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  1. There's a BF 110 in the classifieds that effectively comes with a free barely used Elf amp and few free scratches. Jump on that.
  2. It all sounds to me like if he didn't have the gun tech working for him the whole operation would go tits up pretty quickly.
  3. They're everywhere. Trouble is a lot of the vintage Fakers are pretty good facsimiles.
  4. It's too much work for moderators and admin to run down every advert looking for clues that it's not a real one. The overriding factor is ''people are stupid'' so if you allow real ones it is inevitable 3/4 won't supply the necessary verification details upfront and 1/2 will be fakes anyway.
  5. was in the OP. It surprises me how little love SfX receives on BC. They have some really neat stuff but the only time they get mentioned is the fixed very low HPF rumble filter.
  6. The only way you would have paid VAT twice is if you bought from a UK shop too silly to export properly, or else they did export properly and ripped you off. Barefaced are well versed in exporting with no sales tax incurred until the destination country's customs clearance. Then that is between the importer and their govt. If it's anything like NZ and UK you would have been charged Eire VAT on the export price and cost of shipping. On top of that, whatever clearance fee applied with your shipper. Maybe VAT on that fee as well?
  7. At what percentage Ni is a steel considered 100% pure 'nickle' steel?
  8. The problem is with the new class D amps having bridged outputs that puts signal ground to the case. It becomes relatively easy to accidentally short circuit the amp if you are waving a lead around while it is on. 200w is a 'safe' number to put through a phone jack/plug without causing a fire. Nothing to do with the bridged output issue.
  9. Charlie Smethurst is the name of a big league property developer / scam artist who was brought down in a major way. As far as I can tell there is as much proof Mark is his son as there is that Mason is Mark / Mike12 yada yada.
  10. Time to blow up Steve's phone, it's only been a year of this.
  11. A checkout 'chick' at the supermarket retired a few years ago. I guess you could say she got away with it. Identity is optional these days.
  12. Can't happen here. Wanted threads are all non discussion, reply by PM these days. Regards moaning Brits, we invented a new word just for them, Whinging Pom. A moan crossed with a whine is a whinge, cuts through like nails on a chalkboard.
  13. I'd be scarce if I had been in The Gary The Pedo Glitter Band.
  14. 600w per channel is probably something like 400w clean watts available to be going to an 8 ohm cab. Not many cabs will do very much more with an extra 200w on top of 400w, if they haven't reached breaking point already.
  15. There's a lightly used one with a Elf 200w amp, for less than the new cab, in the classifieds.
  16. A possible clue: The caramel carpet backdrop.
  17. Instead of putting up a red flag they have a pet werewolf.
  18. It's hard work sifting the innuendo from hard facts. As far as I can recall the dots joined are: A ( presumed fake shill Smethurst ) post on an old Mason FB account. A common band. A common modus operandi. So it could be a bandmate got in on the scam?
  19. Andertons presently have the BF+Elf for 638 delivered. 400 is the deal!
  20. Not all models are so well supported with spares.
  21. Turning down as in physically adjusting the amp knob is what I was meaning.
  22. Saturation is adding distortion overtones at a higher rate than the undertones. Compression is progressively failing to amplify over the threshold. Turning down the volume is turning down the volume.
  23. I don't know that I get along with that analogy too well at all. Your shrinking would be like turning down the volume knob. Automotive analogies, always running out of steam
  24. Loud enough for....? Is the question. 'Loud' going out of fashion works for 210 cabs more than it used to.
  25. Hoping Mr 1 post Leek left an email with BC admin. If this Smethurst is indeed Mason he's for the high jump this time around.
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