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  1. Still love these designs @Sidlanir Bass and bridge are both excellent. 👍
  2. I can only think of a couple: Suede at the Queens Hall in Edinburgh, 1994. The band imploded on stage, with Brett Anderson in terrible form and flouncing off a couple of times, before they all tried again. Turned out to Bernard Butler's last gig with the band. Had seen them a couple of years earlier and they were outstanding, but this was just a mess. Roachford at the Assembly Rooms, 1998, I think. Girlfriend and I had a massive bust-up on the way there ( I wanted to see the support, she was only interesting in getting there 2 mins for Roachford came on). We lasted about 30 mins of very pointedly not enjoying each other's company, before heading off.
  3. Standard issue for bass players! Welcome to the club, Col, and a great story. Years ago I was in a sort of ex-pat, pick-up band for a while. There was a guy who came along to jam at rehearsals, but was convinced he wasn't good enough to gig, and had been a bedroom player all his life. Truth was, he was superb and a 56 we finally persuaded to get on stage and play a couple of numbers. The grin on his face afterwards was blinding!
  4. Simon.

    Worth saving?

    Ha! It's got a way to go to get to that level. I would definitely like to save it - it's got a bit of sentimental value as well, as it came to me through my tech work with Runrig. They were going to bin it, but I thought it could be worth trying to save. The finish has worn through on both sides, which is probably what has encouraged the splits to start. I don't have a clue as to how to start shoring it up, though.
  5. I have recently come into possession of a somewhat worse for wear Tanglewood acoustic. It seems to be a decent, mid to lower end model, and I was hoping to get it up and running again, to let my lads use as a starter guitar. TSF-5X model, made in '99, according to the serial number. However, I'm not sure if it's actually worth saving, as there is a bit of structural damage to the top. On the bridge side of the sound hole, on both the bass and treble sides, there are the start of splits running towards the bridge. I'm concerned that if I re-string it, the tension will cause the whole thing to split! The dent on the lower edge I'm less concerned about, as it likely to be roughly handled by the kids. I have the Fishman preamp, and it looks OK, but there is no output jack. The bridge saddle is also missing, along with a few screws and nuts to mount the preamp and the screws from a couple of the tuners - how do you lose those?! I don't mind spending a few quid to get the necessary replacement bits, but if the top is a write-off, and there's probably not a lot of point. Thoughts?
  6. Just.... you know... just... wow. So many great things about this build, it's difficult to pick out any one. 👍
  7. I didn't know that! Thanks. Or as Bill would put it... TÃ¥k!
  8. Bill Bailey's musical output is always worth a look. Makes up a fair chunk of his stand-up shows, so he puts plenty of effort on to it. If you haven't seen it, his Enter Sandman is a work of genius, and his take on the Match of the Day and BBC News theme's are splendid.
  9. Wow! You don't do things by half, @mhoss32 This is the gift which just keeps giving.
  10. Is this a Korean bass...? Ho Lee Fouk! Sorry... That is an amazing piece of work. So many lovely touches. 👍
  11. Not the same tune, but I had a similar issue with Frank Wilson's 'Do I Love You?' a while back, which is 8ths, but supposed to be 134bpm. I started down at about 100bpm to work out all the phrases, and then increased it by just 5bpm at a time. Sometimes the 5pbm increment felt like a huge jump, sometimes it seemed to flow OK. Got there eventually. Good luck!
  12. Indeed, which to me seem a bit excessive. Then again, I don't know how many day in a year these things are likely to be out on hire, and at what kind of frequency they need to be replaced. If you have a bass rig that only goes out on hire for 50 days in a year, but needs to be replaced at the end of that year because it's been trashed, then yeah, 1/20th makes sense. If it's out for 50 days in a year, but will last you 10 years, with minimal maintenance, then it becomes a cash-cow. If you we looking to hire something long term for a show (more than 5 weeks), then surely it would make sense just to buy, new or 2nd hand, and then flog it at the end? Which, admittedly, wouldn't help @roonjuice any.
  13. Certainly for the hire of marine survey kit, that was the going rate, but we are talking about equipment in the £5k - £50k price range, and quite a limited selection of suppliers. I've just had a look at the prices on a local PA / Backline hire company (DM Audio) and it looks like 1 / 20th is about the going rate, so my bad.
  14. When I used to hire a lot of survey equipment, the going rate was roughly 1 / 200th of the replacement cost, per day of hire. Hiring backline for festivals, we used to pay about the same rates. However, mostly that was on the basis of a 1-2 day hire. If it was a longer term hire, you would get a reduced rate. In your scenario, I would look at it as 42 shows, and then decide if you want to give them 'mates rates' or add on a little more if you think there is a risk of damage - either from the band, punters or lack of security. Also depends a bit on how attached you are to the rig, and how you would feel if something happened to it. Unless you are dealing with pros, who understand the costs of the kit, be prepared for people to baulk at whatever price you quote.
  15. O.M.G. ! 😲 That is so good. 😎 Have I got it right that this is the back of the neck, we are looking at? I'm very intrigued as to how well this will carve into a neck profile, and how the pattern will look.
  16. The Stirling Castle show(s)? I was on the crew for that. Was quite an emotional weekend.
  17. The level of skill and attention to detail in this build is jaw-dropping! 👍 Always fancied the idea of winding my own pickups.
  18. I'm kind of torn... Normally I would have said no-plate, as the top looks just so sweet. However, the more I look at it without the plate, the bigger and bigger that bell plate starts to look, and in need of the scratchplate the off-set it.
  19. Really like the shape of that! So nice to finally land something you have been after for ages.
  20. Back in the, when in an Americana band, we were going to a Bon Jovi tribute gig for a laugh (possibly as our own support slot), with the name of Ban Jovi. To be fair, after a couple of rehearsals it was clear that the name was the best bit...
  21. Still my favourite tribute band name, ever! Dead jealous.
  22. This is such a bonkers build - I really love it. I guess this is more a question for Sims, rather than Andy, but it did occur to me, after watching the video of the Sims pickup demo, is why not have 4-way toggle switches on the pickups, rather than a 3-way + an extra on/off switch? Would save a bit of real estate.
  23. Not at all normally my 'thing', but I thought there were some really good ideas in there. It would be interesting to see where there splits into the 5 sections/acts are supposed to fall. I did like a lot of what was going on between about 2.20 and the 5 minute mark. Drumming, to me, seemed very of the genre and not all that unusual in the world of digital recording. Good effort. 👍
  24. Just wanted to echo what Dave has said - War of the Worlds is amazing and Herbie's playing is just awesome. I'm gonna have to put some effort in to learning to read... Thanks for posting these - and all the others. 👍
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