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  1. I will ship securely via courier, within Spain delivery is overnight, for EU and UK it takes up to three working days. Please check my feedback if in doubt:
  2. C’mon boys and girls. You don’t know what you’re missing here. Stop fighting your flabby B strings and get this
  3. I love Marleaux basses, but I look stupid trying to handle 6 strings… then playing the middle four 99% of the time. Oh well, at least I tried… GLWTS
  4. For my dear UK fellow BCers worried about customs charges, let’s make it 800£. 950€ for EU fellas. And this is really the final price.
  5. I had a go at this one and it is really nice, comfortable and with a fast slim neck. The piezo works very well.
  6. I have one Ibanez EHB in the short scale version and it’s quite amazing. Very much Status-like, reminds me of my long gone Kingbass but I prefer this to the coldness of graphite
  7. 850£. Can’t go lower, with the extras I think it is a fair price for a straight sale.
  8. I live in Madrid, Spain. You’re welcome to check my BC feedback thread. cheers
  9. Price reduction: 950£. You get a pretty mint 55-60 with your standard passive tones plus all the range of modern jazz sounds thanks to the East preamp, and easy battery change. I’ve had tens of great basses (including US Laklands) and this is the only 5-string I held onto, it is that good.
  10. Hi there For sale my last 5-string, a Lakland Skyline jazz type. A fantastic bass with a great B string, one of the best I’ve tried. I think this was a limited edition colour, a nice sparkly grey, but I can’t say for certain. Block inlays, binding, matching headstock, neck plays like butter. It also has an East pre. Changing the battery underneath the preamp was a pain, so I had a luthier route a flip cover battery compartment at the back, which is much easier. The preamp cavity was shielded too. It is in excellent condition, only a few very minor dings on the back of the body that don’t go through the finish. Weight is not outrageous for a 5-string at 4.5 kg. Shipping in Europe included. Non-EU destinations may face customs charges, that is on the buyer I’m afraid. Cheers!
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