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  1. Horn section was outstanding, the rest... meh. And I usually love anything with Cory Wong, but honestly, he might as well have not been there.
  2. Pretty sure it was Drummonds, but to fair this was about 15 years ago, so I'm sure they've got their act together since then.
  3. How many time have folks asked to see a venue's EICR certificate, when they have asked the band for proof of PAT testing? I tried it at a venue in Aberdeen, where we were getting horrible earth hum from the fridges, through the PA. Management were not very amused.
  4. Cheers. I have a set of Wizards in my PJ at the moment, which are great, but you just hear so many good things about the Fralin's. That's a lot to splash out just to see if you like them, though...
  5. Always wanted to try a set of these. What do they retail for?
  6. And he's still got his thumb! Sterling work. 😁
  7. Err... no. I do see the x-ray of a pair of shoulder blades, a spinal column and pelvis, though. Hard pressed to chose between those two, but probably the top one, for me, although I do like the colours in the other one betterer.
  8. Always handy if you should ever find yourself up Sh!t Creek, and at a loss for a rowing implement, though...
  9. Weird. I remember seeing Kingdom Come at the Edinburgh Playhouse, supporting Sabbath, I think. I quite enjoyed them, but don't recall them being Zep merchants. Will have to have a dig through the vinyl collection and see if I stil have the albums.
  10. I really like the idea of the binding! Always thought it was a great way of being able to cut a grain-matching cover and then fill it out to fit the space.
  11. Best wishes, Blue! Keep rockin' and keep us updated!
  12. Ooooft! That is all.
  13. Hi @Bassworks, yes, it would keep the Big Head unit intact but, for me, pretty much 100% of the time I'm likely to want to use the headphone amp, I'm going to be sitting down anyway, so wouldn't have the strap on. I'm looking to minimise the amount of gear and cables I need to deal with, when I want to rehearse. Ideally there would be a Bluetooth receiver in there as well, to feed the audio input of the Big Head, but that's an additional level of complexity for now.
  14. Good to see you back, Blue! Stay healthy, or @Dad3353 will start sending you flowers...
  15. Having been a huge Stu Hamm fan-boi in my youth, I always lusted after a Kubicki. So far I haven't had the opportunity to try one, but even if I did, I'm not sure I would want to, in case it didn't match my expectations... I did get to try a Lakland Duck Dunn, which I was very excited about, but ultimately didn't really get on with.
  16. So many choices, but, keeping it fairly simple to start with: Ash bodied, modern take on a P-bass. Slightly slimmed down from normal, and chambered. Through body stringing, decent high mass bridge. 4-string. 3-piece, 22-fret neck with carbon fibre rods and 2-way truss rod, with adjustment at the head. Ideally a rosewood board, but intrigued by the roasted maple option. Quite a shallow radius on the board - at least 12", possibly more, but not flat. Pearl inlays and binding - not tied to standard blocks, but nothing too outrageous. A single bass clef or bass-clef love heart at 12th fret, if space allows. Fender-esque headstock with Hipshot ultralites. Medium-slim frets. String tree that covers the A string as well. I would like to try a Norstrand p-type pickup, but want something that's going to cover the spectrum from Stax to Steve Harris. Probably passive. Rear cavity to have the guts of Phil Jones Big Head installed, with recessed (or edge mounted) sockets for headpone & audio inputs, and also the controls. Micro switch to switch the pickup output between the main jack and the input to the Big Head. Lake Placid Blue, with matching headstock. Ideally the shade Fender Japan refer to as Old Lake Placid Blue, which is a tad deeper than the US version. Aged white pick guard (if the binding is cream) or Mop style. Hope that all makes sense!
  17. Oh, exciting! Good luck. 👍
  18. Lovely looking top! The Krell is probably my favourite ACG shape.
  19. "quite nice" he says! 🙄 Deary me. Once again proving that you are a master of both your craft and the understatement! I'm not a huge fan of the single-cut style, but this is looking lovely. 👍
  20. This looks very interesting! Loving the wenge / ash contrast. 👍 I'm curious about the idea of a timber bridge, as I can't really see how it would take the strain? Is the idea for an acoustic style bridge, with the strings anchored separately, or a single unit which hold the ball-ends?
  21. Well, you did ask... Metal Badgers
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