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  1. I had one of these, heavy but what a tone... with an old Fender amp, it nailed the elusive Marcus Miller tone, which was surprising! Glwts
  2. I had one Mako and it was excellent
  3. The deal fell through, so still available!
  4. This is getting ridiculous... ok, 425£ and this really has to be final price
  5. Hi all New PJ incoming so this one has to go... Excellent bass, basically new. Great, flexible preamp, the neck is smooth and comfortable. No gig bag or case, sorry. Happy to answer any questions. Shipping within EU included. Cheers!
  6. last attempt before it is traded locally: 1200 gbp. One week only, sorry.
  7. One more try: 450£ and really can’t go lower than that
  8. A lot of bass for little money... believe me, I rarely see the basses I sell here up for sale again 😊
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