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Fender 1966 Jazz Bass (mostly) original


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7 minutes ago, Waddo Soqable said:

Just..Why ?

Apart from the mad price I suppose you could take the neck & all the parts off... throw the body on the fire....then get a decent Jazz body and you'd have a nice enough bitsa..

Or you could just buy a good bass and spend the rest on the mother of all two-week benders in Vegas? 😀

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I read the comments first, then went for a look. I actually don’t think it’s that bad!!  No way worth that much though - £1k maybe, but I’m clueless on the value of the original bits left on it.

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If you show up to an audition with this bass, they will remember you.

as in "remember that chump that turned up with a butchered vintage Fender he paid over five grand for"

I'd imagine its actually worth somewhere in the ballpark of half the asking price if all the hardware is original. Then you'd need to spend several hundred to get a sympathetically reliced body to replace the abomination it currently has.

That body could then be given a decent burial and never be mentioned again.

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