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  1. You have a different idea of loud. My idea of loud is not my own cup of tea either. I too have gigged plenty loud enough with just a plain old 210. Still, LOUD is out there, no FOH mix apart from vocals, and has plenty of its own fans.
  2. I didn't say drown out anyone. Either your 210 is uber quality or you don't play so loud. Traditional 210 need two of to match drums when neither has PA support and it's really rowdy ie deafening without earplugs. Not everyone's cup of tea but not to be ignored as if it doesn't exist nor talked down to.
  3. You should replace the 'you' as in 'you who are no longer plebs in the trenches' with 'we who etc etc'. Plenty of people still need enough rig to keep up with an over caffeinated chimp on drumkit. Not generally on the big league stages though.
  4. That is the general rule but do you know this applies here?
  5. I don't imagine things have improved nearly enough yet to reverse this April's turn of events.
  6. You could get a lot of useful cab volume by whacking out those 'port' shelves altogether. Possibly you could trim the 1cm openings back to a usefully tuned length of proper shelf ports. 3cm is still pretty skinny though.
  7. Iirc mine faded off. The 1518 is a pretty hefty lift around 40kg 600 high 400 wide and 350 deep. 1513 is same high as the big one is wide, same or similar depth but skinny on width so must be around about 400 high 350 wide and 350 deep. There's a load of variation over the years. Tolex/ greenish ratfur/ darker ratfur, red stripes/ none, Celestion/ Fane / Celestion For Trace Elliot speakers. I think they all used the patented fading pen for the details on the input panel.
  8. Loud has no official definition. A 1518 is louder than most old single fifteens, benefits from high pass filtering below 60hz. 'Surprisingly' light may be that someone replaced stock speakers with neo? 1513 isn't quite as loud as 1518 for having cut down on girth of cab. Your amp has to be 2.6ohm stable for you to run 3x 8 ohm cabs. Any three Trace 15's should be HELL loud. Two 1518 is going to be HELL loud. Two 1513 ought to stomp on two SWR 12's and be pretty DAMN loud. Refer opening statement.
  9. Much easier to hear yourself with a tall stack also. I am pretty sure I started lowering my overall volume when I got stacked. It's conceivable you could wind up with actual headroom that can be used for dropping the odd bomb, I mean artful dynamic accented low note. Use sparingly lest you inspire guitard to double his rig also.
  10. Not many amps are stable below 4 ohms. The Super Twin has an uprated 12 from earlier versions and I assumed OP has the new one. Good luck not going deaf even with earplugs. The stack must be north of 135dB.
  11. That's because your soundfolk have tuned the PA to the room.
  12. I think the width / height of the Midget is likely the least of your concerns. Such an odd set of cabs is usually only useful in a biamp rig.
  13. https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/464034-class-d-diabolical/#comment-4726790 Read this.
  14. Two of those in the classifieds at the moment. Once people digest the price rise on new they will be gone. In the meantime they could as well be painted yellow as they are going cheap. One is a nifty seafoam green if that floats your boat.
  15. Unless you're in the real big leagues where you get to demand a mic on your cab, in the case of needing FOH you're better off with a cab that doesn't colour the sound so much. Enter Barefaced 12's with compression driver or tweeter, but even the bare 12 is supposed to be reasonably flat response.
  16. Corporates get a ''multi site rate'', read ''handy discount''. If you did 4 gigs a month 17.99 is a saving on administration. Book a month of gigs with a few clicks. Pay one bill at the end of the month. Small timers won't see it that way but full on music venues could lose a staff member. In between the extremes the pubs that do music every Fri Sat and holiday might go for it if the manager is chief cook and bottle washer and band booker payer and is sick of the prospecting bands.
  17. There's nothing to stop you using the fx on the 50B multi unit as if the bays were stomp boxes as far as I can tell. ''Some songs that could use some fx'' might well be fully covered with what you have already. Do that for a start and add other boxes as you feel. Then retire the Boss, or keep it, or give the whole fx thing away. The only thing worse than having a multi fx unit not being used is having ten pedals next to it.
  18. Same, except now I am wondering if it isn't that I subconsciously want to correct the small differences that result from frets being an approximation depending on what key you are playing in. Nah, my intonation is not what anyone would call good.
  19. Most desks these days have shelving top and bottom. The yummy tone in the mids to upper mids can't be replicated without sophisticated plugins. Even then, if it was that easy nobody would making tube amps any more.
  20. You'll need two cabs, one on each channel unless you blend back to mono.
  21. How are you going to A B select it?
  22. Countryman 85 will take 300V up it. Just connect it parallel with your speaker cab.
  23. My big tube amp has a fan. No way to hear it when it's on stage doing its thing.
  24. Because a lot of sound guys can't think outside their own little bass box and get uppity about being asked for a little accommodation.
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