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Bloody hell, now there's a Brian May watch!!


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7 hours ago, AndyTravis said:

Put his name on a tin of beans that guy.


fair play to him - if do the same. If I’d achieved the same…which I haven’t.


For very many years he wore a sensible, robust, reasonably priced Seiko, so this isn't just him shoving his name on. 

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It's odd with Queen, for a long time they seemed highly protective of their musical legacy, but the last few years they've been going the whole hog monetising the brand.


While we're not talking Kiss levels of branding, it is quite shocking how they expanded things to include the musical, the movie, the various Brian May guitars and how their music is slowly creeping into a lot of advertising.  Don't get me started on the almost weekly announcements by the Queen reissue programme.  Cassettes anyone?


I do feel all this seems to be driven by May; I'm sure Taylor and Deacon are fully on board.  


Incidentally, Brian May used to frequent the Half Moon in Windlesham for the odd lunch.  My god-daughter Chloe served him a few times, explaining he'd have a baked potato with cheese and was not a big tipper.

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