F fretless (mid-80s)
- Bought this in 1990 from East London Group Gear, London E12.

'David Kelly' Fender Jazz fretless copy (Jaco tribute) (2004-5?)
- UK-built copy, nice instrument though pups could have done with upgrading.

'David Kelly' Fender Jazz copy (2004-5?)
- Shoreline Gold finish, maple neck

Aria AMB-50B (4-string acoustic bass guitar)
- bought this fretted bass a few years ago (2010?) but eventually sold it to go for a fretless acoustic at some point.


(left to right: 1972 with Hayman 4040; 1974 with Rick 4001; 1978 with Eko BA4 busking in Paris).

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This has been a nice Friday afternoon distraction when I should have been working!

My list is rather modest, but here it is (green still own, red no longer own):

Aslin Dane Jazz Bass - my first bass, bloody heavy solid ash body, though it was crap when I was young, set it up earlier this year and it's not bad at all, but Jazz basses aren't my thing

Epiphone EB3 - Played my first gig with this in a pub in Stroud when I was 15/16, got told I played Walk on the Wild side like the guy heard it live. Silly and neck heavy

Hohner Arbor P Bass - I wanted a P style bass and this came up on eBay as a birth year bass, currently set up in drop C. Apparently P basses aren't my thing either...

Fender Mustang 1976 - I bought this in terrible condition off eBay for about £500. It had a horrible black finish over the original sunburst and I refinished it in rattlecan nitro and racing stripes. My first actual bass love. Toured Japan and the UK with it and recently had it refretted. Never going anywhere!

Squier Jaguar SS - Bought as a backup to the Mustang and I made a new pickguard to fit a mustang pickup in. Went on tour too, but not used. Currently storing for any children if my wife and I are lucky enough to have any

Sterling by Music Man Ray 5 - Bought this to join a hip hop band, it was really solid, but I moved it on after the latest acquisition

Homemade 5 string - Still a work in progress and a labour of love. Never seems to be enough time to finish it! Only started it in 2012...

Dingwall Combustion 5 - Love this thing. It was an enagement present from my wife. Sounds huge!


Perhaps given my track record with making basses, I also shouldn't have a neck and body blank in the loft waiting to be made into something! 🤣


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7 hours ago, greavesbass said:

Just struck by the small number of P basses in these lists yet unlike years ago there are so few for sale on any of the various selling platforms, tis a mystery

There are about 5 or 6 legitimate fender P’s on my list.

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8 hours ago, greavesbass said:

Just struck by the small number of P basses in these lists yet unlike years ago there are so few for sale on any of the various selling platforms, tis a mystery

Probably cos @walshy is still going making his list!!

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8 minutes ago, LukeFRC said:

Probably cos @walshy is still going making his list!!

😂😂 I think I have 14 or so P basses in my house atm. Dread to think how many Ives owned over the last few years let alone the last 30 years

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Hondo Deluxe Series 830

Aria RSB Deluxe II

Charvel 575 Deluxe

Ibanez SR800 Fretless

Jaydee Mark King

Washburn Status - Still Have

Warwick Corvette Rockbass 5 String

Fender MIM Jazz

Ibanez SR505

Ibanez DWB3 Doug Wimbish Signature

Spector Legend Custom 5 String

Fender US Precision

Musicman Stingray 4H - Still Have

Spector Doug Wimbish Signature

Fender US Jazz Deluxe

Musicman Bongo 4HH - Still Have

Fodera LG

Dingwall ABZ

Dingwall Combustion 5 String

Squier Affinity PJ - Still Have

Ibanez MC924 Musician - Still Have

Aria R80 - Still Have

Warwick Thumb Fretless - Still Have

Mayones Jabba - Still Have

Squier CV 60s Jazz - Still Have







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2 minutes ago, paul_5 said:

I’ve been playing for just under 30 years, and have had less than 10 basses. 

I still have 3 of them!

Call yourself a bassist?? 30 years in you should have owned at least a million basses, 15 cats, had your own bee hive and taken a bus to Belgium to meet @Hellzero

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29 minutes ago, paul_5 said:

I’ve been playing for just under 30 years, and have had less than 10 basses. 

I still have 3 of them!

Letting the side down there old chap, you need a healthy dose of GAS

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Halfway thru reading the original post on this thread a shuffle rhythm started in my head.....then four defocussed bodies walked on.....the tune started....it was.....BUCK’S FIZZ! What was that tune....I don’t recognise it.....but then it came to me....Making Your Mind Up!


Some list! 




From Memory...


Columbus EB copy

Ibanez Blazer

Fender P in a big case...sick of carrying so...

Hohner B (Steinberger type)

15 year gap then....

Purple Squire P bass (wasn’t great until live where it growled thru the mix!)

Warwick Streamer (never took to it)

Fender Marcus Miller (beaut but heavy and radius too small)

Yamaha BB 414 (cracker)

ESP surveyor jazz

ESP vintage P J reliced....

Musicman Sub (black/maple)

Spector Legend (Tobacco)

I may have missed some!

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Shine 4 String Spector/Warwick copy in Red Flameburst ( Xmas Present ) - Gone

Yamaha RBXA2 4 String in white ( some parts cream with age now :D -  ) Still own and will never sell 

Aria jazz bass copy - Fire wood I think? - Fire/gone

Hondo Gibson Copy - P-Bass style pick ups - Utter dog sadly ( Guitars are alright ) - Gone

Warwick RB 5 String In Blue - Gone 

Warwick RB 4 String in red - Bridge swapped to a SD QP. - Gone 

Yamaha RBXA2 5 String in black, Upgraded pickups to SD QP's - Still Own

Warwick Corvette Standard - 4 String  - Still Own

Debating on a Soapbar / Another Warwick for the family - TBC 

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My memory may go a bit fuzzy on this over 40 years of playing bass (off and on) but here goes:

Avon SG shortscale.  Bought while I was at Birmingham Uni one wet boring Saturday afternoon.  A total POC but got me onto the journey and into my first band (a Joy Division Tribby).  Sold as soon as I could!

Fender JV 57 P Bass (big F logo).  Used the proceeds from the POC to buy this new, was a great bass and I let it go because I thought US Fender was better - fool.  The one I really regret selling.

1983 US Jazz.  Nice enough bass but missing something. Never really bonded.

1990 MM Ray 2EQ.  Loved this bass, kept this one longer than any bass I've owned - foolishly let go because I thought I'd look cool with a Warwick.

1997 Jazz Korean.  Bought this because I was doing dodgy pubs and clubs and it was a reasonable beater.  Played the crap out of this bass and loved it....really can't remember why it was sold.

WW Corvette.  Did I say I thought I'd look cool?....I didn't.  It was nice enough but the dildo jokes did me in.

WW Thumb.  Sold the 'vette to get the Thumb, less dildo-ish but hated the neck dive so it had to go.

2004 MM Ray 3EQ.  Nice enough but somehow never sempt as nice as the 1990 so it was traded for another Ray

20th Anniversary Ray.  Lovely bass, sold this in a moment of GAS - idiot.

MM Ray 2EQ Fretless.  Lovely and light (<8.5lb) and dropped on the floor at a jamnight...made a right mess of it.  Sold at a loss because everytime I looked at it it reminded me what I pillock I was.

MM Ray 2EQ Fretless - Black.  Lovely bass bought to replace the battered one. Kept for many years, only sold as it was getting very little use which was a shame.

Lakland DJ 5.  Decided to try 5 string....shouldn't have.....sold

2004 US Precision.  Decided to go simple. Nice bass, couldn't hear the damn thing in a band setting so it had to go.

Sandberg Basic KT5. Decided to try 5 string again...shouldn't have...sold.

MM Ray5.  Decided to have one last go at 5s as I like Stingrays....what was I thinking....sold.

MM Ray5 Fretless.  No comment.

MM Sterling US 2001.  Bought on a whim, wasn't being used so sold it to the guy in Elliot Minor

Status Streamline.  Loved this bass for many years.  Used it in many bands but when the 80s bands finished this one went to trade for a Starry Night Ray for the Glam Rock band.  I still miss this bass but as they are now >£2K it's unlikely I'll get another.

Rickenbacker 4003.  Traded a Ray 20th and quickly traded back. 

Jazz 75 US FSR.  Loved this bass, it was the nuts, sold to buy a Rick 4004Cii.......I Know.

Rick 4004Cii.  Nice enough but really not a £2K bass.  Couldn't get a sound out of it that I liked...traded it for a 4003, ironically the same one I'd had a few years earlier.  Still have it and it gets nooddled on occasionally

MM US Sub Sterling 4.  Lovely bass, don't know why I sold that one.

Limelight 63 J Bass.  The hardcore aging made me look a Richard, it was heavy but sounded great. 

Jack Casady.  Nice enough but made me realise semis are not for me.

Lakland 4401.  Ok but bland.

MM Caprice.  Nice and light but neck dive was too much for me and really didn't like the passive sound, didn't sound right to me on a MM.

Squier Mikey Way Mustang.  Got this because it was sparkly, it could do with a more pokey pickup but I use it on most gigs these days as it's nice and comfy like a pair of old slippers.

Fender CIJ Mustang racing stripe.  Nice enough but didn't balance as nicely as the Mikey Way so it was ousted.

Squier Jag SS.  Ok but I think the body was made of cheese and the neck dive was hideous.

2015 US Precision.  Bought on a whim to use for a non-local gig.  Lovely and light and great sound.  Shouldn't have sold this one.

MM PDN Starry Night Ray 4.  Lovely bass, a notch up in quality from the standard MM, lovely smooth sound for a Ray.  Still in the family.

Fender JMJ Mustang.  Not a relic guy, but this bass plays sweetly and sounds great.  Still in the family.

Danelectro Longhorn.  Bought as a bit of fun, sounds and plays far better than expectation.  Still in the family.

MM  Sterling US 2013.  Decided to have another go with one of these.  Glad I did, love the neck and the hissing and spitting pup.  Hated the maple neck finish so had it refinished by Shuker in vintage tint gloss.  Still in the family.

I know that there are some I missed (sure I had a Lakky JO4 at some point?) but the ones above are the ones that came to mind and remind me that I've spent far too much on this pastime over the years.  But still, it was fun.


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Cruiser by Crafer CX150 - 1st bass, still have it, still plays really well  

1998 Warwick Corvette Proline

Musicman SR4

Squier VM jazz x 2

Fender Mexican 70s jazz 

Fender American Special jazz

1995 anniversary Fender Japan Precision in shell pink - picked up cheap in a bit of a mess, anyone own this bass? It has a Bass Doc tort guard, CTS pots and CS pickup... please hit me up if you have it

2012 fender American Standard precision x 2 

78 Fender Precision

Sandberg VM5 Supreme mk1

Sadowsky MV5

Sire V7 5

Yamaha BBP35

Sandberg TT5 SL - a Jazz V that weighs less than 7lbs, what’s not to love?

Squier Mini Precision bass - 28.5” scale of fun(k)  

Think this is the lot, I’ve had many, many more on loan! Looking back, there’s a couple I’d really like back. One of the 2012 P’s (sunburst) was really a perfect P bass and the 78’ after was a big disappointment. All of the 5s were great, but got moved on for being too heavy. 

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Arbiter 4001 copy, bought 1985. £135 from local music shop

Then a big gap until 2012, when the floodgates opened....and have only recently closed

JHS Stingray 'tribute'

Music Man Bongo

Sandberg California VS P custom build, 'Goldfinger'

ACG Über Recurve with ART maple

Limelight P in Sonic Blue

Limelight J in Fiesta Red

Fender 1979 P

Vintage Tony Butler P

Music Man Reflex Gamechanger

Fender CS faded surf green '64 P

Fender MIM P

Fender Classic 50s P

Fender Road Worn 50s P

Fender 1964  P

Xotic XP-1T

Vintage Icon relic fretless

Wal MK1, Olive Ash facings

Rickenbacker 1975 4001

Alembic MK

Music Man Classic Stingray

Alembic Essence

Fender CS Dusty Hill P Gold Top

Ibanez SRX 505 5

Maruszczyk Jake L4P

Fender Vintera 50s P

Fender Japan 62JB-75US CIJ Jazz Ocean Turquoise Metallic

Bass Centre Bruce Thomas Profile

Fender MIM Player Jazz

Fender CS Sean Hurley P

Fender Japan Jazz (black)

Xotic XJ-1T 5

Ken Smith BSR5EG

Moollon P

Yamaha TRBII 5

Bass Centre Bruce Thomas Profile

The one I still own is in bold :)

The ones I miss most are the Alembic, ACG, Wal and Fender '79 P.

The biggest surprise was the Xotic XJ-1T 5, so easy to play for a 4-stringer like me.

The ones in italics I've sold to Basschatters, having bought several from Basschatters too.

I let you guess when I joined Basschat ;)

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