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  1. NOW 400£ - option with hard case 450£ Hi there, For sale my Sire M7 fretless 4-string. There’s wide consensus on how fantastic these are, easily on par with basses three or four times the price, sometimes even better. But I just don’t play much fretless these days. This is the swamp ash version, 1st generation. I’ve had both generations and quite honestly prefer this one. Currently strung with flats, in pretty much immaculate and perfect working condition. The flame maple top is impressive, including the matching headstock! The electronics on Sires are outstanding, with switches for each pickup configuration, and parametric mids. Even in passive, just the switches and the tone control offer an impressive array of tones. String spacing is adjustable at the bridge. Satin finish all around. Weight is 4.1 kg. The bass will be securely shipped as it arrived, in a Sire cardboard box inside another. A standard hard case would be extra. No trades please. For experienced players, this bass covers any gig. For those wanting to try fretless, a high quality and inexpensive option to get started. Cheers!
  2. Ritters are really on another level in terms of playability, alembics and foderas are rolls royces but these are ferraris... the only thing they’re missing imho is the fantastic trussrod adjustment system of ACGs... glwts!
  3. Guy very close to the stage standing still with absolutely no expression, beer in hand. He doesn’t even drink, just holds the beer. Nothing is said, but still... after what seems a very long time, you casually turn around, and he’s gone. I think they are ghosts from Xmas past
  4. “What kind of piano is that?” 😁 should be followed, without waiting for an answer, by “I have a 2 million dollar hand-made Barbinsky from the 18th century with pure ebony pedals, but this sounds good for what it is” also the kind of girl that starts passionately dancing to your music telling you you’re great (“hey, we’re onto something here” one thinks), then you discover she’s totally drunk and does exactly the same routine with ANY kind of band/music...
  5. Is this a song about GAS? 😀 I love Weller and this last record is very good - highly recommended
  6. Hi all Sold this a while ago and recently got hold of it again when I had the opportunity! As fate has it, a bass I’ve been after for years just came up for sale and I had to grab it... so last in, first out I guess. This 2015 Ritter Cora is an amazing bass in all respects, with an outstanding quality and clarity in the tone, very much a jazz bass at its core but with lots of complexity through the 3-band preamp if you so wish. But the best for me is how easy and fast the neck is, it is really something else. The bass is also extremely light. A true joy to play. The 33” scale also helps! Comes with a standard SCC hard case. Shipping included in Europe. A used item, but in excellent condition, very clean with no dings etc. Link to the Ritter website: https://ritter-instruments.com/instrument.php?id=1501 happy to answer any questions! Cheers!
  7. The gloss red must have been mine at some point! Sell it back to me!! One of the few instances of seller’s remorse I’ve had...
  8. I had one of these, heavy but what a tone... with an old Fender amp, it nailed the elusive Marcus Miller tone, which was surprising! Glwts
  9. I had one Mako and it was excellent
  10. The deal fell through, so still available!
  11. This is getting ridiculous... ok, 425£ and this really has to be final price
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